5 Ways To Stay Creative On the Go

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5 Ways To Stay Creative On The Go

There tends to be this traditional idea of writers and artists as people closeted away from the world in their lonely garret or remote gothic mansion, crafting their masterpieces in isolation… However, in today’s world creatives are generally people who lead busy lives full of jobs, social occasions, family, friends and relationships, and creativity is something they have to squeeze in around these commitments.

So in a world where it feels like there’s always something you have to be doing, or somewhere you have to be, how do you manage to stay creative whilst constantly on the go? Personally, I feel like the way to live a truly creative life is to find creativity everywhere, even in the time that you don’t devote specifically to acts like writing, painting, photography or blogging.

In fact, a lot of what being creative is all about is taking inspiration from the things around us, and so getting out of the house, even on the most mundane of trips, can do wonders for your creativity! Not to mention the fact that sometimes you will be forced to be outside of your home – at work, for example, or away on holiday (not that a holiday is a hardship exactly!) – yet still want to get some of your creative work done, or find inspiration.

So here are a few ways I’ve found to be creative whilst out and about, and constantly on the go!

  • Always carry a notebook with you.

The muse is a tricky thing and often likes to strike at the most inopportune times, so carrying around some means of recording creative ideas when they occur to you is essential. A small notebook is a useful thing to have with you, or at least an app on your phone that you can use to make quick notes.

  • Notice the little things.

Inspiration and creativity don’t necessarily come from the huge things in life: sometimes it’s the little things that spark something. Therefore it pays to take notice of the world around you when you’re out and about, and stay tuned to what’s going on around you. You never know when the smallest thing from a snippet of overheard conversation to a particular smell will strike you, and provide inspiration for your creative work.

  • Change your routine.

This ties into my previous point, but a great way to make sure you’re noticing the world around you and taking inspiration from it whilst your out and about, is to shake up your routine. Maybe you always walk a certain way to work, or go to a particular cafe for your lunch… well maybe you should try something different every once in a while? By doing the same thing every day you are increasing the chances of you zoning out and just letting your mind wander to mundane everyday things, whereas a change of scenery or shift in routine can spark new ideas and thoughts.

  • Listen to podcasts whilst driving.

Listening to creative podcasts whilst you’re driving is a great way to make the most of time you would otherwise waste, and get yourself feeling inspired and creatively charged. There’s so much choice out there with podcasts about everything from writing, to art, photography, and creative entrepreneurship, as well as fiction podcasts and inspiring and informative podcasts like the various TED talk ones.

  • Use helpful apps you can sync with your laptop, eg. Evernote, Scrivener.

Thanks to the wonder of technology, there are now so many ways you can access your creative projects and work on them whilst you’re out and about. Apps like Scrivener have meant I can use my work breaks to write my novel, meaning I don’t even have to be home, sat at my computer to be making progress with my projects.

5 Ways To Stay Creative On The Go


So how do you stay creative on the go? What things do you do to feed your creativity, even on your busiest days? 

15 Responses to “5 Ways To Stay Creative On the Go”

  1. Angela

    I totally agree with carrying a notebook at all times. Sometimes I’ll get an idea for a post while I’m at work, and it’s helpful that I can write it down right away.

    Also, taking inspiration from everyday conversations. My sister and I were having a random email exchange one day and I got a whole blog post about one little thing she wrote.

    Great post!

    • Laura

      Carrying around a notebook really is so useful isn’t it? You just never know when an idea is going to strike.
      And I love when random little things spark ideas like that. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  2. jen

    Have a notebook in my bag and a note pad on my phone. When in work I sometimes write ideas on a piece of till roll and put it in my pocket- still on sitting in there with a book recommendation one one side and an idea on the other

    The only good thing about working in a shop is you can get a lot of ideas from conversations- and on the bus on the way in! Don’t always though but if I looked for them all the time and didn’t have to think about work I could

    • Laura

      I work in a shop too, and you’re right about it getting ideas from different conversations you hear around you. I’ve been known to jot down ideas on scraps of paper at work too! 🙂

  3. Rosario

    Ah I keep a Google Doc and sticky note on my phone to keep track of ideas I might have and so I can work on them on the go! I defo agree about changing up your routine, it always fills me with some kind of inspiration or excitement.

    • Laura

      It’s really surprising how much difference changing your routine a little bit can make to your levels of inspiration isn’t it? I think we always underestimate how automatic things become when we do the same things every day.

    • Laura

      Yeah, the Scrivener app is great, it’s just a bit pricey for an app. And I totally agree that being intentional about it is the key to staying creative on the go 🙂

  4. Aimee (Aimee, Always)

    This is an awesome post, Laura! I used to take down the smallest details and ideas on my bullet journal, but then I realized that journalling isn’t for me, personally. BUT! I still do keep notes, usually just on the Notes app of my phone. I get ideas in the strangest times and places, and yes, they’re important to take down while you still remember them!

    • Laura

      I think just having a place to take notes that’s easily accessible is the important thing, whether it’s a notebook or on your phone. I definitely get ideas at strange times too, and if I don’t write them down quickly I almost always forget them! 🙂

  5. Dannie @ RAPT

    Great post! I always have a notebook within reach wherever I am and make sure to use my note taking app if I don’t have the notebook close. I’m definitely a believer in using my drive time wisely which means listening to podcasts, too! I have a variety of podcasts that I listen to, from creative, freelance, to yes, true crime.

    • Laura

      I’m glad you enjoy podcasts too! It sounds like you listen to a wide variety, which I think is good. I have my favourites, but sometimes I get bored of listening to the same type of podcast on every drive, so it’s good to be able to mix it up and alternate a bit 🙂

  6. Daniela Ark

    These are all great tips Laura! I think I have tried them all but the podcast! I keep adding to my list of things to do to listen to podcast but I guess I just don’t know where to start. Could you recommend some on writing?

    • Laura

      There are so many podcasts, so it can be pretty hard to know where to start! For writing podcasts I’d recommend The Creative Penn, the Worried Writer, Petal to the Metal and The Portfolio Life. They all offer great advice, and are really entertaining to listen to. I hope you enjoy them if you try them! 🙂

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