Photos on Friday #2: Britain

08/01/2016 Personal, Photography 13

It’s my second Photos on Friday Post!

Despite the fact I’ve never been abroad (and probably because I’ve never been abroad) my home nation of Britain is a place I’ve explored quite a lot. From the beautiful lakes of the Lake District to the rolling dales of Yorkshire and the sandy beaches of Cornwall, I’ve been there, so I thought for my second Photos on Friday post I’d share some of the photos I’ve taken on some of my British adventures. A couple have already been seen on this blog (namely the Lake District ones), but the others haven’t.

So enjoy!

Photos on Friday #2: BritainPhotos on Friday #2: BritainPhotos on Friday #2: Britain


Photos on Friday #2: Britain


Photos on Friday #2: BritainPhotos on Friday #2: BritainPhotos on Friday #2: Britain


Photos on Friday #2: BritainPhotos on Friday #2: BritainPhotos on Friday #2: Britain

The Lake District

Photos on Friday #2: BritainPhotos on Friday #2: Britain


Photos on Friday #2: Britain


Photos on Friday #2: Britain

And here’s my dog Molly doing a spot of exploring!

So have you visited any of these places? What are some of the scenic spots near you?

13 Responses to “Photos on Friday #2: Britain”

  1. Jee Ann

    Oh, so beautiful! Your dog’s so cute, and I’ve always wanted to visit Britain (I’ve never been out of my country, either). Such amazing views!

  2. Kaja

    Oh, beautiful photos, Laura!
    I’ve been to Britain several times – but I really want to explore more of it. I want to seek out the less-touristy places and just hike around. It’s such a beautiful country.

    • Laura

      I really hope you get to do that! There are so many beautiful spots, especially in some of the out of the way, less touristy places πŸ™‚

  3. Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    Oh my goodness, your pictures are STUNNING. Thank you so, so much for sharing them! I have only been there briefly, and mostly in London, but I adored it and I would love to go back and see more of the country. We did get to spend a few hours in Dover, which was also lovely! And your dog is so, SO cute!!

    As for me, I promise that there is nothing scenic about some random town in Pennsylvania. πŸ˜‰ Sometimes people look at the leaves in the fall so maybe that? But really no.

    OH and I LOVE your hair. Love, love, love.

    • Laura

      Thank you (for saying you like my pictures and my hair!) πŸ™‚
      London is one of my favourite places I’ve been to, so I’m so glad you enjoyed your time there. Dover is one of the places I’ve never been though, but I definitely intend to soon. I’ve heard it’s really nice, and my Dad was born there so it would be really nice to go.
      I have never been to America but have always wanted to go, so I’m sure I’d even love to visit a random town in Pennsylvania. Especially if there’s lots of nice leaves in the fall, because they are always pretty to look at!

  4. Rosario

    Ah your photos are so pretty! That church in Heysham looks so old and beautiful! I’ve only really been to London and some parts of Devon but your photos definitely make me want to venture out to the more scenic parts of the country soon!

  5. Jackie

    Gosh, I want to visit Britain so badly! I’ve just read the Road to Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson, which was travelogue all about the UK. He has me pretty much convinced that the UK is the best and most beautiful place on earth.

    I love the photos of Haworth– especially the one featuring the pony. It has such a spooky atmosphere!

    • Laura

      I hope you get to visit soon! I don’t know about it being the best and most beautiful place on earth (although seen as I’ve never left the country I couldn’t tell you for sure! πŸ™‚ ) but there are definitely some lovely places to visit.

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