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Life Lately

Happy January everyone! That’s presuming everyone is happy about it being January…I always find it a bit of a weird time of year personally, with Christmas all over and done with, and the cold weather really setting in.

As I’ve said in a couple of posts, this past month has been pretty action packed for me. I started my new job midway through December, and moved into my boyfriend’s. Moving in with my boyfriend has of course been amazing – we’ve been waiting to be able to do this for a couple of years now (my previous job was too far of a commute from where he lived). The job thing has been quite tough though, mostly because I’m terrible with change, and I’m very shy meeting new people. So far it’s been fine though, and everyone has been really nice!

And of course it was Christmas too this month! Christmas Day itself was lovely, as my boyfriend and I spent it at my parents house. It was quite a full house, as my Grandfa was there, plus my brother and sister, my brother-in-law and my two nieces and my nephew. It felt extra Christmassey, as the kids are reaching that age where they kind of know what’s going on (my nephew definitely does, as he’s 7…but the girl’s are both 2), and are super excited about all the presents!

I also got some lovely presents myself, as it happens! My lovely boyfriend got me a Build-A-Bear Jigglypuff, a Harry Potter wand, Harry Potter trivial pursuit, my very own Hogwarts acceptance letter, a £50 Waterstones voucher, and a huge supply of Reeses chocolate (because it’s my favourite!). So I was very spoiled! I also got a really nice coat off my sister, chocolate off my brother, and Just Dance for the Nintendo Switch off my parents.

I did very little for New Year’s, on the other hand, and just sat in with my boyfriend watching TV. I struggled to stay awake to be honest, and nearly gave in and went to bed, but I haven’t not seen the New Year in since I was a kid, so I managed to force myself to stay awake (and then went to bed literally 10 minutes later!).

So, yeah, it’s really been quite a month!


I’ve actually had a really poor reading month this month… Even though I managed to beat last year’s Goodreads target of 60 books by reading 63, I probably could have got more in in the last month really.

Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb took me literally about 2 weeks to read, partly because it is a really long book, but also because I was reading it around the time I moved and started my new job. So I didn’t manage to do much reading round the middle of the month, and especially not over Christmas.

I then managed to get Batman: Nightwalker (the second DC Icons Book) out of the library, so I also read that. To be honest, I mainly read it because I really want to get to Sarah J. Maas’ Catwoman book, and I didn’t know if they followed on! I did enjoy it though, but perhaps not as much as I enjoyed Wonder Woman.

Then, I finally got round to some proper reading towards New Year, and I ended up reading the entire of A Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena in a single afternoon. I read her book The Couple Next Door pretty much in one sitting as well, a while ago, so her books really are addictive!

And now I’m reading another book I got from the library: Windwitch, by Susan Dennard. I really enjoyed Truthwitch ages ago, and so far I’m enjoying Windwitch, aside from having completely forgotten half of what happened in the first book!

Here’s hoping January is going to be a much better reading month!


To be honest, this hasn’t been a great writing month. With everything I’ve had going on, I haven’t so much as looked at my almost finished WIP in weeks!


I haven’t watched all that much TV this past month unfortunately. I’ve been keeping up with the new series of ‘Vikings’ but I seem to have stalled with ‘Outlander’ near the end of series 2. I don’t know why, because I was really enjoying it!

My boyfriend and I have also just started watching the ‘Indigo League’ series of ‘Pokémon’ on Netflix. That’s the series I remember from being a child, and so it’s so far been a nice trip down memory lane!


I seem to have randomly rediscovered Twenty One Pilots this month! Even though they have newer stuff out, I’ve been mainly sticking with my old favourites though. These are some of my favourite Twenty One Pilots songs:

  • ‘Car Radio’
  • ‘Guns for Hands’
  • ’Goner’
  • ‘The Judge’
  • ’Ride’
  • ‘Fake You Out’


I’ve decided to add a new section this month, because I’ve been doing a lot more gaming than usual!

My boyfriend and I bought a Nintendo Switch a while back, and it’s been kept at my boyfriend’s flat, so now that I’ve moved in, I’m able to play on it more regularly. We’ve mostly just been playing ‘Just Dance 2019’ on there recently though.

My boyfriend also has a PlayStation 4, so we bought the rerelease of the original ‘Spyro’ games, which I’ve been playing through, and I’ve been loving reliving my childhood! Although it isn’t quite the same without my brother and sister there, fighting over whose turn it is to play!


My blogging was fairly abysmal over most of December… I only really posted once a week, and I took forever to get back to my comments!

However, I’m now in my productive New Year phase, so look out for lots more posts around these parts soon!

This month I posted:

So how has your December/start of January been? How was your Christmas? What have you been reading?

8 Responses to “Life Lately #28”

  1. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    December is always a shocking month for blogging, life gets in the way. But that’s what makes January so much fun. I’ve also been playing plenty of Spyro, it definitely isn’t the same when you’re not arguing with siblings over whose turn it is.

    • Laura

      December is definitely a tough month to get anything done in!
      And definitely! Spyro is still great in my opinion, but it’s not quite the same as an adult as it was playing as a kid, and arguing with your siblings! 🙂

  2. Kelsey

    Happy new year! I love my Nintendo switch so great to see this new addition! I’ve been playing 30 mins of just dance a day and counting at my cardio, it’s so fun

    • Laura

      Happy New Year to you as well!
      And yes, Just Dance is so fun! And I imagine it really is great exercise (I’m always exhausted afterwards anyway, so it must be!) 🙂

  3. Karolina

    Happy New Year!
    I agree that December-January is a strange warp in time. While my December was filled with travel and work and running late to everything, January is calm and slow and actually feels like October to me and I don’t know why.

    • Laura

      Happy New Year! 🙂
      And definitely, I know what you mean. My January feels pretty slow too after the madness of December, so it does feel much later in the year than it is.

  4. ShootingStarsMag

    January is definitely a strange month, but I’m trying to look at it as a fresh start for some things so that’s good. I’m glad you had a lovely Christmas and your boyfriend totally spoiled you – as he should. 😉 I’m glad the new job is going well. I’m shy and not great with change either, so I get that!!


    • Laura

      Looking at January as a fresh start is a nice way to look at it! It definitely makes you feel better about the cold weather and Christmas being over anyway.
      I hope you had a great Christmas and got totally spoiled too! 🙂

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