Rereading Harry Potter: ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’

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Rereading Harry Potter: 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'

Warning: Spoilers for the ‘Harry Potter’ series.

This week I finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and wow…I had seriously forgotten just how emotional this book gets (or maybe I was just having an emotional moment there at the end?).

But I’ll get to that!

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In the meantime, let’s talk about Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!

My Thoughts Whilst Rereading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire:

  • That first chapter…

I had forgotten about that creepy first chapter set in the Riddle House until I started reading! I feel like this chapter kind of signalled that this book was going to be taking a step up in the seriousness stakes, with the book starting out with the terrifying murder of a Muggle man. Clearly something big is being set into motion in this chapter, and especially because it seems that Voldemort has finally taken some kind of form, and is now being assisted by Wormtail.

  • Yay for Harry having someone to turn to!

When Harry wakes up and is worried because his scar hurts, he wants to tell an adult, someone like a parent…and his mind turns to Sirius. This is kind of sweet, and I think this impresses on us what it means to him to finally have someone looking out for him.

  • Dudley’s diet.

It’s a small part of the book, but Dudley’s diet, and his consequent sulking was a nice humorous touch!

  • ‘I hope we put enough stamps on it…’

Mrs Weasley writing to Uncle Vernon and wondering if her envelope covered in stamps has enough stamps on it… I just love it!

  • The explosive arrival by Floo Powder.

I’ve always loved the part of Goblet of Fire where the Weasleys arrive at Privet Drive by using Floo Powder and ending up stuck in the shut off fireplace… It’s pretty satisfying to see the Dursleys horror when Mr Weasley is forced to burst through, spraying their pristine living room with debris!

  • Dudley and the Ton-Tongue Toffee.

Fred and George bring their usual flair to their first scene in this book, by deliberately dropping a joke toffee for the poor dieting Dudley to pick up. Hilarity ensues!

  • First meeting of Bill and Charlie Weasley.

I forgot which book the older Weasley boys were first introduced in. Turns out it was this one! I should have remembered they were at the World Cup. Bill just seems so cool with his long hair and fang earring!

  • The Portkey and the Diggorys.

One thing I always forget about this book is how much of an idiot Amos Diggory comes off as…maybe it’s because I always feel really sorry for him in retrospect because of the end, but it’s pretty annoying how he’s always going on about how Cedric is better than Harry. How did Cedric end up such a nice guy with a Dad like that?

  • I love all the World Cup stuff!

The World Cup part of this book has always been a favourite for me! It’s one of the first (and only times) in the series where you get to see a huge part of the Wizarding World come together.

I also love the idea of the wizard tents. I mean, I think a lot more people would go camping it tents were like little houses inside!

The Quiddich match itself, is a fun interlude, even if it isn’t relevant to the plot, and I love the stand-off between the Veela and the leprechauns!

  • Introduction of the Death Eaters.

Prior to this book, Voldemort’s followers hadn’t been given their collective name, which seemed so weird to me! You kind of forget that it’s only in the fourth book that you actually hear that name, when they start torturing Muggles at the World Cup.

  • The Dark Mark.

The Dark Mark first appears in this book too, and the way Arthur Weasley describes it to them all after they return to the tent really drives home why it terrified everyone so much:

‘Just picture coming home, and finding the Dark Mark hovering over your house, and knowing what you’re about to find inside…’

  • Moody making a dramatic entrance!

I’d forgotten that when they initially arrive at the start of term feast at Hogwarts Moody isn’t there yet, but makes quite an entrance with lightening etc., in the background. He’s just such a cool character! It’s just a shame it isn’t technically him…

It gets even better in the next chapter though, where he turns Malfoy into a ferret and bounces him around!

  • Got to love those Blast-Ended Skrewts!

As much as I love Hagrid, he isn’t exactly a great teacher…I wouldn’t fancy working with Blast-Ended Skrewts either!

  • The Unforgivable Curses.

The scene where Moody shows them the Unforgivable Curses is so much more upsetting when you’re rereading. It was always kind of horrible, because Harry sees how his parents died, but you then understand poor Neville’s horrified reaction to seeing the Cruciatus Curse performed.

  • More dramatic entrances…

You kind of feel the excitement along with the school when the students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang arrive! I have to say, the flying coach with the giant horses is much cooler than the ship coming up out of an imaginary plughole though.

  • Dumbledore impresses upon them all the implications of putting your name in the Goblet.

Looking back at this book, I always think ‘why didn’t they just not make Harry compete, seen as he’s too young, and doesn’t really want to anyway?’

And then I reread the book and the bit where Dumbledore warns them that putting your name in the Goblet is magically binding, and understood!

  • Hufflepuff finally get their day!

You can understand why Hufflepuff are so excited when Cedric gets chosen. This is their chance to shine! You can also kind of understand why they are a little put out that Harry’s name also comes out too. That damn Harry Potter, stealing all their glory!

  • You do feel really sorry for Harry though, especially because it seems like even Dumbledore doesn’t believe he didn’t put his name in the Goblet.

Only Moody defends him, which is pretty weird actually, seen as he was the one who actually did it…maybe he thought it made him seem less suspicious?

  • Ron’s reaction is the worst though.

One of the things I’ve never liked about this book is Harry and Ron’s falling out, and I really don’t get why Ron doesn’t believe him when he says he didn’t put his name in. I mean, I understand his jealousy, with Harry getting all the attention again, but still! Come on, Ron!

When Harry has the fight with Malfoy outside Potions and they both leap to defend Hermione, you kind of hope they’ll make friends again, but unfortunately not.

  • Rita Skeeter is just the worst!

Rita Skeeter is just such a repulsive character throughout this book!

  • The first task.

The first task is pretty exciting, but you really feel the nerves for Harry coming up to the task, even during a reread where you know it’s all going to be OK.

But yay for Ron and Harry being reunited afterwards!

  • And the reunions keep coming!

I love Dobby returning in this book! And I just think it shows how nice Dumbledore is that he offered to pay him ten galleons (even though he only wanted one!), and told him he could call him a ‘barmy old codger’ if he likes.

  • The Yule Ball

Haha, the lead up to the Yule Ball is literally one of my favourite parts of this book! Harry and Ron are just so horrendously awkward with girls!

‘”Why do they have to move in packs…How’re you supposed to get one on their own to ask them?”

“Lasso one?”‘

Plus you get to have a bit of a laugh at the bit where Ron finally thinks to ask his future wife Hermione, who is already going with Krum, and she tells him ‘Just because it’s taken you three years to notice, Ron, doesn’t mean no one else has spotted I’m a girl!’

  • I love Hermione’s Cinderella moment.

Whilst I’ve always liked that Hermione as a character is all about brains, it is cool to see her get her Cinderella moment, where one recognises her at first!

  • Ron shows a lot of jealousy towards Victor Krum…

I hadn’t thought there were clues that Ron and Hermione might like each other this early in the series, as I remember being pretty surprised when it got to the sixth book and it started to become clear. But Ron acts so jealously throughout this book!

  • Poor Hagrid and his disastrous chat with Madam Maxime of the ‘big bones’.

Love is even in the air for Hagrid, it’s just a shame Madam Maxime gets so offended when he references the fact that they’re both half-giants. And an even bigger shame that Rita Skeeter is listening…

I like the bit though, where after everyone finds out about Hagrid’s parentage Harry, Hermione and Ron go to talk to him and Dumbledore is there giving him a pep talk, and telling him to get on with things. Again, Dumbledore is just so nice!

  • Even rereading, I get so nervous for Harry again on the lead up to the second task.

I mean, it gets to the night before, and he has no idea how to breathe underwater. This is literally the worst ‘leaving your homework until last minute’ moment ever!

  • He’s kind of an idiot though, for thinking Dumbledore would actually let the hostages die!

That’s something I’ve never understood in this book. Surely he knew that the hostages weren’t generally going to be left to die? So why hang about? Sorry Harry, but in this case you were being a bit stupid, even if it was noble!

  • Yay for seeing Sirius again!

Even if it’s only briefly, it was cool to see Sirius again in this book (and Buckbeak!).

  • The Pensive, and the revelations about Crouch’s son.

I’d forgotten the specifics of Crouch’s son’s trial that Harry witnesses in the Pensive, so I was shocked all over again, by the story! Crouch really is a detestable character though, especially in light of what Sirius said about him sending him to Azkaban without a trial.

His son actually seemed innocent though from this scene, but at the end of the book you realise that actually he was a Death Eater, so technicality Crouch was right. And you still feel kind of sorry for Crouch when he’s wandering about the forest, completely out of it.

  • I always loved the maze trial!

I really like the third trial, in fact I think it’s my favourite of the three. I especially love the Sphinx and her riddle!

  • It’s actually such a nice moment when Harry and Cedric decide to take the cup together…

It just goes to show what good guys they both are. It’s a shame how it ends up…

  • No! Cedric!

I can’t say I’ve ever been overly invested in Cedric Diggory as a character, no matter how nice he seems, but his death is still sad and shocking. His death also marks the first major death in the books, and the start of the end-of-book death trend that haunts the rest of the series.

  • The graveyard scene is genuinely so creepy!

Everything about Voldemort’s return scene is so horrifying, from Harry being tied to a grave, to the horrible list of ingredients that go into the potion (including Wormtail cutting off his own hand!), and Voldemort rising eerily out of the cauldron.

And it only gets more tense and frightening when the Death Eaters appear and Harry is forced to duel Voldemort. Even rereading this, it’s still an incredibly effective scene!

  • So heart-breaking when he thinks he is going to die…

One of the most emotional moments of the duel is where Harry is crouched behind a gravestone hiding, but decides to leap out and fight, even though he knows it’s pointless. He decides to die on his feet like his father did, and for a fourteen-year-old, it’s just so brave. I mean, can you imagine being in that position? I would probably have just hidden there and cried until Voldemort dragged me out!

  • The ghosts from the wand.

Another emotional Harry-Voldemort duel moment is when the ghostly apparitions of Voldemort’s most recent kills come out of his wand. Cedric telling him to take his body back to his parents, his parents telling him they’ll distract Voldemort while he runs…it’s just so heart-breaking!

  • The truth about Moody/Barty Crouch Jr.

As if things can’t get worse, you think Harry is safe, and then he gets kidnapped by the Moody imposter. I had forgotten half of the revelations that unfold when Dumbledore gives him truth serum, but it all came back to me.

  • The end of this book is so much more emotional than I remembered!

I remember being sad at the end of this book the first time I read it, but I didn’t remember being as sad as I was this time round (as in, I was getting a little tearful, which doesn’t usually happen for me until book 5!). Partly, yes, it was Cedric’s death, but also it was seeing how numb and in shock Harry is in the last chapter or so, and the way people are around him.

Sirius gripping his shoulder throughout the retelling of the story, Dumbledore looking so grave, Mrs Weasley hugging him, and Harry thinks that this is what being hugged by your mother must feel like… Literally, I was a mess! I dread to think what I’ll be like after Order of the Phoenix…by Deathly Hallows I’m going to be such an emotional mess!

Overall thoughts:

  • This book gets so much darker!

I know I said the same thing about Prisoner of Azkaban, but that at least had an ending full of hope, with Harry having found a new member of family in Sirius and having the Quiddich World Cup to look forward to.

This book ends on such a grave, emotional note, with Voldemort returned and the reality of the dark times ahead sinking in. There isn’t much that gives you hope at the end of this book, and Harry (understandably) seems traumatised, and you kind of just want to reach through the book and give him a hug, because the bad times are truly coming…

So what are some of your favourite Goblet of Fire moments? Do you find this one as emotional as I did?

10 Responses to “Rereading Harry Potter: ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’”

  1. Catherine

    That bit where Mrs Weasley hugs him!! 🙁 The last five or six chapters of that book just raise the stakes so much, and for me those hospital wing scenes at the end are some of the most powerful of the entire series. I think Goblet of Fire will always be my favourite!

    • Laura

      The last few chapters really do raise the stakes! I think those last few scenes are a huge turning point in the series, and the hospital wing scenes are definitely super powerful.

  2. Angela

    I think this is my favorite book of the series. For me, it’s the first real epic book; there’s so much going on and yeah, the stakes are so much higher. Even though other people have died, reading about Cedric’s death was hard, maybe because he’s a teenager?

    • Laura

      I definitely agree that this is the first really epic book in the series. And Cedric’s death is definitely hard, even though he isn’t a major character, and you’re right, it’s probably because he’s a teenager. He’s Voldemort’s first victim this time round, and it’s so horrible to see a young life cut short.

  3. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    This was definitely a turning point in the HP series where it got a bit more grown up and serious. It had so many excellent moments in it though and I loved it. I so can’t wait for the illustrated copy of this to come out (even if it’s going to mammoth sized).

    • Laura

      I’m really looking forward to the illustrated copy of this coming out too, since I have all the others. It’s definitely going to be huge though. Imagine how big Order of the Phoenix is going to be!

  4. Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight

    So I just finished reading this one for the first time (I know, I know!) and I really liked it, I think because it IS getting more intense and dark? Back in the day when I tried to read this series for the first time, I had trouble with the middle grade feel, but the deeper into the series I get, the more I seem to enjoy it! I choked up at the end, too- it was definitely an emotional one. I also wasn’t super invested in Cedric, but he was a good guy and it was sad that he was gone- especially for his parents and friends. And while the Ron thing IS hard to read, it also feels quite honest- like I can very easily see that happening, especially to two kids their age! This is such a fun post!

    • Laura

      I’m glad you enjoyed your first read of Goblet of Fire! 🙂
      And I totally agree that the whilst the Ron thing is hard to read, it does seem pretty honest. I think most people are constantly falling out and making up with their friends when they’re fourteen, so Harry, Ron and Hermione don’t do too badly really. Especially considering everything they go through!

  5. Tasya @ The Literary Huntress

    I’m rereading this series too this year (I’m on book 6) and I’m surprised to found out how much I enjoyed this one! I think this is one of the best in the series, it’s the perfect transition from mg to ya with it’s fun and euphoric moments but also packs some dark and emotional punch. Fantastic review Laura!

    • Laura

      That’s so true, it is the perfect transition from MG to YA, and it’s definitely one of the best in the series. I don’t remember this being a particular favourite when I initially read the series, so I was surprised myself by how much I enjoyed rereading this one.
      I’m glad you’re enjoying your reread! 🙂

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