I’m closing Boats Against The Current and starting a new blog!

04/09/2020 Blogging 0

OK, so this is probably going to seem crazy, and very sudden, but after 6 years I’ve decided to close this blog, and start a new one.

Have I gone completely mad, I hear you ask? Well, quite possibly! But I feel like this is the the right choice for me, and whilst I’m sad to leave this blog behind (not to mention the six years worth of content on here!), I’m really excited about my new one, and I’m happy I’ll get to remain a member of the blogging community.

There’s a number of reasons I’m making this choice, which I go into detail about on this post on my new blog, but the main one is that the cost of keeping this blog has grown so much, it’s becoming hard to manage. I could go to the trouble of messing around trying to switch hosting etc., but to be honest, I feel like it’s easier just to start again, especially as there’s so much I’d change about this blog anyway.

I came up with this idea last week, and whilst I was a little hesitant at first, the idea grew on me until it suddenly just felt right. I decided to get started on it straight away, and I’ve honestly been so productive in the last few days with getting it started that I’m totally confident that this is the right choice.

I already have a few posts up on my new blog, as I didn’t want to send everyone over there when there was nothing to see, so I hope that you’ll all stick with me, despite the change in blog (I’m also restarting my Instagram account, but my other social media remains the same). The friends I’ve made and the people I’ve met through blogging mean so much to me, and I appreciate every follow, like and comment I’ve had on Boats Against The Current over the years. And whilst I’ll be leaving this blog behind, I’ll still be around and still be blog hopping and posting on my new blog. So this isn’t goodbye!

So without further ado, allow me to introduce my new blog, Daydreaming Dragons!

I’ll still be blogging about books and writing, as well as a few other topics, and since I’ve been enjoying writing my recent Trope Time posts so much I’m hoping to keep doing something similar.

So far I’ve posted:

What To Expect From Daydreaming Dragons

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What I Read in August 2020

Why I Mostly Read Backlist Books

12 Great Spotify Playlists For Writers

So please check it out, and thanks so much for following along with Boats Against The Current over the years. This isn’t the end: it’s a new beginning!

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