Life Lately #39

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Life Lately

November seems to have just passed in a blur! It’s been such a busy month, yet super unproductive at the same time.

Most of the month has been taken up with work, as I’ve been doing a fair bit of overtime in the run up to Christmas (I’m a postwoman, so as you can imagine, Christmas gets hectic, what with all those Christmas cards and parcels to deliver!). It’s all good, because I really do need the extra money so I can finally get my Christmas shopping underway (yes, it’s the 8th December and I have bought one thing so far…I am the absolute worst!), but it’s meant being pretty tired when I’ve got home, and not wanting to do much.

That’s why I don’t have anything particularly exciting to report in terms of having been places in November, and also why I’ve been almost entirely absent from this blog for the past month… I’ve spent most of my evenings falling asleep on the sofa I’m afraid, instead of blogging, or even reading. And when I have been able to stay awake, I’ve been playing the new Pokemon game, which I’ve been loving!

I also failed pretty abysmally at NaNoWriMo this month, which was kind of a downer after my surprisingly successful Blogtober, back in October. But also it hasn’t been that shocking considering how busy I’ve been. But more on that in the writing section of the post!

I am really looking forward to the festive season though, as I’ve actually found myself feeling quite Christmas-y these last few years. I had a phase where I just never got in the spirit, but I feel like my family has got into a nice new Christmas routine these last few years, and because there’s now children in my family it’s nice to see their excitement. Plus Iโ€™ve personally been pretty excited about the cheese advent calendar my boyfriend bought me! I get to count down the days until Christmas and eat delicious cheese every morning!


So I’ve had a pretty slow reading month this month, but I feel like I’ve read some really great books!

As ever, I’ve been reading some manga (I’m still making my way through both Naruto and One Piece), but I also read a spooky book this month, which was a bit of a change for me. I read The Silent Companions by Laura Purcell, a fantastic haunted house tale that really did creep me out, but in a good way! As I spoke about in this post, I’m not usually a fan of any kind of horror or spooky things, but it’s really made me want to try out some more books in the genre. I actually managed to get a couple of books out the library that look nice and spooky, so I’m hoping I’ll enjoy them.

I also read The Substitute Bride by Dorothy Mack this month on a bit of a whim, because it was available on Kindle Unlimited. I was feeling like reading something a bit Jane Austen-y, if that makes sense, but a bit easier to read. For the most part it fit the bill, but I feel like it got a bit weird at the end? It was OK I guess.

I seem to have been on a random hiatus from my favourite genre of fantasy for the last couple of months, so I then decided it was time I dove back in with a book that I’ve had my eye on for a while: The Black Hawks by David Wragg. It was a bit of a slow starter to be honest, but once it got going, I absolutely loved it! I adore books which involve quests with a ragtag bunch of misfits and The Black Hawks definitely fit the bill! If you like books like Joe Abercrombie’s First Law series, or Nicholas Eames Kings of the Wyld, you’ll probably really enjoy this one.

And finally (speaking of Joe Abercrombie!) I’m now reading Best Served Cold, one of the standalone books connected to Joe Abercrombie’s First Law series. So far I’m loving it, perhaps more so than the original trilogy, which is high praise! It’s again got that โ€˜band of oddballs going on a questโ€™ thing happening, and this one also includes vengeance, so even better!


So as I mentioned earlier, I attemped NaNoWriMo this month, and failed abysmally. I wanted to write 50,000 words of short stories this November, but I ultimately only managed to scrape together 23,332… so not even halfway.

I feel like there was a few reasons it went so badly – including how busy and tired I was, Pokemon coming out, and the fact I chose to write short stories but then didn’t feel like writing any of the ones I’d planned out – but ultimately, it came down to lack of motivation. I just couldn’t seem to find the motivation to put my butt in the chair and get on with it by the time I got home from work.

Which has kind of led me to the conclusion that maybe I should just be getting up earlier to do my writing before I go to work? That’s something I want to experiment with a bit this month and see how it goes.


Do you ever feel like you’re in a huge music rut? Because that’s what I feel like I’m in now! Generally I am one of those people who can listen to the same music over and over again for years (literally, I’ve been listening to most of the same music since I was a teen!), but right now I just want to listen to something new!

I’ll have to have a look on some of the suggested playlists on my Spotify and see if I can find anything decent.


So after my incredible blogging month in October, November has been a huge backwards slide! I was apparently too busy failing at NaNoWriMo, and being a Pokemon master to blog!

But I did post a couple of things, and hopefully I can pick it up throughout December:

Pokemon Shield: First Impressions

8 Spooky Books On My TBR

So how has your November been? Are you excited for Christmas, or feeling stressed about all the preparation?

6 Responses to “Life Lately #39”

  1. ShootingStarsMag

    I’m trying to work extra hours lately too, so I feel you on not having much time for blogging and reading. It’ll settle down soon enough though, I hope!


    • Laura

      I really hope your hours settle down soon and you have more time to read and blog! I’m hoping mine will too in the New Year ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Mimi

    Wait … a cheese advent calendar? How cool is that??? I have a classic chocolate one, by the way. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Take care!

    • Laura

      I hope you’re enjoying your chocolate advent calendar! Chocolate is always good, but I can recommend the cheese ones if you feel like a change next year! ๐Ÿ™‚

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