What does your writing voice say about you?

17/11/2015 Discussions, Writing 6

What does your writing voice say about you?In my experience, most people write how they talk. Yes, certain occasions call for some modification – official letters and essays for example command formality – but for the most part your writing voice is all you. So what do you think your writing voice says about you?

I’ve had a read back through some of my own writing, some fiction and some non-fiction, and here are a few things I’ve noticed:

  • I go off on a lot of tangents and use very long sentences

Something I’ve noticed a lot in my blog post writing (and also my text messages now I come to think about it!) is that I tend to go on a lot of tangents. I’ll have whole separate sentences in brackets within other sentences, or separated by hyphens, and as such I feel like my writing can be a little hard to follow at times. However, I think this is a pretty good reflection of how my mind works, skipping around and constantly whirring…it’s no wonder I have trouble sleeping!

  • I use a lot of sarcasm and dark humour

My fiction writing in particular tends to be full of sarcastic, prickly protagonists and anti-heroes, and is often infused with a lot of dark humour. So does this mean I’m actually a psychopath? I hope not! I feel like it is simply a reflection of the edgier, funnier side of me that is rarely revealed in my every day life simply because I’m very shy.

  • I use a lot of exclamation marks

I don’t know if I just get to excitable when writing, but one of my main bad habits is using way too many exclamation marks. And seen as F. Scott Fitzgerald famously described using exclamation makes as like ‘laughing at your own jokes’ I should probably cut down. No one likes it when people laugh at their own jokes! Oops, I exclaimed again. Which is a sentence that doesn’t seem right to me without an exclamation mark.

  • I use a lot of filler words

Yet another bad habit of mine – using filler words. I use words like ‘pretty’ (as in, it was pretty impressive), ‘definitely’, ‘really’ and ‘very’ a lot, which really (oops!) could be taken out and it would still have the same meaning. I partially think this is to do with a lack of confidence in my writing, as I use a lot of wishy-washy words which mean I don’t have to fully commit to what I’ve written.

So these are just a few quirks I’ve noticed in my own writing which I think have some kind of significance. What are yours?

6 Responses to “What does your writing voice say about you?”

  1. Caroline

    Lol I too do the whole write a sentence (put another tangental sentence in brackets) and write a very long sentence rather than two shorter ones. 😀

    • Laura

      I’m glad that’s not just me anyway! I always wonder if people can actually keep track of my ridiculously long sentences.

  2. Olivia Roach

    I would definitely agree, everyone’s writing style does say something about them. I tend to use a lot of exclamation marks like you do and have to restrict myself using them xD And I also have a lot of filler words and I think it’s just me trying to process my thoughts before saying them or putting them onto paper. Such a clever post idea!

    • Laura

      Yeah, thinking about it I imagine that’s why I use a lot of filler words too – I’m just trying to process my thoughts.

  3. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    I notice pretty much ALL of these same things in my writing. But that’s okay – that’s what editing is for. I don’t bother in my blog to worry about it much (those filler words can stay – nobody’s going to care if I say really there). But when you’re writing something more “important” you can easily go back and edit to adjust for some of these issues. (P.S. I had an exclamation point there and I took it away and changed it to a period.) 🙂

    • Laura

      I like to think I can get away with filler words in my blog posts more than in fiction, just because it’s supposed to be informal and chatty, and people use filler words all the time in real life conversation. You’re right that editing can usually fix these issues though – I always go through my work looking for errant exclamation marks these days! (and it happened again) 🙂

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