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22/04/2015 Blogging, Discussions 35

What type of blogs do you read?Since I started blogging last July, reading blogs has become a part of my everyday life. Pretty much any time I get a spare moment (eg. my breaks at work, on buses/trains, when my housemates play FIFA 15…) I find myself automatically opening the Bloglovin app on my phone or browsing Twitter in search of new and interesting blog posts to read.

As a book blogger, I am following a huge amount of book blogs, and find they are the ones I read most often. However, as I’m something of a blog-reading maniac, I also read blogs in a variety of other niches, and so I was wondering if other bloggers do that too, or if they stick mostly with their own niche (and when I say niche I mean it in a pretty broad sense of the word – I know there can be a lot of crossover between, say fashion and beauty, and books and writing, and some blogs don’t have a particular niche at all).

So here’s a quick rundown of the types of blog I read most often, and some of my favourite reads from each niche:

  • Book blogs

As a book blogger, book blogs make up a pretty high proportion of my blog reading. I also find that I tend to comment most on book blogs (although I have been pretty bad at commenting full stop recently – I’m going to blame it on the fact I’ve just moved house!). I just feel like I have more to say on bookish matters than I do on fashion or beauty for example, although I like reading about them all the same!

Favourite reads: Oh, the Books! (whose Weekly Recap posts pretty much constitute my entire Sunday nights’ blog reading!) Feed Your Fiction Addiction, Paper Fury, Lola’s Reviews, The Emerald City Book Review, Of Dragons and Hearts, Jenny in Neverland, The Unplumbed Sea…and the list could just go on and on!

  • Writing blogs

There are so many great writing blogs out there that offer huge amounts of useful information on everything from the technical aspects of writing, to promoting yourself as a writer and getting inspiration. A lot of these bloggers are also published writers, so you’re basically getting professional advice from someone who knows what they are talking about on these blogs.

Favourite Reads: Terribleminds, Goins, Writer, The Write Practice, Make A Living Writing.

  • Blogging blogs

By ‘blogging blog’ I’m referring to all those super useful sites that talk about everything blog related, from writing blog content, to blog promotion, web design and all the other technical parts of blogging that totally confuse me. I’m a bit of a sucker for advice posts so I really enjoy reading these kinds of blogs!

Favourite Reads: Noze Graze, Jenny Purr, I Can Build A Blog.

  • Lifestyle blogs

Lifestyle blogs tend to combine a few things, often fashion, beauty, home décor etc. along with personal posts, and that’s a combination I like! I also love reading inspiring posts about things like feminism, self-esteem/self-improvement, creativity and career goals, and you tend to find a lot of these on lifestyle blogs.

Favourite reads: A Little Opulent, Hannah Gale, The Glitter Diaries, Dorkface, Gala Darling, Tenpenny Dreams (described as a ‘literary lifestyle blog’, so right up my street!).

So bloggers, what type of blogs do you read? Do you tend to stick to one niche, or do you read widely?

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  1. Ardelia

    I’m honored and excited to be included in your list! Thanks! 🙂

    It seems we have some overlap in our blog reading preferences. I’ve poked around Jeff Goins’ blog a bit, but I need to actually read more of his posts.

    I generally stick to book blogs, writing blogs, and blog blogs. Sometimes I’ll read a marketing blog or a business blog, but usually I stay within those niches. I use Feedly to organize everything, which is really nice because I can follow 20 or 30 blogs at a time (and I really need to add more).

    • Laura

      Jeff Goins does do some really great writing posts, so they definitely are worth a read sometime!
      I personally use Bloglovin to keep up with all the blogs I follow, but I’m following so many blogs on it now that it makes it kind of hard to keep up with my favourites. I may have to try organising them into separate lists or categories or something, or use Feedly just to follow a few favourites.

  2. Tanya Marie

    I generally like reading book blogs, but I watch a few fashion and make-up vlogs too! Definitely going to have a look at your lifestyle blog recommendations though 🙂

  3. Terri @ Alexia's Books and Such...

    Most of the blogs I follow are book related, but there’s a handful of other blogs in my Feedly list as well. I follow some decorating, cooking, travel, lifestyle, and beauty blogs. Will take a look at your list, as there are some I haven’t heard of before!

  4. Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

    I only read book blogs because there are SO MANY that I love! (Including yours!) : ) I think I would have to quit work if I regularly followed other kinds. I do stop by some cooking/crafting blogs when I’m looking for a particular recipe or project.

    • Laura

      I’m glad you like my blog too! 🙂
      And it is kind of time consuming following so many blogs, and in so many niches, so I should really cut down a little bit on the number I’m following. I’m not sure exactly how many I’m following now but it’s in the hundreds, which is pretty crazy!

  5. Asti

    Haha, I was just looking through my list of saved links to add to our weekly recap and found this post! Thanks for mentioning our blog (and our recap posts!) in your post. 😀 Whenever I hear someone say they love our recaps it makes me feel as if all the work I put into collecting the links is worth it, yay! And, I’m happy to say there’s a couple of blogs you mentioned here I don’t already follow so I’ll have to check them out to see if there’s more discussions I can include in our recap 😉 Thanks Laura!

    • Laura

      I always look forward to your Weekly Recap posts! I love discussion posts, and there’s always so many interesting ones to read 😀 I hope you find some more blogs to include off this list!

  6. Amy

    Thanks for including my blog, Laura! There are some great websites on this list and a few new ones to check out too 🙂

  7. Kaja

    Eee, thanks for the mention, Laura!! 🙂
    This is a great list of blogs, I follow several of them already (not only book blogs, but others, too) and I’m definitely checking out the others. I have a similar list on my blog (under “Reading” in my main bar), it’s always good to share blog love, I think. I update it every few months.
    Apart from book & lifestyle blogs, I also read several food blogs because I love cooking (and pretty pictures of food)!

    • Laura

      I’ll definitely have to check out your list. Even though I’m already following loads of blogs, I always love discovering more! 🙂

  8. Silvara

    I mostly read other book blogs (and Nose Graze!). But there are 2 parenting blogs I love also. One is a single father talking about his daughters, and the other is a mom talking about her gender-queer 7-year-old. I’m not a parent, never want to be a parent, so it’s sometimes strange to me that I love those 2 blogs. But I do like getting to see what they’ve been up to during the week.

    • Laura

      I definitely get what you mean. There’s a few blogs I like that are just people’s personal blogs where they talk about their lives and just any random topic they like, and I think it’s just interesting sometimes to get an insight into other people’s lives.

  9. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    I have to confess that I stick almost completely to book blogs. I have so many awesome book blogs that I want to read that if I branched out to many other kinds, I would just have no time to do anything more than read blogs!! (Though I do also love NoseGraze and her technical advice!) Thanks for listing me as one of your favorite book blogs, by the way! (And I totally agree with you about Oh, the Books! Their Sunday Post is awesome and could keep me busy FOREVER!)

    • Laura

      It is pretty time consuming keeping up with so many blogs, but I like to have a bit of variety. I mostly stick with the book blogs though, and dip in and out of the other niches when I see an interesting looking post. As you say, there’s so many amazing book blogs out there, and only so much time!

  10. Tessa

    I follow so many blogs, that it is hard to keep track anymore! Most of the blogs I follow are book blogs, but I also love reading beauty, blogging, and writing blogs too. I love Shanice Cameron, Parajunkee and Nose Graze. They have anything you need to know about blogging.
    I really love Musings of a Muse and Nouveau Cheap for everything beauty. Behind the glasses and books, I am really a girly girl who loves to play with makeup.
    Great Post!

    • Laura

      I’m like that too! I have lost track of how many blogs I’m actually following but I know it’s an insane amount. I read the odd post off beauty blogs and fashion blogs too, so I’ll have to check out Musings of a Muse and Nouveau Cheap! Thanks for commenting!

  11. Topaz @ Six Impossible Things

    Oh, I read such a wide range of blogs (possibly because my own blog doesn’t really have a specific niche?). Besides the things you mentioned – almost all of which I read! *insert awkward wink-nudge here* – some of my absolute favourite blogs are those that talk about music. Things like album reviews, concert recaps, songwriting tips, and the like. Music is so important to me, and it’s absolutely lovely to see it celebrated throughout the blogosphere as well. <3

    • Laura

      I really love music too, but I have to admit that I haven’t really read many music blogs. They just aren’t something i’ve ever stumbled across (which is how I tend to find most blogs!), so I’ll have to find some and check them out!

  12. Charlie (The Worm Hole)

    I read blogging blogs from time to time, I like them even if I’m not thinking of using the information. My favourite is Pro Blogger. Goins Writer is interesting, his posts are simple and somewhat repetitive but always very inspiring. He’s definitely found what works. I also read personal blogs, many have morphed into personal/small business blogs that straddle that blogging blog line, too. There are far too many feeds in my reader.

    • Laura

      I really like Pro Blogger too. It’s the kind of blog where I won’t read a majority of the posts when they come up in my feed, but when I do they are always really interesting and informative. And I get what you mean with Goins Writer. The posts can be a little repetitive, but they are inspiring. I always just want to start writing when I’ve read one of his posts, which considering how much of a procrastinator I am is definitely a good thing!

  13. Shannon @ The Tale Temptress

    I admit I follow literally hundreds of blogs, predominantly book blogs. But I also read a few Writing blogs as well, and three Blogging Blogs. I like to get new tips and ideas for my blog, and since I’m an aspiring writer myself, I like the Writing blogs. I actually need to follow a few more of those if I can find some good ones.

    Shannon @ The Tale Temptress April Discussion

    • Laura

      It sounds like your taste in blog niches is pretty similar to mine! Even though I’m already following way too many blogs, I’d really like to find some more great writing blogs too, as I am following mostly book blogs. Thanks for commenting!

  14. Cayt

    First of all, thanks for listing the blogs that you love! I hadn’t visited a good number of them so I now have something else to read. 🙂 I do a lot of blog reading in my free time. I didn’t visit that many blogs before starting my own review blog but I do now! I track mine on Feedly and I spend a lot of time browsing whenever I can.

    I mostly just read book blogs and blogging blogs right now though. I like to read some news blogs as well, but I’m into books more than anything else right now, so that’s where I spend my time. I should probably expand out to some other interesting blogs as well!

    • Laura

      I hope you enjoy reading some of these blogs! There’s some really great ones on this list. 🙂

  15. Jen @ The Bookavid

    I mainly read books that blog about similar topics as I do. I’m a strict book blog, reviews, original posts, rants about things I read etc. Therefore it’s only book blogs to me. Maybe I stumble upon the odd writing post from other book blogs but that’s it.

    • Laura

      I do mostly read book blogs as well, but I like a bit of variety every now and then (and I also write about writing on my blog so I like to read other writing blogs). Thanks for commenting!

  16. Jenny

    Omg how have I only just seen this?! Thank you SO MUCH for including me in your list, I’m honoured! I absolutely love your blog too! <3 xx

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