Mid Blogtober Update

15/10/2019 Blogging 0

We’re now halfway through Blogtober 2019, so I thought I’d do a mid-month check-in post on how it’s going (yes, this post is probably cheating!).

To my surprise, I’ve managed to post every day so far! And that includes the five days I was away in Scarborough, staying in a caravan without Wi-fi (thankfully I had a good phone signal!).

It was a massive pain writing blog posts on my phone though… from predictive text constantly changing perfectly ordinary words to random ones, and accidentally deleting half my post when I shut down an internet window, it was far from ideal. But I’ve been really enjoying the posts I’ve been writing, and finally feel like I’m starting to get my blogging mojo back after my mega slump.

So far I’ve posted:

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So are you taking part in Blogtober 2019? How’s it going? What have you posted so far?

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