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Review: Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas‘She was the heir of ash and fire, and she would bow to no one.’

Warning: Minor spoilers.

There are seriously, no words for how much I loved this book. THERE ARE NO WORDS! I’m going to try and write a coherent review anyway though, so here goes…

Heir of Fire kicks off where Crown of Midnight ended: Celaena is in Wendlyn under the pretence of fulfilling her latest mission for the King of Adarlan. However, her true mission is to find the Fae Queen Maeve and find out how to destroy the Wyrdkeys and defeat the King and his dark powers. Maeve, however isn’t going to give up the answers easily – Celaena must first train with Rowan, a tough Fae warrior, and prove herself worthy. Meanwhile in Rifthold Dorian is still struggling to control his increasingly volatile powers, and Chaol finds himself forming an unlikely alliance to help protect Celaena and win back her birthright – the kingdom of Terrasen.

Ever since I first read Throne of Glass a couple of months ago, I’ve pretty much been in love with this series, and it honestly just gets better and better with every book. I loved Crown of Midnight, but Heir of Fire dials everything up to ten, from the pace, to the action, to the world-building and the magic.

However, my absolute favourite thing about this book was the array of amazing new characters. Usually, to get to a third book in a series and have so many new characters introduced would potentially kill it for me. I tend to get used to, and invested in a character line-up and just like to focus on them. However, in this case, as much as I still love all my old favourites, I loved pretty much all of the newcomers just as much (if not more in some cases!).

Rowan was of course chief amongst these new favourites, and I liked the way his relationship with Celaena developed. Their initial pure hatred of one another gradually progresses to a grudging respect before becoming a truly heart-warming friendship, and I liked that the central relationship in this book was a friendship for once, as opposed to a romance (as much as I loved the ill-fated Celaena – Chaol relationship in Crown of Midnight).

I also grew to like Aedion more and more as the book went on, and loved his undivided loyalty to his childhood friend. His reluctant alliance with Chaol and the rebels made for some really interesting scenes and I’m really eager to see his reunion with Celaena (I so hope that actually happens!).

The romance aspect of the book (there had to be some romance I guess!) was fulfilled through Dorian’s relationship with healer Sorscha, and I found myself really liking them as a couple (and whilst she seemed a predictable goody-goody character through most of the book, she did surprise me in the end!).

I also surprisingly liked the sub-plot with the witches and Manon Blackbeak. Sometimes I find books that flick between the main plot and a sub-plot annoying because it disrupts the flow, and often I really don’t care about the sub-plot that much (Eldest by Christopher Paolini for example – it kept flicking between Eragon and Roran, and I really didn’t care all that much about what Roran was doing!). However, in this case I enjoyed the Manon chapters just as much as the Celaena chapters, and I’m interested to know how their paths become entwined.

I also loved seeing more of the world of the series in this book, and I liked learning more about the magic system and Celaena’s powers. The book also provides more of an insight into Celaena’s past and her true identity as Aelin Galathynius, and although she was still just as bad-ass as she has been in the previous two books (even more in fact, with those crazy fire powers!) it was nice to see her vulnerable side for a change after the tragic events at the end of Crown of Midnight.

And talking of endings…this one was insane. I was shocked at every turn, particularly by the events in Rifthold, and I was left desperate to know what happens next.

I’m now eagerly anticipating the release of Queen of Shadows, and am definitely going to have to read Assassin’s Blade to fill the void in the meantime! I literally couldn’t put this book down, and I loved it even more than the previous two (which I didn’t actually think was possible!). If you haven’t already read this series then I really can’t recommend it enough!

Rating: 5/5

2 Responses to “Review: Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas”

  1. Kaja

    Oooh, such a great review! 🙂 YES I loved the side characters, too! I don’t know what it is with Maas’s books but I seem to like her side characters more than I love her main ones (this just happened with A Court of Thorns and Roses).
    I adored Rowan (especially because as an adult reading YA I could FINALLY crush on someone who’s actually OLDER than me – by like 980 years or something but still – kidding, but you know what I mean), he was loyal and proud and a bit feral.
    And Manon. I really, really hope we’ll get to see more of her in Queen of Shadows because she’ my absolute favourite. Also: I want a wyvern, don’t you? 🙂

    • Laura

      I just bought A Court of Thorns and Roses today, so I’m super excited to read it! I probably will end up loving some of the side characters more than the main ones again, because I seem to do that in most books for some reason.
      I’m really hoping to see more of Manon in Queen of Shadows too, and I would totally love a wyvern! 🙂 I love how they have their own personalities and kind of make their own choices, like when Petrah’s wyvern decided to sacrifice itself so Manon and Abraxos could save Petrah.

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