Life Lately #6

28/02/2017 Lifestyle, Personal 10

Life LatelySo I’m back with another life update, and I really hope you’ve all had a wonderful February (it’s looking like these updates are going to be a monthly thing, so I’m just going to go with it!)!

I don’t know about you, but February seems to have been a much better month than January, in part because of the gradually improving weather (if you ignore the major blip that was Storm Doris, the other day!) and my far higher productivity levels. Not to mention the fact that I just had a week off work, which I think I really needed.

Not that I did a massive amount with my week off. I just spent some time with my boyfriend, chilling out and playing Pokemon Moon (I’ve officially finished the main quest! Hooray!), and trying (and largely succeeded) to get on top of blogging. I seem to have posted way more regularly, so I feel like I’m finally hitting my 2017 stride!


Life Lately #6I’m currently on the 9th book of my Goodreads target of 50, so I think that means I’m on track? I finally got round to reading the next book in the Sevenwaters Trilogy by Juliet Marillier, Son of the Shadows, which I really should have done earlier seen as Daughter of the Forest was easily the best book I read in 2016. As I had predicted it was absolutely amazing, and I literally whizzed through it within a few days. I’m definitely not going to leave it anywhere near as long to read the third book in the series!

I also just read Ctrl Alt Delete: How I Grew Up Online by Emma Gannon, which was amazing as well! I’ve been meaning to read this for ages seen as I love Emma’s podcast of the same name, and it was just so relatable in so many ways. Look out for my upcoming review!

Life Lately #6

In other reading news, I’ve gone and replaced my old dinosaur of a Kindle (I think it’s 2nd or 3rd gen?) with a nice, shiny new one, which I’m really hoping is going to up my ebook game. I’ve never been as into ebooks as I would like to be, but they’re just so damn convenient, so I’m hoping this will help…

I’ve already found that some of the books on my TBR list are much cheaper on Kindle than the physical copies, so I’ve stocked up, and am already reading The Wrath and the Dawn (with Three Dark Crowns and Heartless lined up as well!). So far I’m loving how cute and dainty my new Kindle is, and I do like being able to read on it without a great big black blotch in the middle of the screen (just look at the old Kindle in the picture to see the offending blotch!)!


Things have continued to be a little slow on the novel front this month, largely because I decided to work on a second project alongside it. I’ve been thinking for a while that’s I’d love to write a short non-fiction ebook, so I’ve been plugging away at that this month. I’ve also started planning out a gothic style, fantasy short story which I’m pretty excited about!


As I’ve said, I feel like I’ve been much better with my blogging this month, and I think that’a largely due to me scheduling my content in advance (revolutionary, I know!). I finally downloaded the Google Calendar app, and have been using it to plan out what I’ll be posting when, which has really helped my productivity. Nothing slows me down like sitting down and having no idea what to write about!

Here are some of my favourite posts I’ve written this month:

And if you’re looking for other blogs to check out, my friend Victoria has recently started one called Passports & Paperbacks where she talks about books and travel (she’s currently living in Canada!). I’ve known Victoria since high school (so we’ve known each other about 12 years, I think?) and she’s one of the only people I know in real life who loves books as much as I do!

So how has your February been? What have you been reading lately?


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  1. Katie @ Foxy Readers

    Ah did you like Pokemon Moon?! I played and finished it when it came out in November. I personally didn’t like it that much haha.

    And those books you’ve read look great. I haven’t heard of The Sevenwaters trilogy but it looks cool and sounds great! And I think that Ctrl Alt Delete sounds like a really interesting read. I’ll be looking forward to your review of it!

    I’m also working on planning out my blog posts and starting an editorial calendar to stay on top of everything. I think that it’s really going to help me. My next goal will be to plan out posts a month in advance haha (today’s goal, actually!)

    Good luck with everything!

    • Laura

      I loved Pokemon Moon! But then I haven’t played a Pokemon game since Pokemon Diamond, so obviously the graphics and everything have improved massively since then. I imagine if you’ve played all the games it maybe seemed a bit samey.
      I highly recommend the Sevenwaters books! I picked up Daughter of the Forest on a whim and it was the best book I read last year, and it’s got to be one of my all time favourites.
      I’ve literally only just started sticking to an editorial calendar, and it has helped so much, so I really do recommend it!
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. Greg

    Glad it was a great month! And good luck with the writing. I hope you like Three Dark Crowns.

    I’ll check out your friend’s blog too!

  3. Victoria

    Thanks so much for the shout out Laura! You’re the best. It’s exciting to hear that you have yet more writing projects in the works. That gothic fantasy story has paticularly piqued my interest – can’t wait to hear more!

    • Laura

      No problem! 🙂
      Yeah, I’m pretty excited about the gothic story myself! I’m only a few hundred words in, but so far it’s been fun to write 🙂

    • Laura

      Thanks! 🙂
      All that relaxation and resting was lovely, and I totally agree it’s one of the best ways to spend a holiday. Sometimes you just need to take some time out! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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