How To Be A Bookworm In Summer

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How To Be A Bookworm In SummerPersonally, I’ve always seen winter as the perfect bookworm season: you’re ‘forced’ to stay inside because of the weather, and no one judges you for spending your days curled up under a blanket with a good book and a nice cup of tea (not that I ever personally drink tea, but a cold can of Coke didn’t really work with that image!).

However, we’re now getting towards that time of year when the sun is blazing and the days are long and warm, and unfortunately for us bookworms, everyone starts being all like ‘hey, maybe you should go outside and enjoy the weather!’ So how do you adapt your bookworm ways for summer?

Well here’s a few of my summery bookworm suggestions for surviving the season!

  • Take your current read outside.

So this is probably the obvious one: set up your deck chair or spread out that picnic blanket and take your current read outside! Whether you just sit out in the garden or head down to your local park, a change of reading scenery can be nice.

Just don’t forget your sunscreen! No one wants to be a burnt bookworm.

  • Take a book on holiday.

Holidays are meant to be nice and relaxing, so what better way to spend it than with your nose in a good book? Whether you’re chilling in a sun lounger by the pool, stretched out on a sandy beach or sitting outside your caravan, holiday reading is the perfect summer activity. I even know a few people who only read when they’re on holiday!

  • Listen to audiobooks whilst doing ‘summery things’.

Thanks to the wonderful world of audiobooks, us bookworms can now do ordinary ‘summer’ activities like walking along the beach and eating ice cream, whilst still getting some quality time with our precious books. You can just plug in your earphones and enjoy the sunshine to the sounds of your favourite book!

  • Read something summery.

Whilst dark crime thrillers and disturbing dystopians are nice to curl up with in the gloom of winter, I think it can be good in summer to read something a bit brighter, to get you in that summery mood. Whether it’s a fun contemporary, light-hearted romance or cute coming-of-age story, I often find myself ticking off more of the lighter books on my TBR list in summer.

  • Visit some outdoor bookish spots.

If you must go outside, why not have a ramble around some bookish-themed spots? For example I’ve visited Haworth and the surrounding moors which was once the stomping ground of the Brontë sisters, the Lake District which was a common haunt for many of the Romantic poets, and Whitby, the infamous inspiration and setting of Bram Stoker’s Dracula (not that there’s anything summery about vampires…Whitby on the other hand is a lovely seaside town, perfect for summertime visits!).

  • Do some outdoor book photography.

As bookworms and bookbloggers, it’s common practice to find us inside, standing on a chair clutching a camera, trying to get the perfect shot of an elaborately styled stack of books…so why not take advantage of the nice weather and go do that outside?

Sure, your neighbours may be giving you funny looks over the fence, but think of the well-lit, outdoorsy photos you could get!

  • Ignore the glorious sunshine and stay inside!

Or alternatively you could just ignore all those ‘you should get out in the sunshine’ people, and stay inside with your book…it’s cooler, after all!

So what do you think is the best season for bookworms, and how do you personally adjust your habits for the time of year? Any other tips for being a bookworm in summer?

20 Responses to “How To Be A Bookworm In Summer”

  1. Pikakshi Manchanda

    Absolutely agree with you! Been trying to do most of these things you said 😉 given that I am in Delhi during these summers.. so going out in the sun for photography is a dud 🙁 But I totally make some mocktails or some cool drinks and sit on a lawn chair in the evening with a nice, summery, feel good book! While inside, I might even think of organizing my bookshelf overflowing with books 😀

    Lovely post!!

    Come visit us, whenever you get a chance!

    • Laura

      Cool drinks outside with a summery book sounds amazing! 🙂
      Thanks for commenting! I’ll be sure to visit your blog soon!

    • Laura

      Haha, yeah. Reading in the dark would be a bit…impossible! I guess you may have to stick with the indoors where there’s lights and stuff if you’re a night reader 🙂

  2. Dina

    I have been trying to implement more reading time every day, but I don’t know if I can read outside since the weather is way too hot. Good idea, though, for me to bring a book along if the family is going somewhere and expecting to stay there for a long time. *Thumbs up*

    • Laura

      Yeah, I guess sitting still outside in really hot weather would be kind of uncomfortable and warm! Maybe sitting in the shade would be better.
      But yay for bringing a book along somewhere! I have no problem with my family staying somewhere for a long time if I have my book to read! 🙂

  3. Greg

    Books and summer go so well together! I love reading outside with a nice breeze blowing, and on vacation too it’s nice to just relax and spend time with a book. And yeah if it gets too hot inside is always good lol.

    Great suggestions!

  4. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    I’m very much the last one when enjoying books in summer. I mean to go sit outside in the sun with a good book but often I never quite make it outdoors. I always get confused if people don’t take a book on holiday. I remember the days before ereaders I’d back about 5 books in my suitcase I’ve not gotten better since then. Now I find myself ebook shopping before I go away, which is illogical as I know I have plenty of unread books already. I do think summer is a great time for bookworms, especially when I was at school or uni as I had all the freetime, now I’m working it’s less great but really any season is good for me.

    • Laura

      I used to be like that – I would always intend to go outside and never quite make it. All the bugs and getting sunburnt kind of put me off (I am ridiculously pale and burn within seconds!), but these days I’ve been trying to get out and get more fresh air (and I always put on loads and loads of suncream!).
      I used to be like that as a kid going on holiday too – there was no ereaders then, so I would just pack loads of books in a big bag and take up loads of room in the caravan! Now I just go on a Kindle spree before I go anywhere, and it’s so much easier 🙂
      And I definitely found summer to be a much better bookworm season when I was in education too. All that free time just to sit and read! Now I’m working through summer I get less reading time, so I try and enjoy it and get outside with my book when I do get to read, and it’s really nice 🙂

  5. Natalie @ Flowers in my Books

    I always try to these things in the summer – in fact, I get so much reading done on holidays purely because I’ve reserved that time in my mind as a reading (and relaxing) time. I don’t have a garden, but I still try to go to my local park as often as I can and catch some rays while sitting out with a good book. There’s honestly nothing more satisfying.

    • Laura

      I definitely always like to think of holidays as reserved reading time too. Reading is how I relax, and that’s what a holiday is meant to be about after all!
      And reading in the park sounds lovely! 🙂

  6. Jeanette

    All seasons is for bookworms I think 🙂
    It doesn’t matter, I will make sure to get time for reading during summer as well. If it’s hard during the day, I will read before bedtime.

    • Laura

      I totally agree: all seasons are great for bookworms! There are particular things I like about the different seasons as far as reading goes (curling up with a book and blanket in winter for example), but I like to read all year round 🙂

  7. Victoria

    I love reading in the outdoors, provided that it’s not too hot! When I was in Cuba last summer I learnt that 40 degree heat is too uncomfortable for reading, or pretty much any activity. We’re lucky that this isn’t a problem in the UK (never thought I’d say that!) I really like the idea of trying some outdoor book photography, I think I will try that out this summer!

    • Laura

      Yeah, I can imagine heat like that would be pretty uncomfortable! I sometimes find really hot days in the UK a little too hot, so I don’t think I’d cope well with that level of heat!
      And I hope you manage to do some outdoor book photography over summer! I always feel kind of self conscious when people can see me taking pictures of books, but the photos just look so nice 🙂

  8. Olivia Roach

    I have to admit, I am so rubbish at reading seasonally xD I literally just read what I want whenever I want. But I do love to read outside in the summer, and I move a lot of bookish photos outdoors too – it’s some of my favourite things to do in the warmer weather! Also, I am am usually taking multiple books on holiday with me 🙂

    • Laura

      There’s nothing wrong with being a non-seasonal reader! 🙂 I sometimes wish I was less seasonal, and then I could get through my TBR list quicker, instead of dithering and thinking ‘hmmm, I don’t really want to read this next book now – it’s more of a winter book!’
      But reading outside is lovely whatever you’re reading, and I definitely can’t go on holiday without a few books either (although I’m trying to stick more to my Kindle these days) 🙂

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