The Disorganised Blogger’s Guide to Blogging

10/10/2015 Blogging 25

A Disorganised Blogger's Guide to BloggingI absolutely love reading blogging tips posts. You know the sort: ‘how to get more blog traffic’, ‘how to take better blog photos’, ‘how to be an organised blogger’ etc. It’s almost as if I think the act of reading them will suddenly make me be able to take better blog photos or be a more organised blogger.

Unfortunately though, this certainly isn’t the case. There types of posts always inspire me to make goals about how I’m going to post more often, or write more of a certain type of post, but I can’t think of a time when I’ve actually fulfilled these goals. Therefore I thought I’d make a slightly unconventional blogging guide of my own, all about how to blog my way (ie. as disorganised as possible). So if you clicked onto this post expecting genuine blogging advice, I’m so sorry – it’s all sarcasm from here on out.

So let’s get disorganised!

  • Rush all your posts the night before.

So it’s been a few days since you published a post, and you feel like you should be thinking about posting another one soon (schedule? of course there’s no schedule!). Tomorrow, in fact, would be a good day for a blog post. So, you open up your running list of ideas that you keep on your phone (a little organisational blip!), read through them and realise that none of them make any sense (oh…maybe not), and so frantically rack your brains until you come up with something that isn’t a totally ridiculous idea. Now you’re ready to frantically start writing to get the post done before your self-imposed deadline. And don’t forget to add some glaring typos that you will continually miss every time you read through it!

  • Get distracted a lot.

Start writing for a bit, then realise you need to quickly Google something and then find yourself several hours later furiously retweeting on Twitter, or watching people fall over on Youtube. Try writing again, and then realise you need to put the washing on, then find yourself several hours later having watched two episodes of the Jeremy Kyle Show, an episode of The Big Bang Theory and some Ghost Adventures. And start writing again…

  • Don’t take photos in advance.

So, you finally finished your blog post, and decide to be super organised and schedule it to publish the following morning (ie. in a few hours). You copy and paste it into WordPress, set the schedule time and then realise you need some kind of image. You now have two options. You can either ignore the fact that it’s the middle of the night and therefore have terrible lighting and try and take a photo which will inevitably come out too dark and fuzzy (just whack up the brightness in Photoshop and don’t worry!), or you can trawl through the ‘Photography’ file on your computer for a semi-relevant image. The choice is yours: fuzzy or irrelevant?

  • Don’t bother with a schedule.

Just don’t.

  • Forget about your comments for days.

You log on, and yes! You have comments on your shiny new blog post. Hmmm…but you haven’t quite got time to deal with them now, as you’re on your way out to someplace exciting (so, you’re going to get junk food basically). You’ll have to deal with them later…several days later you suddenly remember that you haven’t replied to any of them yet, and now there’s several!

  • Have more social media accounts than you can realistically manage.

Don’t spend time carefully cultivating two or three specially selected social media profiles. Oh no, a disorganised blogger does it all! Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook…you need the full set. Then forget about a couple, leaving them static for months, build a following on another and then abandon it in favour of another. It’s fine, you can come back to it when you realise you hate you’re newest account. People won’t unfollow you just because your account looks like there should be tumbleweed blowing across it, honestly!

So does this extreme disorganisation sound like anyone else, or is it just me?

25 Responses to “The Disorganised Blogger’s Guide to Blogging”

    • Laura

      I think photos is one of the main sources of my disorganisation. I guess because you do need to try and do them when the light is good, whereas you can write whenever.

  1. Annie @ Indoor Sojourner

    This is too accurate! I try to be good by scheduling posts and taking/finding quality photos, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. I appreciate your honesty! I would have never guessed that you have disorganized tendencies. XD

    • Laura

      That’s so true! Everyone blogs there own way and some people are super-organised and some just aren’t. I’m glad you liked this!

  2. Lola

    I am the opposite from most of these except for the social media sites, I wish I could spent more time on each of them as I always feel like I spend too less time on social media genuinely interacting. I also have a few times where I forgot to take pictures, but I usually check all my posts for the next week on sunday so I usually spot it at least a few days in advance. I also get distracted at times, but usually still manage to get everything done in time.

    • Laura

      You sound so organised! I wish I could get organised too and actually schedule all my posts further in advance. It’s nice to hear about how other people blog, because it’s always so different. I can only imagine being able to get things done on time!
      I always feel like I don’t actually interact on social media enough either, so I’ll have to try and fit more of that into my non-existent schedule!

  3. Silvara

    For reviews, I’m not disorganized anymore. Mostly. *laughs* I have 2 months worth scheduled. But for my Fantasy Creature Friday’s and Discussions? Those get written up and scheduled usually the night before. A few days before if I’m really organized that week.

    I’m trying to get better about putting images in my posts. But 90% of my Discussions are still mostly just me babbling with no pictures.

    I should be more active on Twitter (IE. not just tweeting my newest posts) but I’m super distractable. I’m so/so on Instagram. I like lots of posts, but don’t comment as much as I ought to.

    • Laura

      Wow! 2 months worth of reviews is very organised! I only wish I could have posts written up that far in advance.
      Sorting out pictures is definitely really time consuming, and I guess really discussion posts probably don’t need them. I just have one set image (the typewriter) that I put on all my discussions which I find easier.
      I’m reasonably active on Twitter, in terms of posting my own content and tweeting other people’s, but I really should try and interact more on there, and I’m the same with Instagram, where I like photos a lot but don’t comment much.

  4. Jee Ann

    “Don’t bother with a schedule” xp Are you speaking to me? Hahaha – last few weeks I had such a hard time pacing myself to do my studies, my work, and blog. So what happened? My poor eyes suffered. Btw, love the new hair color!

    • Laura

      It can be so hard juggling different things, so I totally understand what you mean. I hope you’re eyes are OK though!
      Thanks! 🙂

    • Laura

      Well I’m glad it works out just as well for you as it does for me. I really am hoping to get others to jump on the bandwagon, and lose their organised tendencies! 🙂

  5. Courtney

    So funny. Sometimes blogging just goes like this. No shame in some haphazard, spur of the moment posts!


    • Laura

      Yeah, in a way I enjoy writing spur of the moment posts instead of pre-planning too much (which is good, because all of my posts are spur of the moment!).

  6. Wendy

    Bwah ha ha! This is great. My excuse is that I have a lot of responsibilities already–I’m a mom and a teacher–so my hobby should not be something I get stressed out about. But the reality is, I am just a last minute kind of person. It’s just that everything is so interesting, right? So you start seventeen things at once, and then have trouble following through on everything in a timely manner. Thanks for shining some light on us disorganized types!

    • Laura

      I imagine being a parent and a teacher keeps you very busy so that’s definitely a valid excuse. I’m not sure what mine is though! Although, as you say, I think some people just are last minute kind of people.
      Glad you enjoyed the post!

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