What’s in a bookworm’s bag?

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What's in a bookworm's bag?I always see these ‘what’s in my bag’ posts on fashion and lifestyle blogs, so I thought it would be kind of cool to do a bookworm edition. Prepare for a long post though, because my bag of choice is generally a large tote bag, and I like to carry an epic amount of crap around with me!

For ages I was switching between these two Penguin classics totes:

What's in a bookworm's bag?

But last week I bought this cool ‘Bad Luck’ print one from Redbubble so I’ve just switched to that. I was actually really impressed with the quality of this bag when it arrived – I’d never ordered from Redbubble before, but this bag is amazing, and I’m still waiting on a t shirt which I’m hoping will be just as nice.

What's in a bookworm's bag?

So here’s what’s in my bag:

  • A Book: Obviously no self-respecting bookworm would dream of going anywhere not armed with their current read. You never know when you’ll get opportunity to read, so it’s best to always be prepared! It’s actually pretty common for me to have multiple books in my bag, because the usual places I walk to from my flat is the library and the discount bookshop, so quite often I take my bag to cart home my latest finds.
  • My Kindle: Seen as I’ve been using my e-reader a lot lately to read non fiction books alongside novels, I have started carrying it with me. I may have a kindle app on my phone, but it’s just too small to read!
  • My Purse: A girl’s got books to buy, after all! Plus that’s where my multiple library cards live.
  • My Keys: It’s probably a good idea to take your keys with you when you go out…you know, so you can get back in your house and stuff.
  • My Phone: My phone comes everywhere with me, obviously. And not just in case of emergencies or so I can text my boyfriend and send pictures of cake to my sister! It’s also my on-the-go blogging tool, camera, word processor and primary source of entertainment (after the book of course!).
  • A notebook and pen: Yes, I have phone apps I can take notes on, but I sure wouldn’t look too writerly if I didn’t actually carry a nice looking notebook around, would I? Just don’t tell anyone that it’s mostly shopping lists!
  • My iPod and Earphones: I always feel weird when I’m walking anywhere without my earphones in. For one thing having them in discourages people from talking to me (which is always good!), especially those annoying salespeople you always get harassing you in the middle of town (or is that just where I live?). Plus I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts on my phone lately, so having my earphones with me is handy in case I want to listen to one of them.

So bookworms, what’s in your bag? What things do you find yourself carting around everywhere with you?


25 Responses to “What’s in a bookworm’s bag?”

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury

    Ooh, this is an epic collection of things in your bag. 😀 YAY FOR BOOKWORM NECESSITIES. (And I love those Penguin bags soooo much.?) I honestly rarely really carry a bag personally? But if I did I think it’d look pretty similar to this. I have a bag that says “I love the Library” and I use that every time I go to the library. ?

    • Laura

      I didn’t really carry round a bag either until recently, but now every time I go out I just take a load of stuff I probably don’t really need with me.
      Your ‘I love the library’ bag sounds amazing, and I imagine the library likes your bag-related library appreciation! 🙂

  2. Melissa @ Quill Pen Writer

    I always take a book with me too, of course, even if I probably won’t be able to read during the day. The weight of one is kind of comforting for me, with the knowledge I can hide from people in pages. XD Also, brightly coloured sticky notes and gel pens serve me well for hastily written book ideas!

    • Laura

      I totally get what you mean about books having a comforting weight. A lot of the time I’m pretty sure I won’t get chance to read mine when I’m out, but I just like to know it’s there anyway.
      The sticky notes and gel pens sound like a great method for recording book ideas! And you definitely won’t lose them in your bag if they’re nice and bright (I lose pretty much everything in my bag!) 🙂

  3. Mara @ Mara Was Here

    This is such a cool idea! The stuff in my bag always have the same contents – my phone, iPad, earphones and my wallet (I only use sling bags, so there’s only so much I can bring). Since I don’t usually go to places where I can *peacefully* read physical books, I usually just read on my phone when I’m outside. It’s definitely convenient and I’ve been doing it for quite a while. 😀

    Oh and by the way, and your bags look so cute! *o*

    • Laura

      Being able to read on a phone is pretty handy! I don’t do it often (because as you can see from the post, I carry an unnecessary amount of reading materials with me wherever I go!), but it is always good to know that if all else fails, I can read on my phone. 🙂

    • Laura

      Yeah, that one’s actually a favourite of mine too. Even though I now have my new bag, I still use that one when I need to take my laptop anywhere because it’s slightly bigger.

  4. Rosario

    Your bags are so pretty! I carry pretty similar stuff and totally agree with the carrying a notebook!! no note app can beat the feeling of physically writing things, even if they are just shopping lists! I keep everything in my backpack so I can always manage to take a book everywhere with me – the quote ‘Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them’ springs to mind, haha.

    • Laura

      Thanks! 🙂
      A notebook really is so much better than an app, whatever it is you’re writing! Plus it gives me an excuse to buy loads of pretty stationary 🙂
      And I really love that quote! I do find it weird that most people don’t carry round some kind of reading material. What do they when they go on trains and buses otherwise?

  5. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    This is so fun! I love that you took an idea from the fashion blogs and added your own twist. I actually don’t usually carry a bag with me – just a TINY purse. It has my wallet, keys, a pen, my phone (which often doubles as a Kindle for me when I’m out and about), earbuds, and a few other little things.

    • Laura

      I should probably use a smaller bag too, then I’m not tempted to carry round so much stuff! It sounds like you just take the essentials, which is definitely the best way to go 🙂

  6. ShootingStarsMag

    I like these type of posts too. I read US Weekly and they always have what’s in a celebrity’s bag each issue, and it’s fun to see! I love when they have a book in there. haha I’ve been using a tote bag I got from Society6 most of the time because it’s light weight, yet carries a lot. It’s good quality!


    • Laura

      I always like any kind of ‘what’s in my bag’ posts or magazine features, so it was pretty fun sharing my own! 🙂
      There are so many bags I have seen on society6 that I want, so I’ll definitely give them a try sometime if they’re good quality. I’ve seen some really nice bookish-themed designs!

  7. Pamela

    OMG You’re like me then! I use a big black purse whenever I have to give a class because nothing says classy and professional like black. But for almost everything else, I use a lovely bookworm tote bag :3 I ordered one from Society6 recently, actually from Cait’s store lol, and can’t wait to finally have that one too!

    This is such an awesome idea, would you mind if I did a What’s in a Bookworm’s bag post on my blog? I know it’s been done in a ton of other places like you said, but I feel the bookworm twist was a clever idea of yours and you deserve the credit for that <3

    • Laura

      Cait has such awesome bags in her store, I’ve been pretty tempted by them too (and I’m sure she’d be really happy to know my autocorrect just changed her name to ‘cake’:)!).
      I’m glad you liked the idea for this post, and of course feel free to do your own! I’d be so interested to see your version, and thanks for asking 🙂

      • Pamela

        I’m sure of that too! Her research on the origins of cake in her blog is pretty insightful, btw XD

        And yay, thanks a lot!

  8. Tiffany @ The Bookish Thought

    I love your bag! I’m thinking of ordering one too from S6/Redbubble because they’re all really cute. Anyway, I–surprisingly–rarely carry a book when I went somewhere (except when I go to school). My bag usually just consist of my phone and purse, so I guess it’ll be boring if I do something like this xD

    • Laura

      I really love s6 and redbubble bags! They just seem a bit more unique, and there are so many designs to choose from.
      It sounds like you just carry the essentials, unlike me, who carries round way too much stuff! 🙂

    • Laura

      I really need to start carrying more pens about! I usually just have the one, but they always go missing, so I need to start taking some spares. You can never have too many pens! 🙂

  9. Inge

    I actually own a really small handbag which fits a surprising amount of stuff, but I’m still on the lookout for a slightly larger bag that would actually fit a book or my Kindle. I usually have my phone, lip balm, ID card, some spare change, some deodorant, some meds, and an anxiety bracelet with me. I like to have stuff on me “just in case something happens”.

    • Laura

      I love those little bags that somehow manage to fit tonnes of things in them! I used to have one like that but then I outgrew even that with all the stuff I insist upon carrying about with me, so I had to start using totes. It sounds like you have a good selection of stuff with you at all times though, and I’m definitely a ‘just in case’ person too!

  10. Acacia

    This is such an awesome post! I actually have a bag like yours. I use it to carry my kindle, 2 books for on-the-go and my journal.

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