A Trip to Chester Zoo

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On Saturday my boyfriend and I decided to take a little day trip up to Chester Zoo, so I thought I’d do a quick post to share some of my animals snaps!

It was a fairly overcast day, so at first a lot of the animals seemed to be hiding (and going to a zoo and seeing no animals is just the worst!), but thankfully by the end of what was a lovely day, we had seen all the animals we wanted to see.

Elephants, lions, tigers, monkeys, giraffes, penguins, jaguars, meerkats…you name it we saw it. Unfortunately I didn’t get that many good photos. One thing I learnt from my attempts at photography at the zoo was that I need to buy a second lens for my camera: I haven’t had my DSLR that long, so I’ve just been using the kit lens for now which had no where near a long enough zoom for capturing animals close up. Hence why the animals are virtually specks in the distance in a lot of the photos!

Anyway, here are the ones that didn’t come out too badly:

A Trip to Chester Zoo

These two big cats looked so cute all curled up together! Although my boyfriend and I did have a lengthy discussion about what form of big cat the black one was. The enclosure was supposedly for jaguars, but aren’t all black jaguars panthers? Or are black jaguars a thing? Either way, they were an adorable pair, and I don’t think this photo came out too badly considering it was through glass.

A Trip to Chester Zoo

This baby elephant was the first of many adorable baby animals we saw, although it proved elusive at first. During out first trip past the elephants there was no sign of him (or her!), but thankfully on the way back he made an appearance and I managed to get this photo.

A Trip to Chester Zoo

Speaking of baby animals, look at this cutie! We literally wanted to take this little baby meerkat home with us (although I imagine it wouldn’t have taken too kindly to being smuggled out in my pocket…despite their cuteness, I imagine meerkats can get kind of bitey if riled!)!

A Trip to Chester Zoo

Now this was one photo where I could have done with a lot better zoom. I like the way the penguins seemed to be standing in some weird triangle formation, and the waterfall and swimming penguin made nice additions, but I would have loved to have got more of a close up. The penguins just look so tiny!

A Trip to Chester Zoo

Although this isn’t one of the most exciting of zoo animals (no offence to birds…this is probably some super exotic, rare breed of tropical bird as well!), this is one of my favourite photos that I took. I just liked how I (accidentally, admittedly!) blurred the background, and the red of the bird’s beak really pops against the green and browns of the setting.

A Trip to Chester Zoo

Yet again, I could have done with a far better zoom for taking this photo, seen as this guy insisted on hiding up a tree! I still had to include this photo though, simply because the red panda was one of my favourite animals we saw.

A Trip to Chester Zoo

And here’s some more cuddling animals! I really liked the placement in this photograph of these otters. They were clearly posing for me on this log!

A Trip to Chester Zoo

Technically, this is a terrible photograph. The reflections on the glass, plus a very greasy monkey hand print smear kind of ruin it, but I just had to include this picture as it was the closest we got to any of the animals.

So there’s a handful of photographs from my trip to Chester Zoo. I only wish I could have got some better photographs of some of the animals like the tigers and lions and giraffes. I’ll have to get another lens for my camera and go back sometime, because it was a great day out! It had been a long time since I had been to Chester Zoo (in fact it may even have been on a school trip), but it was every bit as good as I had remembered from childhood, and I loved some of the newer parts they had done like the Islands. If you like zoos and get a chance, I definitely recommend you take a trip there!

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  1. Silvara

    I haven’t been to the zoo since I was a kid. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

    As far as the jaguar picture, my understanding (which could totally be wrong!) is that panther is just the name given to an all-black leopard OR an all-black jaguar. So that would mean both cats in the first picture are jaguars, just one is all black.

    • Laura

      Yeah, it was loads of fun! 🙂
      Ah, that explains it! We really couldn’t decide because it didn’t say anywhere about a panther but I presumed they were a separate type of big cat. Thanks for clearing that up! I had been meaning to Google it.

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