Are you a serial hobbyist?

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Are you a serial hobbyist?

Over my lifetime, I’ve had a fair share of wide ranging (and sometimes unusual) hobbies, the only two of which I’ve ever really stuck with being reading and writing. I don’t know what it is about me, but I have a tendency to suddenly become super excited about a random new hobby, and then drop it just as quickly when I either A. realise I’m no good at it, or B. just become bored with it.

There’s even a bit of a running joke in my family about me and my mad ideas. My mum tends to humour me and goes with me to the craft shop or wherever to get materials for my latest hobby, whereas my sister is the one who just gives me that look of ‘here we go again!’

I think a lot of it is because I’m what I would describe as a ‘bright ideas person’, and by that, I certainly don’t mean that I’m full of bright ideas! I simple mean that when I get a new idea, I immediately run off with that one, abandoning all the previous ones, because of course my shiny new idea must be better! It’s the same reason I’ve never finished an entire novel, despite being a lifelong writer (I’m crossing my fingers though for my current NaNoWriMo novel…I’m at 65,000 words!), and it’s something that I think can be both a blessing and a curse, hobby-wise. It’s a blessing, because I’ve tried a lot of different things (and variety is always good, right?), but a curse because I don’t really seem to stick with anything.

So I wondered if anyone else is like this, or is it literally just me? I thought I’d do a quick list of some of my tried and tested (and often abandoned) hobbies, and I’d love to know what your hobbies are and if you’ve tried a lot. And please can someone talk me out of taking up knitting (I saw some very cute fingerless gloves on Pinterest that I want to make…)!

  • Blogging

So let’s start with one that isn’t a lifelong hobby, but that I’ve stuck with, just to make me feel good! I’ve officially been book blogging for over two years now, but seen as it’s technically writing, I guess we can lump it in with that. Writing is one thing that’s just a fixed part of my identity, as much as reading is, but blogging I feel is a little different because of the community aspect of it. I’m seriously introverted and wasn’t entirely sure how blogging and I would get on, so I tried to force myself to stick with it by going self-hosted straight out and paying for a domain and hosting (I do hate wasting money!). Thankfully, I love it, and blogging is one example of how trying different things can sometimes lead you to find something you truly love!

  • Photography

Photography is another hobby I’ve sort of stuck with, although I tend to be a bit sporadic with this one. I go through phases where I take loads of photos, and carry my little camera about with me everywhere, and then I’ll just suddenly forget for a while, and then think ‘oh yeah, I haven’t taken many pictures lately!’ and suddenly I’ll be back into it again!

  • Painting

I guess in my head, I always see myself as more artistically talented than I actually am, because I’ve tried so many arty hobbies, and even nearly went to study Graphic Design for my degree instead of English and Creative Writing (which would have been the biggest mistake of my life – I was terrible at it!). At one point a while back I wanted to get into watercolour painting, but quickly realised it just wasn’t going to happen! So instead I used the paints to make watercolour backgrounds and started making bookmarks using the backgrounds…which has now turned into my Etsy shop, so I actually call this one a win!

  • Drawing

Yet another arty hobby I tried, and just wasn’t any good at! I think with a bit of practice I could have improved, but I just hate being bad at things, so anything that doesn’t come naturally gets scrapped very quickly unfortunately! I still do the odd Sharpie doodle, just for it’s therapeutic properties, but other than that, I don’t do much drawing anymore.

  • Jewellery Making

When I was much younger, I got really into jewellery making for a while, and so was constantly bedecked with my own creations! It ended up being more of a phase, and I got rid of most of my jewellery making stuff during one of my many house moves. However, recently I was struck with a great idea for both my own wearing, and selling on my Etsy shop: bookish bead bracelets! Cue me logging into Ebay and buying tonnes and tonnes of beads and elasticated thread!

  • Cross Stitching

Technically I still class this as a current hobby…although I have been working on a tiny cupcake cross stitch (the one in the picture above) for a good few months now!

My Nan taught me to cross stitch when I was a kid, and so when I was in a craft shop a while back I decided to give it another go, and start small with my cupcake cross stitch. One day I’ll finish it…maybe!

  • Colouring

Adult colouring books are a huge thing right now, and I have to say, they sure do sound like a lot of fun. I loved colouring as a child, so why not as an adult? Well, to this date I’ve bought two adult colouring books – Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom and the Harry Potter: Magical Places one – and have so far coloured in only one page. So yeah…my colouring hobby was kind of short lived!

  • Playing Guitar

If there’s one thing I’ve proven worse at than being artistic, it’s being musical! I had a full term of guitar lessons back in primary school which culminated in me being able to finger pick the first few notes of ‘My Heart Will Go On’, and that’s about it. I gave up the guitar after that, aside from a brief stint a couple of years ago where I was lent a guitar by a work colleague to try and learn to play (which I should probably give him back, seen as I have utterly failed to become a musician!). Again, this is probably one that requires persistance, but I just hate being bad at things!

  • Playing Chess

I still like a game of chess, but unfortunately I no longer know anyone who plays! I used to play at a youth club I went to as a teenager (I was a cool teen like that), and have since played on my computer and an app on my phone occasionally. Unfortunately being beaten on the easiest setting by a computer is kind of humiliating, so I haven’t played in quite a while!

So what are your hobbies? Do you tend to stick with them, or do you like to try new things? Any serial hobbyists like me out there?

26 Responses to “Are you a serial hobbyist?”

  1. Kirstie @ Upside-Down Books

    Well you’ve certainly tried a lot of things, no-one can begrudge you that! I’ve managed to stick at blogging for just over a year now and am pretty proud of myself for doing so, considering I’ve been posting frequently. I also love drawing but it’s usually something I only pick up in the holidays. I get frustrated with it really easily because I can only draw if there’s an image in front of me – I really struggle to draw straight from imagination!

    I’ve actually tried quite a few of the things on your list here, but I wouldn’t say that I’m chronic at not sticking to them. I think the only thing I’m really bad at is deciding to catch up on a TV show and then taking (literally) a year to do so! XD Sometimes these things are just too unapproachable when you’re busy!

    • Laura

      Congratulations on sticking to blogging! I think people who don’t blog underestimate the level of commitment it takes to post frequently to a blog over such a long space of time 🙂
      I definitely don’t think I could draw from imagination either. I’m bad enough trying to draw an image that’s in front of me!
      And I’m terrible for sticking with tv shows too! I always start watching them madly, and then kind of tail off and end up taking forever to watch them, or end up ditching them entirely. It can be so tough though when you’re busy! 🙂

  2. Lia Levina

    You’re not the only one! I have had a lot of hobbies that I didn’t stick with. I’ve tried cross-stitching, playing guitar, lettering, and I think I once considered myself as an aspiring photographer but I’ve realized I’m too lazy to pick up my camera and go out to take pictures. I also got a how-to book on making jewelry but that was as far as my attempt went. I didn’t actually bought the materials to make one.
    I guess I just get bored easily. Which frustrates me once in a while!

    • Laura

      I’m exactly the same – I get bored so easily! And then my next idea always ends up seeming so much more fun (until I get bored with that!). I’m glad it’s not just me! 🙂

  3. Cait @ Paper Fury

    Oh this was so great!! ? I am actually not a serial hobbyist at all…although I have great IDEAS, I just never actually act on them, because I’m a perfectionist and if I can’t do it brilliantly I won’t even try to do it at all.? Books are really my only hobby (like books/writing/blogging) and I’ve been doing them my whole life!! OH. Well I did add in photography these last few years, but not like real photography because I’m still on automatic and that probably will never change, haha. Oh and I did use to cross-stitch as a kid!! I kind of just did that because my mum did, and then I realised I actually hate sewing.? I’m glad you’ve stuck with blogging though! I LOVE READING YOUR POSTS.

    • Laura

      I’m kind of like that – if I don’t immediately do well at something, I’ll probably ditch it! I don’t know that I’m a perfectionist, I just hate being bad at things! 🙂
      I’d say books and writing are my only lifelong hobbies, although I’ve been attempting photography for a while. I pretty much stick with automatic too though, so I don’t know if I can really count it as ‘photography’. It’s more just taking pictures! 🙂
      And I’m so glad you enjoy reading my posts, because I really enjoy yours! 🙂

  4. Karolina

    I have a few hobbies: writing(blog), reading, knitting, watching(movies/tv-series), drawing/painting, photography and knitting.
    I don’t do them all, all the time. I do write consistently and I try to follow the series as best as I can. I read a few months and then I take a break for a few months. I photograph when I do something ‘special’ and I knit during autumn and winter. Drawing and painting is more doodles right now but I want to pick it up again.
    Not everyone is made to have just one consistent hobby. In my eyes trying new things is a hobby in itself.

    • Laura

      I love that idea of having quite a few hobbies, that you don’t necessarily do all the time, but that you kind of alternate! That’s awesome! 🙂
      Knitting is one I’ve been really tempted to try recently, but I’m worried it’s just going to be another phase. Even just as a cold weather hobby though, it might be quite fun! Maybe I’ll give it a try, and trying new things will just be a hobby in itself for me too! 🙂

  5. Tiziana

    Great post, it was fun to read! I don’t think I’ve tried too many hobbies but I think I excel in… giving up a hobby before fully trying it out. 😛 For example, some years ago I wanted to start making collages, I had even planned my first collage but got stuck with collecting cuttings. I have an adult colouring book which I haven’t tried yet and photography was supposed to be a big hobby this year but I was too lazy to practice it. Luckily, I stuck with blogging (and reading, of course) and now I’m trying to get back into snail mailing. 🙂

    • Laura

      Haha, I definitely excel at giving up hobbies before properly trying them as well! If I’m not amazing at it immediately, then I generally just quit! 🙂
      It sounds like you’ve tried quite a few things out as well! Maybe you’ll pick them back up at some point, and I’m glad you’ve stuck with blogging and reading too 🙂

  6. Puput @ Sparkling Letters

    This is suuuuch a relatable post! 😀 I am also a serial hobby-ist so I FEEL YOU! I tend to get obsessed over one thing and that’s that. Just like you, the only hobbies that seem to always stick to me is reading and writing. I’ll never get tired of them 😀 There was a time when I was really into crafting & scrapbooking. I bought a lot of craft supplies and then I got bored. Now I want to start bullet journal but my mom keeps reminding me of my old craft supplies :’) I was also super into jewellery making! But it was more like a summer/holiday project 😛

    • Laura

      Well I’m glad it’s not just me! 🙂
      It sounds like we’re very similar in that reading and writing are our main hobbies, but we’ve tried out a lot of craft stuff that was fun at the time, but hasn’t really stuck. At least we’ll always have reading and writing though! 🙂

  7. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    I am much the same as you. I get bored quickly and try a lot of different things. I mean, I was convinced I was going into digital art and bought myself a tablet and everything… and then got bored. I got into drawing (again, after my GCSEs) and that lasted a few weeks. And then there was that time I was convinced I was going to be a writer… until I remembered I am terrible at planning a coherent storyline.

    Reading and blogging are the two hobbies I have continued with. Unless Netflix binge watching counts as a hobby, then I’ve got that down as well. I just, there are some things I can’t give up. I do keep going back to those colouring books as well. They’re very relaxing for me.

    • Laura

      Digital art is yet another thing I’ve really wanted to try out for ages…but I know I would just buy all the stuff (and I imagine it isn’t cheap) and then probably get bored when I realise that no, I’m still no good at arty things! 🙂
      And I’d say Netflix binging definitely counts as a hobby! In fact it’s another one I’m very sporadic with – I tend to get really into tv shows and then my interest kind of tails off and I don’t end up finishing them! Maybe I’ll give those colouring books another shot as well seen as I have all the stuff. I imagine they can be very relaxing if you take the time to colour them! 🙂

  8. Cilla

    I’m definitely a serial hobbyist too! I got into cross stitching for a while too! I didn’t know what to do with the end products though, so after a while I dropped that. I fell into colouring too, and I would do more of it if I had more free time. I collected stamps when I was in elementary school, and I can’t remember why I stopped other than maybe it was becoming expensive to get the rarer ones? Like you, reading and writing are the only hobbies that have stuck throughout the years. Sometimes I feel bad for not being more versatile, but perhaps I just haven’t stumbled onto (another) right hobby yet!

    • Laura

      That is a good point with cross stitching – I have no idea what I was planning to do with all the end products! It isn’t the kind of thing I would really put on the wall or anything like that anyway! It’s probably a good thing I let that one slide! 🙂
      I’m sure there’s more hobbies out there than reading and writing that we could really get into. We’ll just have to keep trying out more until we find them (that’s going to be my excuse for being a serial hobbyist anyway!) 🙂

  9. Jenna- JK I'm Exploring

    Whenever people ask me what I like to do I say reading and writing and then they ask for more and so I start listing my serial hobbies…. not sorry. I do like getting into random things because I start learning about these things and then I feel smarter. Because of these things I know how to take a good picture, I can make changes with the HTML and CSS codes (I’m trying to keep up with this one) and I think that’s a wonderful thing! Serial hobbies aren’t necessarily a bad thing and I think people treat it as though they are.

    • Laura

      I agree, serial hobbies can definitely be a good thing. You get to know a little bit about a lot of things you probably wouldn’t have learnt about otherwise, or pick up odd little skill that may come in useful in the future 🙂

  10. Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight

    I think I am the opposite actually- it is VERY hard for me to find something that interests me enough to do it, but when I do, I am usually ALL in- for better or worse hahah. Like, when I was swimming, I was 100% invested, and like, my entire life revolved around it. Now, I am like, all in with the bookish stuff. Which is not necessarily good, because then maybe I am missing out on other potential interests but… what can you do? Also, knitting sounds like the actual worst, so that is my helpful tip 😉 But you seem FAR more artistic and creative than me so… I mean, I hate to discourage you even though you told us to hahaha.

    • Laura

      I think being really into one thing is a really good thing personally! I wish I could just find something and be 100% invested in it, as opposed to trying loads of different things and then abandoning them.
      And thanks for the knitting advice…thankfully I have so far resisted trying, and I’m hoping my interest will wear off. I can just see me getting extremely tangled and frustrated! 🙂

  11. Silvara

    It depends. I used to cross-stitch in high school, but it took so long to finish a project I quickly got bored with it and stopped bothering.

    I learned to crochet around that time as well, and really liked it. But then I didn’t crochet anything for many years. I picked it back up 10-ish years ago, and I now crochet in spurts. Sometimes all I feel like doing is crocheting, I’ll make 4-5 scarves in a row, or an entire blanket and a scarf, and then be over it for a few weeks/months before starting the cycle over again.

    It’s the same thing for painting ceramics. I learned to do that in middle school, and back then you could actually go into craft stores and buy ceramic statues to paint. So I bought a whole bunch for Christmas presents one year. Then stores stopped carrying the statues, and I forgot about it until 7-ish years ago when I ordered a bunch of statues online. I started it up again, then we moved, and I currently don’t have a table where I can paint. Don’t want to use the dining table as it’s old and really pretty, and I don’t want to ruin it if paint gets where it shouldn’t. So I’ve had about 15-ish statues sitting on a shelf for over 2 years now, because I have no where to paint!

    I used to draw in high school, and until my early 20’s. But it takes me days to finish anything and so I gave it up. Too much effort into making things perfect, and too much time.

    I’ve tried jewelry making, and hot-gluing things to make hair accessories, beading, and a few other things. But nothing has kept my attention except crochet and painting ceramics. So those are the only 2 I’ve stuck with! Maybe it’s more a case of you just haven’t found the hobby you love enough to keep yet? At least you’ve tried enough things to know what you don’t like enough to keep up with!

    • Laura

      It sounds like you’ve tried a variety of things too! 🙂
      I’m glad a couple of them have stuck though, and that you have found some things you really like. Crocheting sounds like fun, and I’d really like something like that where you can make something substantial through it, like a scarf that you can actually wear (I think that’s why I’m thinking about trying knitting!). And I can imagine painting statues is quite therapeutic, as you’d just get to concentrate on what you’re doing.
      I think you might be right though. I probably just haven’t found the right hobby! 🙂

  12. Lauren @ Bookmark Lit

    Oh man I don’t even want to think about listing the number of hobbies I started and abandoned over the years! Or even the number of blogs I tried to make before landing on book blogging. It’s kind of a huge deal that I’ve made it over 2 years because I seriously never thought I would.

    • Laura

      That is a huge deal! Blogging takes such dedication, so I think we can both count it under our ‘hobbies we haven’t abandoned’ category! 🙂

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