A Trip To The Lake District

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A Trip To The Lake District

Last week I had the week off work for my birthday, and me and my boyfriend spent a few days in the Lake District. We had a lovely time, and the Lakes were as beautiful as ever, so I thought I’d do a quick post all about it, and share a few photographs I took (on my phone, rather than my DSLR, but oh well!).

Thankfully Spring finally seems to have sprung here in England, and so for the most part the weather was lovely, except on our first full day there…but I’ll get to that!

Seen as we couldn’t check into where we were staying until 4pm on the Monday, we decided to have a little day trip out on the way and stop off at Lancaster. Our primary destination there was a huge antiques places that I’ve been to before with my parents, where we spent over an hour browsing and digging through shelves full of old books and ornaments etc.

We still had plenty of time to kill before we could check in, so we decided to make the most of the nice weather and head to Williamson Park, which is a lovely park in Lancaster that overlooks the city, and is home to the beautiful Ashford Memorial (see the left picture below!). We chilled out there for a bit, which really got me into holiday mode, and then headed onwards towards the Lake District.

A Trip To The Lake District

We had booked to stay at a Haven holiday park in a static caravan, and due to me being absolutely horrendous at finding places, we had to follow my phone sat nav all the way. I was starting to get a little worried that it was playing up when it kept taking us down narrower and narrower country lanes, through remote little villages and hamlets (my sat nav has been known to try and take me off-roading!), but eventually we found the right place. I’d somehow been expecting it to be off a main road somewhere, and so was really surprised by how far out it was!

The Haven site was lovely, and seemed to have everything you could want – a restuarant/pub thing, a little convenience shop, a chip shop, a pool…even an amusement arcade! We were especially pleased to find out we had actually booked 4 nights, as opposed to the 4 days I had somehow got into my head, and so were leaving on Friday morning, as opposed to Thursday as we’d expected. The caravan itself was also really nice, and actually seemed pretty luxurious to say we’d gone with the standard model (the cheapest, basically!).

The only problem with it really was that I got absolutely no phone reception there, meaning I couldn’t text/call anyone, or even go on the internet with my phone, and we quickly realised that we were really far out from any kind of local conveniences. As in, the nearest supermarkets were about 40 minutes away, as were most restaurants/fast food places/takeaways (at one point in the week we drove for 35 minutes in the dark, down winding country lanes for chinese food…and yes, it was totally worth it!).

We made the 40 minute journey to Kendal that night to stock up on the essentials for the next few days – pizzas and pringles basically! – and then chilled out at the caravan for the rest of the night. The weather continued to be beautiful all evening, which is why I was disappointed to wake up the next morning to torrential rain!

The only thing we could think of to do in such awful weather was to go to the only indoor thing we’d planned to do (aside from the antiques place!) whilst in the Lakes, so we headed to Keswick and visited ‘Puzzling Place’, which is a cool little place full of illusions and puzzles to try and solve. It took ages to drive from the caravan site to Keswick, as we were staying so far out (it took about an hour and 20 mins to drive there!), but the scenery was beautiful, even in the rain. In fact, if anything it made it even more atmospheric, with all the mist hanging over the hills!

At a loss for anything else to do in the rain we then headed into Kendal town centre and had a wander around the shops, before heading back for the day.

The next day, the weather had brightened thankfully. We spent quite a chilled morning exploring the caravan site, as we’d heard there was a lake on site. It was a small, man-made lake, but was really pretty, with a cute little cafe on the shore, and a place where you could rent little boats and pedalos and stuff.

A Trip To The Lake District

However, it didn’t fully satisfy my lake cravings, so after lunch we got in the car and went for a drive up to Coniston. I was determined to paddle somewhere, so we went down by the lake, where I literally took about three steps out into the water before I established it was way too cold and refused to go back in! I swear me and my siblings and cousins used to swim in that lake as children, so I must have either become less hardy in the years since, or the lake has got colder. It was a little overcast by that point, so maybe it was just that the sun hadn’t warmed the water much, but it was so cold it was literally painful!

We still had a nice time just sitting by the lake relaxing and taking in the scenery though, so it wasn’t a wasted journey!

A Trip To The Lake District

Thursday was our last full day, so we took a trip into the town of Windermere and had a walk by the lake, and a look round some of the cute little souvenir shops there. I, of course, bought some of the obligatory Lake District fudge, and we got ice creams (I got a marzipan flavoured one, and Jay got a banana toffee one!) and sat by the lake, and it genuinely felt like summer, the weather was so beautiful.

A Trip To The Lake District

We finished off the holiday by eating in the onsite restaurant at the caravan site that night, and playing some Pacman air hockey in the amusement arcade, which is as good a way as any to finish off a holiday in my opinion!

So have you ever been to the Lake District? What are some of your favourite places to visit? Where are you going on holiday this year?

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  1. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    It looks like you had a great time, glad to see you at least had some nice weather for your trip, even if there was torrential rain after your first night there. I love that you stopped off at Lancaster, I used to live there and when the weather is good it’s a really great place to explore a little. THere are a couple of lovely hidden places there. Made me laugh about the failed venture into the lake, I think everyone was hardier as kids, you’d jump right on in and wouldn’t even think about it, not so much as you get older. Glad you had a fun trip.

    • Laura

      Oh cool, you used to live in Lancaster? It really is a lovely place! I don’t feel like I go there often enough, so I’ll hopefully go again soon and get to have more of an explore 🙂
      I definitely think we must have all been hardier as kids. I can remember bounding in there when I was younger, and going out on inflatable floats and stuff, and I don’t remember thinking it was that cold. It was a fun trip anyway though, even if I didn’t get to paddle! 🙂

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