Rereading Harry Potter: ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’

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Rereading Harry Potter: 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'

Warning: Spoilers for the Harry Potter series.

Onto one of my favourite Harry Potter books: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!

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But now, let’s talk about the fifth book!

My Thoughts Whilst Rereading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

  • Harry giving everyone sass!

Harry takes quite a turn in this book…literally in the first couple of chapters, everyone is falling victim to his sass!

I love him when Uncle Vernon is suspicious about him wanting to watch the news and he tells him ‘well, it changes every day, you see.’ And when he’s arguing with Dudley, and Dudley tells him the ten year old he had beaten up had given him cheek:

‘Did he say you look like a pig that’s been taught to walk on its hind legs? ‘Cause that’s not cheek, Dud, that’s true.’

Ouch! Gonna need something for that burn, Dudley!

  • I love the Advance Guard!

I love the arrival of the Advance Guard at Privet Drive! For one thing, you get to meet Tonks, who I’ve always loved as a character. Plus I love all the banter, especially Mad-Eye Moody telling Harry off for trying to put his wand in his back pocket:

“What if it ignited? Better wizards than you have lost buttocks, you know!’

‘Who d’you know who’s lost a buttock?’ the violet-haired woman asked Mad-Eye interestedly.”

  • Angry, angry Harry!

Harry really does have a huge character development in this book, the effects of the trauma he suffered in the graveyard showing itself through his almost constant anger.

Although, to be fair, I can understand his anger when he gets to the Order of the Phoenix headquarters, that no one had been telling him what was going on. But it wasn’t exactly Ron and Hermione’s fault!

  • Percy Weasley…what an idiot!

Percy was always my least favourite Weasley (isn’t he everyone’s?), but in this book he really tips over the edge from just being a bit pompous, to being a complete prat. The things he says to Mr and Mrs Weasley! I know he finally reconciles with them all in the final book, but I’ve still never quite forgiven him! Too little, too late Percy!

  •  Yay Sirius…boo Sirius’ mum!

I love the reunion of Harry and Sirius, with Sirius yelling at the screeching portrait of his mother… I always love that we get to see more of Harry and Sirius’ relationship in this book, and I like that Sirius wants to treat Harry like a grown-up and tell him what’s going on, even if Mrs Weasley and Dumbledore don’t.

I’ve always wondered how it would have played out if they’d just told him then and there about the prophecy though, so he knew Voldemort might try and lure him there…

  • I really like getting to see the Ministry of Magic!

One of the best things about the Harry Potter series (aside from the characters!) is definitely the world building, so every time you get to see a new aspect of the Wizarding World, it’s really exciting. I’ve always loved getting to see the Ministry of Magic in this fifth book, and I love all the little touches, like the inter-departmental memos that are hovering in the elevator, and the strange names of all the departments they pass.

  • Sirius being secretly disappointed that Harry is going back to Hogwarts pulls at the heartstrings a bit!

Mostly when Hermione says, ‘I just think he’s been very lonely for a long time.’ Aww!

  • Ron being made a prefect.

I think the whole ‘Ron being made a prefect and Harry being jealous’ thing that happens in this fifth book is also interesting, in terms of showing their relationship. It shows a flaw in Harry, that makes him seem more rounded as a hero character: in a way, he does think he’s better than Ron, seen as he’s upset that he got it instead of him. And then he feels guilty for feeling that way.

I love Mrs Wealsey’s delight though! It’s really sweet! And the twins are typically hilarious:

‘”You don’t mind if we don’t kiss you, do you, Ron?’ said Fred in a falsely anxious voice.

‘We could curtesy, if you like,’ said George.'”

  • Meeting Luna Lovegood!

I’ve always loved Luna as a character, and I forget she only comes into the series this late. She’s just such a stand out character, you forget she wasn’t there all along, being weird but wonderful!

  • Umbridge truly is an evil cow!

Umbridge is just such a genius character… Her love of all things pink and prissy and her high-pitched voice contrasts so well with her cruel character, that she’s just so easy to hate. Her preferred detention activity of cutting lines into your own hand using her special quill is particularly horrible!

  • I love Umbridge inspecting the teacher’s classes though…

Especially McGonagall giving her what for!

“You see, I do not generally permit people to talk when I’m talking.”


  • The idea for DA.

I’ve always loved the DA stuff in this book, and I like how Hermione pitches it to Harry: he’s the best person to teach them practical Defence Against the Dark Arts, because he’s actually faced the Dark Arts. It totally makes sense that he teaches them, even though technically Hermione is cleverer, because he’s been in that situation where he’s had to think on his feet, and fight for his life.

I like the meeting in the Hog’s Head, and how well it all goes, even if Zacharius Smith is a bit of an idiot. Yay for the beginning of Dumbledore’s Army!

  • I love Ron doing his protective older brother bit!

I like how outraged Ron is when he finds out Ginny is dating Michael Corner! You definitely see his older brother side come into play!

  • The security measure on the girl’s dormitory is pretty hilarious, when Ron attempts to go up and tell Hermione that organisations are banned.

‘He was on the sixth stair when there was a loud, wailing, klaxon-like sound and the steps melted together to make a long, smooth stone slide like a helter-skelter.’

  • Weasley is our King!

Malfoy’s song is so mean! You really do feel sorry for Ron. I would totally get flustered and keep fluffing it if I was trying to play a sport with people singing an insulting song at me too!

  • The Quiddich ban.

Umbridge banning Harry, Fred and George from playing Quiddich is so harsh! Malfoy totally deserved it, although it was yet another example of angry Harry, being unable to control his temper in this book. It keeps getting him in trouble!

  • Harry’s first kiss!

Another example of Harry growing as a character in this book: his first foray into romance! Although the first kiss scene is pretty awkward…

  • I love Hermione and Ron’s dissection of it afterwards though!

Literally, this is one of the most awkward but amazing conversations throughout the series, with Ron sniggering away, whilst Hermione exasperatedly tries to explain to the two boys about the inner workings of the female mind.

  • No, not Mr Weasley!

Poor Mr Weasley, getting attacked by the snake. The scenes where all the Weasleys and Harry and Sirius are sitting down at the table waiting for news is so tense. Especially how uncharacteristically serious and angry the twins are being.

  • I like the visits to St Mungo’s!

As with the trip to see the Ministry earlier in the book, I like getting to see another part of the Wizarding World, through the trips to the Wizard Hospital, St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.

  • Poor Neville, though.

I think one of the saddest scenes in this book is seeing Neville and his parents at the hospital. The idea of being tortured into insanity is so horrible, and it really drives home how terrible things were the first time Voldemort was in power.

The bit where Neville’s mum hands him bubblegum wrapper, and he slips it into his pocket, particularly gets me!

  • You feel sorry for Harry too though.

Poor Harry worrying that he is possessed is pretty upsetting too though, when he is separating himself from everyone. I love how Ron, Hermione and Ginny rally round him though, and give him tough love speech that brings him around.

  • Snape vs. Sirius.

Whilst we get to find out a lot about the history between Sirius and Snape in this book, and the later books, the only scene we actually get with them together besides Prisoner of Azkaban is when they nearly come to blows in the kitchen over Harry being given Occlumency lessons.

My favourite thing though, is when Mr Weasley interrupts it by bursting in and announcing he’s better…oddly it always reminds me of the fight scene from the ‘Bridget Jones’ film where their fight is interrupted by the waiting staff starting to sing Happy Birthday to someone!

  • Harry’s bad feeling about leaving Sirius.

When Harry leaves Grimmauld Place after Christmas, he has a bad feeling about leaving Sirius, that really hits you upon rereading. Because you know that this is the last time Harry will see his Godfather to talk to. Next time they see each other in person will be the battle at the Department of Mysteries…

  • Harry’s disastrous date with Cho!

As with the kiss, Harry’s date with Cho is unbelievably awkward! Whilst I like that this book introduced romance into the series, I never really liked Cho as a character. I understand she lost Cedric in the previous books, and she’s upset, but everything just seems so awkward with her and Harry, what with all the crying, and trying to make him jealous, etc.

  • You do feel a little bit sorry for Trelawney being fired!

Dumbledore is just the best though. He knows Umbridge hates ‘half-breeds’, so he immediately replaces Trelawney, who Umbridge hates, with someone he knows she’ll hate more: a centaur!

  • DA getting found out is so frantic!

The scene where Dobby tips off the DA that they’ve been discovered is so tense and frantic, with everyone running off in different directions!

I love the scene in Dumbledore’s office though: he’s just such a badass, exploding the office and vanishing. Not to mention taking all the blame for Harry!

  • Occlumency…

What the hell made Harry think it was a good idea to look in the Pensieve when Snape has gone?

It’s cool to see the Marauders in their school days though, although they do come off as arrogant and pretty mean… I can see why Harry is upset by it.

  • Professor McGonagall…you’re just the best!

I love Harry’s career appointment with McGonagall, and her again putting Umbridge in her place:

‘”I should have made my meaning plainer…He has achieved high marks in all Defence Against the Dark Arts tests set by a competent teacher.'”

  • Fred and George Weasley’s dramatic exit.

I’ve always loved Fred and George’s dramatic exit from Hogwarts! I especially love the touch of them telling Peeves to give Umbridge hell, and him saluting them!

  • O.W.L season sounds stressful…

Wow, reading about all the exam stress Harry and co. are feeling takes me right back to my own exams. At least I didn’t have to attempt to vanish any iguanas, or make an eggcup do cartwheels in any of my exams though!

  • Harry’s vision about Sirius at the Department of Mysteries is even worse in rereading when you know it’s fake…

You’re just willing him to listen to Hermione, and not go rushing into things, even though it’s understandable why he’s frantic.

  • You’ve got to love Umbridge being carried away by a herd of angry centaurs though!

It is satisfying to see her getting what she deserves! It’s just a shame the centaurs then turn on Harry and Hermione…

  • The horrible realisation at the Department of Mysteries.

That moment where the Death Eaters appear is just the worst, even when rereading. Especially the moment when Harry realises he’s led his friends into danger for no reason…

Why did he have to pick up the prophecy though? I mean, I know they probably would have popped out and threatened him until he did, but it seemed like a random, and pretty stupid thing to do! You’ve been tricked Harry! Get the hell out of there!

  • How disturbing is the baby-headed Death Eater?

There’s some pretty gross stuff in the Department of Ministries (the brains for example!), but the bell jar full of time is the worst, when the Death Eater gets his head stuck into it. The idea of a full grown man with a baby’s head is just so gross!

  • The battle of the Department of Mysteries is pretty cool!

It’s the first full on wizard battle in the series, and it’s such a cool scene to see the Order of the Phoenix in action…until that horrible moment.

  • Sirius falling through the veil.

And let the crying begin! Sirius falling through the veil gets me every time! I mean, he’s one of my favourite characters, so him dying is bad enough, but Harry’s reaction to his father-figure dying is what really gets me. Especially where he is still hoping that he’ll walk back out from behind the veil, even though he knows deep down Sirius wouldn’t leave him shouting for him:

‘Sirius had never kept him waiting before…Sirius had risked everything, always, to see Harry, to help him.’

  • Dumbledore fighting Voldemort like a boss.

This is the only Dumbledore vs. Voldemort scene in the series, and I love it! Seeing genuine fear in Voldemort is refreshing, and actually getting to see Dumbledore’s power in action is so cool!

  • Harry in Dumbledore’s office breaks my heart all over again!

The scene with Harry in Dumbledore’s office is a tearjerker, from start to finish, from when he is sitting there listlessly on his own, to the bit where he starts smashing everything up and screaming at Dumbledore.

I think this is the bit where it really hits you how much he’s been through in his short life. Especially the bit where he’s screaming:


Like this bit literally had me sobbing… Poor Harry!

  • The Prophecy.

As if you aren’t already depressed enough after this, you then find out he has no choice but to face Voldemort in the end, it’s his fate. Whilst he has always willingly fought against Voldemort in the past, to save his life or to save a friend, you now know that he has no choice but to kill or be killed. He’s a marked man.

Overall thoughts:

  • In this book you really start to get a sense of how the terrible things Harry has been through have affected him.

He seems almost permanently angry in this book, and really, when you think, it’s a wonder he’s managed to stay so normal up to now after everything. The ending puts him in the worst place he’s been emotionally in the series too, and ends on quite a somber note.

  • This book is the start of the emotional rollercoaster…

This series starts off as a pretty fun children’s series, albeit with some more serious moments. However, from the end of book 4 onwards, it just seems to take you on this incredible emotional rollercoaster, and whilst you love it, you also hate it… Like seriously, these books get me so emotional in a way that no other book ever has.

I had a bit of a blub at the end of Goblet of Fire, but I pretty much cried throughout the last few chapters of Order of the Phoenix. I am going to be such a mess by the end of the series!

  • I’m not sure if this book is still my favourite?

I always said Order of the Phoenix was my favourite Harry Potter book, but then when I reread Prisoner of Azkaban, I wondered if actually, that was it? I still enjoyed this every bit as much as I remembered upon rereading, but it isn’t necessarily an easy, fun reread like Prisoner of Azkaban was, considering I was crying throughout most of the end of it…

But I have always loved the stuff set at the Order of the Phoenix headquarters at the start, plus meeting new characters like Tonks and Luna, not to mention all the DA stuff. Basically I still loved it, even though it made me cry!

So what are some of your favourite Order of the Phoenix moments? Where does this rank for you? 

4 Responses to “Rereading Harry Potter: ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’”

  1. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    Harry was so sassy in this book and this is when I really started to love him. I mean, he was angry as hell and needed to learn to think before acting but I also loved his impulsiveness and we got so much more of his personality. This book also broke my emotionally because bad things aren’t meant to happen in books! I think this book really showed me that main characters you love can die in books and I am still not ok with it but damn did it make an impact and hot me in all the feels. I was a sobbing mess by the end of this and I adored every second of it. This is one of the few long books I will never be daunted to read.

    • Laura

      He really is so sassy and angry in this book! I definitely think we got to see more of his personality, and he is definitely more impulsive in this book, which I think made him a more rounded character (it’s definitely a flaw that he can’t control his temper when it keeps getting him into trouble, but I loved that about him in this book!).
      This book definitely showed me that main characters can die in books… I can’t remember reading anything before this where I was this devastated! It’s so weird, because I love the book so much, but it has always left me a sobbing mess too, which doesn’t seem like a good thing!

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