8 Spooky Books On My TBR

24/11/2019 Lists, Reading 13

I’ve never been a huge fan of horror, or spooky books, mostly due to the fact I’m a massive wimp. However, I recently read Laura Purcell’s book The Silent Companions, and whilst it massively freaked me out, I absolutely adored it.

Since then I’ve been on the lookout for other spooky books to add to my TBR, and I’ve found some really interesting sounding books (trust me to wait until after Halloween to suddenly want to start reading scary books!). I think the key with me is that I want to read more psychological, haunted house books than any kind of gory, slasher type horror, and I think these books fit the bill.

So here are 8 spooky books I’ve added to my TBR:

Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero

So I think this one may be more of a mystery than a horror, but it sounds like its going to have a bit of a spooky, or at least strange vibe. It looks to be about a Scooby-Doo type gang of kids (hence the reference to ‘meddling kids’) who have all grown up and grown apart, who have to get back together when weird things start happening.

It definitely looks pretty unique, and like there could be some humour thrown in there as well! I just got a copy out of the library, so I’m hoping to read this soon.

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

This is another book I just got out of the library. It’s about a reclusive author and her secret past, and sounds wonderfully Gothic and spooky!

The Turn of the Screw by Henry James

The Turn of the Screw is considered one of the classics of the haunted house genre, and so I feel like it’s one I should definitely read if I want to read some more spooky books!

The Coffin Path by Katherine Clements

The name alone sounds spooky, right? This book is about Scarcross Hall, a house on an old coffin path that runs across the moors, and the evil that supposedly lurks there.

The House on Cold Hill by Peter James

This book looks like your classic haunted house book, with a family moving into an old house and starting to notice strange goings on and creepy happenings. And that’s kind of what I’m looking for in a spooky book!

The Grip of It by Jac Jemc

This book is about a couple that moves into a decaying old house (a classic scenario!) which quickly begins to change before their eyes, as terrifying things begin to happen. I’ve heard this one is genuinely quite scary, so I’m intrigued to read it, even if I am a little nervous!

Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake

I love the name of this book so much! It already sounds super spooky!

And I like the premise of a ghost hunter/killer going into a house where there’s a ghost infamous for killing everyone who enters, and being spared…Why? I need to know! I presume there’s going to be some kind of ghost – ghost hunter friendship (maybe romantic relationship?) involved, and I love unexpected friendships!

The Lost Ones by Anita Frank

I haven’t actually heard much about this book, it’s just one I stumbled across on Goodreads and liked the sound of it.

It’s about a woman called Stella who goes to stay with her pregnant sister Madeline after the death of her fiance in World War I. Greyswick is an old house full of mystery and secrets, and Stella finds her sister crippled by fear and suspicion, and sets out to find out what’s really going on.

So have you read any of these books? What did you think, and which would you recommend? What other spooky books do you think I should add to my TBR?

13 Responses to “8 Spooky Books On My TBR”

  1. Kristina

    Yep, i’m definately with you. While Gory stuff doesn’t particularly bother me in any way, i’m definately the ghostly, haunted house kind!!

    Anna dressed in blood has already been on my virtual wanna read, but the grip of it sounds really good! It vaguely remember me of something but.. I can’t quite remember what xD

    • Laura

      Haunted house stuff is definitely the best kind of horror in my opinion! I hope you enjoy Anna Dressed in Blood and The Grip of It if you read them! šŸ™‚

  2. Liliana

    Meddling Kids is also on my TBR list! And I highly recommend Anna Dressed in Blood! I read it a while back but I remember really loving it! It’s super creepy!

  3. Greg

    Ooh I like a good spooky read sometimes! Definitely more of a psychological type scare though, I’m not so much into gory stuff either. I am interested in reading more Kendare Blake since I’ve really been liking her Dark Crown series.

    • Laura

      Yeah, the Dark Crown series is the only Kendare Blake I’ve ever read as well, so I’m interested to try reading something else of hers! šŸ™‚

    • Laura

      I’ll hopefully be able to recommend a few of these once I’ve read them. I’m hoping they’ll be good! šŸ™‚

  4. Tasya @ The Literary Huntress

    Great list! I also have Meddling Kids and The Thirteenth Tale on my TBR. The Turn of the Screw has been mentioned a lot, I really should check it out! I have The Silent Companions on my TBR since forever; I love the author’s recent book so I really have no reason to not reading the book asap!

    • Laura

      I really hope you enjoy The Silent Companions! It was so spooky, it was great! I’d seen the author had another book out, so I’m definitely hoping to read it soon šŸ™‚

  5. Danielle R

    Even though we are getting into the holiday months doesn’t mean we still can’t read some good suspense books and psychological thrillers right? I was happy to come across your blog, thank you for the recommendations! I wanted to tell you a book that I just finished called “Ain’t No Messiah” by Mark Tullius. I don’t know if you would really categorize this as spooky BUT it has supernatural elements and is 100% a psychological thriller so I think you will really like it. The main character, Joshua, has grown up being told that he is the second coming of Jesus Christ. Having said that, he clearly lives with an extremely messed up and abusive family, as well as a cult-like over-the-top church. His father has very powerful ties and uses them to continue this lie making his followers truly believe Joshua is their savior. His writing style reminds me a lot of Chuck Palahniuk along with the twists and turns throughout the book. I really hope you will check it out. Here is the author’s website if you want to read more about the book!

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