How Blogging Improves Your Writing

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How Blogging Improves Your Writing

In my two and a half years of blogging, I’ve learnt so much about so many things: I’ve learnt how to use social media and Wordpress, how to design a blog, how to take and edit photos, and I now know what the acronyms TBR, ARC and DNF mean (vital life skills right there!). But more than anything blogging has allowed me to really hone my writing skills, which is pretty awesome seen as I want to be a writer!

In fact I’d recommend blogging as a hobby to anyone who wants to up their writing game, and I thought I’d do a quick post explaining why:

  • It forces you to write regularly.

The most common writing advice given to newbie writers is to ‘write regularly’, and blogging forces you to do just that. If you aren’t posting regularly and constantly creating new content, then your blog probably won’t grow, so it’s a great motivator, especially for super procrastinators like me!

  • It gets you used to thinking up ideas.

Part of being a writer is having to constantly come up with ideas, and that’s something that blogging also forces you to do. Every week you have to come up with new and interesting things to write about, which is a skill in itself.

Blogging has also inspired me to develop a much better system of recording my ideas, as before I would just jot them on the nearest scrap of paper and then inevitably lose them. However, because regular blogging means you need to come up with so many ideas, I decided it would be easiest to keep them nicely organised, all in one place: enter Evernote! These days I have the Evernote app complete with various folders for all my blog post ideas, story ideas and to do lists, and it’s really helped me stay organised and get more writing done!

  • It teaches you how to work through writer’s block. 

Every writer goes through those tough periods where it seems like the river of ideas has run well and truly dry, and the words just won’t come. Bloggers go through the exact same thing, but when you know you’ll have to suck it up and write a post sooner or later, or leave your blog abandoned it can really help you to push through it! There’s nothing like having a waiting audience looking out for that next post to get you writing!

  • It helps you find your voice. 

Unlike with fiction, blog posts are written from your own perspective, and so blogging can do wonders for helping you find your writing voice. I know when I started blogging, my posts often felt stilted and awkward, but gradually as I’ve found my preferred style of writing and grown comfortable with it, I feel my writing has improved loads!

  • It can help you find your niche.

Blogging can also help you discover what sort of things you really want to write about. Often people will start a blog and decide they want to write specifically about books, or about beauty, but then gradually find themself drifting off in another direction as something else catches their interest that they are more passionate about, or simply enjoy writing about more.

  • You can get feedback on your writing.

One of the best things about blogging is the social aspect, and it’s great for writers, as they can get feedback on their writing almost immediately through the comments.

So do you feel like blogging has helped you improve your writing? If so, then how?

25 Responses to “How Blogging Improves Your Writing”

  1. Melissa @ Quill Pen Writer

    Yes, blogging has definitely helped me improve my writing! You hit the nail on the head with this list, especially the point about writing consistently. It’s a super important skill to have in the midst of writer’s block, and pushing yourself to blog can sometimes help with story ideas as well! Awesome post! 😀

    • Laura

      I’m so glad you agree with the list! I definitely think that making you writing consistently is one of the biggest benefits of blogging. I at least know I’ll have written a couple of things each week, even if I’m lazy with my novel writing! 🙂

    • Laura

      That’s a great point! Blogging has shown me how I tend to write really long and rambley sentences, so I think it’s helped me become more concise (although I’m still a little prone to writing really long sentences…and putting things in brackets every so often!).

  2. Greg

    You know it’s funny, when I was thinking of starting a blog I remember wondering how will I think up and write that much content? lol so I think you’re right, it does keep us writing. Plus I’ve learned some of my writing quirks and maybe some things about my writing that DON’T work, and that’s been eye- opening too. And I agree about finding your voice.

    And yes learning the acronyms is a valuable life skill ha ha! Great post.

    • Laura

      I thought the exact same thing! Once you get going though, you just do it because you know you have to if you want your blog to keep going, and I think in the end you just get better at having ideas.
      I’ve definitely learnt some things about my writing style that I need to work on too though. I’m terrible for writing the longest sentences, and whilst I still do it sometimes I now know to watch for it, and correct it where I can 🙂

  3. Lola

    I do agree that blogging gives you a bunch of useful skills, you learn so much from blogging. And when I see how much my reviews have evolved over time I can say my writing has improved as well and how I have found my voice. And for those who want to become authors I can see how blogging can be very helpful too to developed their craft and gives them skills they also need as an author. Great post!

    • Laura

      Yeah, it can be so interesting to look back at some of your old reviews and posts to see how far you’ve come! I like to do that every so often.
      And blogging definitely does help you develop skills that will come in useful as an author, not to mention if gives you a platform and an audience. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  4. Dragonfly @ Our Familiarium

    This was precisely the reason why I started blogging! So I agree 100% with all you reasons you listed Laura, especially that it forces you to write regularly and helps you find your voice. I never used to write until I started my blog, and even though I don’t think I have found my voice yet, every post feels like I’m getting closer. Great post!

  5. Puput @ Sparkling Letters

    Yayyy I agree with all of these Laura! Though I just started my book blog a year ago, I’ve been blogging since middle school (that’s almost 10 years ago) and blogging really helps me improve my writing. For me the #1 benefit from blogging is that it trains me to put my complicated thoughts into words. Everyone has ideas and opinions but writing them down coherently takes practice 😀 also yes to thinking up ideas! I look or think of one thing and be like “hey that’s blog post material” hahaha awesome post <3

    • Laura

      I totally agree! Blogging really does help you learn how to put your thoughts into coherent words, even if what you’re trying to discuss is really complex. In fact I often find that I discover my own thoughts on a topic as I start to write about it, so I definitely think that’s a benefit too 🙂

  6. Michelle @ FaerieFits

    Blogging has helped my writing SO MUCH. I actually STARTED blogging because I wanted to FORCE the writing regularly thing. For the most part, it’s worked 🙂 I’ll add to your list that being a BOOK blogger in particular has made me put a lot more critical thinking into what works and what doesn’t work in a book, and that too, has made me a better writer. They say that you should read a TON of what you write, but I also think they should tell you to REVIEW a ton of what you write. It’s amazing the things you notice when you sit back and try to articulate what you did/didn’t like about a book, and then you can decide to practice/avoid that in your own writing!

    • Laura

      I’m so glad blogging has helped you to write regularly! That’s one of the best things it’s done for me too 🙂
      And you’re totally right! Being a book blogger is great way to develop analytical skills, as before I started reviewing I would know whether or not I enjoyed a book, but didn’t stop to ask myself why. It’s so interesting when you start to really think about what you did or didn’t like, and that’s definitely helped with my own fiction writing as well 🙂

  7. Prabhleen

    This was such a lovely post Laura, and I loved every second of it! I could relate on so many levels here, plus if I see my writing before blogging, and after starting a blog, it has really improved, and because of blogging, I have got a distinctive writing style which I think is always a good thing!

    • Laura

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, and that you’ve found your distinctive writing style! I really do think that blogging is one of the best ways to find your voice 🙂

  8. Olivia Roach

    These are all very good ways in which blogging can improve your writing. And I agree with you for them all! I also think it really helped me by making sure that I learned how to write to a specific audience.

    • Laura

      That’s a great point! I definitely feel like blogging has helped me write for a specific audience as well 🙂

  9. Mimi @ Poésie de la Lune

    Hey Laura,

    this is an awesome blog post. I can relate to all the points and blogging definitely helped me to become both a better writer AND a more attentive reader, because it forces me to to read books more critically, so that I can later write about them in my reviews.

    Thanks to my blog, I write almost everyday and have to come up with new ideas regularly. The latter can be a difficult thing sometimes. There were times when I totally ran out of ideas. But then I sat down, brainstormed, read other blogs and articles to get Inspiration and suddenly I had new ideas to blog about. I also love that I get feedback from my readers. That helps me a lot to improve my skills.


    • Laura

      That’s a great point – blogging and reviewing has definitely helped me become a more attentive reader too! 🙂
      And I totally agree that coming up with fresh ideas all the time can be difficult. I struggle a lot with that myself, but blogging has really helped me get used to having to do it, and has helped me refine my process.
      I’m so glad you feel like blogging has helped you improve your writing too! 🙂

  10. Jane @ Raincity Librarian

    I’m naturally really shy, so I’ve found that blogging is a great way for me to connect with other book-loving people, discover great new books, and share ideas in a way that’s really comfortable and not too intimidating!

    • Laura

      That’s great! I’m shy too, and that’s definitely been one of the best things to come out of blogging for me too 🙂

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