NaNoWriMo 2017: Week 2

15/11/2017 Writing 2


Week 2 of NaNoWriMo 2017 is over, and I’m glad to say I’m still ahead, even if I am starting to lose my lead a little bit. As of last night, I’d written 23,838 words, surpassing the Day 14 target of 23,333 words by 505 words.

I am starting to feel my motivation slipping somewhat, and whilst I breezed through the first week, there has been a couple of days this week where I’ve really not felt like writing. Thankfully I’ve managed to force myself to at least write something every day, even if it was only a few hundred words, and I’m still loving my story, so at least there’s that!

Today is my day off, and seen as my boyfriend is in work, I’m hopefully going to have a bit of a writing day today. I’m hoping to build my lead back up as we head into the second half of NaNoWriMo, to relieve the pressure on those days when I’m struggling for motivation, or have less time.

I hope my fellow NaNoWriMoers are making good progress and enjoying writing their novels!

So how has Week 2 been for you? Has anyone else been having problems with motivations yet?

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