My Top 3 Harry Potter Christmases

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My Top 3 Harry Potter ChristmasesHooray! Christmas is nearly here!

Not that I’m particularly excited about it right now – I work in retail, so Christmas is just shorthand for ‘stress’ as far as I’m concerned! But I’m trying to be less of a Scrooge and be more festive, so I thought I’d do a nice Christmas themed post, and combine it with some Harry Potter, just for good measure!

Seen as each Harry Potter book covers a year at Hogwarts, each book features a Christmas and Harry and co. spend them in a variety of ways, ranging from cosy family get-togethers at the Burrow, to staying at school and even searching for Horcruxes. So I thought I’d do a post where I pick my three favourite Harry Potter Christmases, with the added bonus of my least favourite thrown in at the end!

  • Christmas at Hogwarts from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

When you get an Invisibility Cloak as a present, that’s when you know it’s been a good Christmas! Plus this was Harry’s first Christmas at Hogwarts and away from the Dursleys, where he got to spend it with people he actually wanted to be around (Ron, Fred, George and Percy). He even got his first knitted jumper from Mrs Weasley!

  • The Yule Ball from Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

The fourth Harry Potter Christmas was certainly one of the most eventful and festive, what with the Triwizard Tournament Yule Ball being thrown at Hogwarts that year. From the adorable awkwardness of the Harry Potter gang all trying to get dates in the lead up to the ball, to Hermione’s ‘Cinderella’ moment (and Viktor Krum sort of learning how to pronounce her name) and Ron’s horrendous dress robes, the fourth Harry Potter Christmas is easily the most memorable and entertaining in my opinion.

  • Christmas at Grimmauld Place from Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

So this one didn’t start off so well, what with Mr Weasley being attacked by a great big snake and spending most of Christmas in hospital (plus Harry worrying he is being possessed by Voldemort!), but it was the only Christmas Harry got to spend with his godfather Sirius, and I liked the addition of having the other members of the Order of the Phoenix continually popping in. Not to mention, The Order of the Phoenix is just my favourite Harry Potter book!

And my least favourite Harry Potter Christmas…

  • Godric’s Hollow and camping out in the wild without Ron in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Going to the village where your parents died and getting attacked by a giant snake (what is it about getting attacked by snakes at Christmas in the Wizarding World?) + being camped out in the middle of no where whilst hunting for Horcruxes + having had a bust up with one of your best friends = a pretty depressing Christmas all round.

So does any of the Harry Potter Christmases stand out in your mind as a particular favourite?

4 Responses to “My Top 3 Harry Potter Christmases”

  1. Inge

    I’m not sure I would be able to choose — they all have their charms. But I think I’m gonna go with the Order of the Phoenix one, because Arthur didn’t die and because Sirius is there and my heart swells to three times its size basically. ♥

  2. Jolien @ The Fictional Reader

    I love this. I also love Harry’s first Christmas at Hogwarts, because it’s all so new and wonderful, and well…magical then. But then there’s the true heartfelt family-moments in Order of the Phoenix… I kind of wish I could have a Christmas at Hogwarts -or at least at the Harry Potter WArner Bros Studios/Tour.

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