Life Lately #26

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Life Lately

How is it November already? I mean, next month it’s going to be Christmas, and then it’s going to be 2019…seriously, where does all the time go?!

October seemed to fly by, not that I actually did very much. I even had a week off work, but I mostly spent that relaxing with my boyfriend. We did go to the Trafford Centre one day, and I went shopping with my sister which was nice, but otherwise the week was a quiet one. I think I needed that though…I’ve been so tired lately, what with all my early starts for work catching up with me, and I think sometimes just doing nothing is nice!

As per usual, I did literally nothing for Halloween, although I did have to help my sister find a last minute costume for my little niece to go to nursery in. The poor kid of course ended up going to nursery dressed as a skunk, but she did look absolutely adorable!

I didn’t do anything for Bonfire Night either, although I certainly saw enough fireworks! People seemed to go mad with the fireworks this year, I heard so many, which was surprising given that it was a Monday night!

My plans for November are pretty much just start my Christmas shopping, seen as I always seem to end up doing it last minute. I have virtually no idea what to get anyone yet though, so wish me luck!


Life Lately #26

I’m definitely on track to reach my 60 book Goodreads target by the end of the year, as I’ve just hit 54.

I read 5 books in total this month, two non-fiction, and three YA novels.

The first book I read was Get Your Sh*t Together by Sarah Knight, which I thought would be a good book for me to read, seen as I literally never have it together! It was an interesting and fun read, with some genuinely good ideas for getting your life in order, but is my shit officially together now, having read it weeks ago…? Er, not really!

I then read Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, which I’ve been meaning to read for ages, and thankfully I loved it! Unfortunately I didn’t like the sequel quite so much, as I discussed in this post.

I then, of course, had to drop everything to read the final book in the Throne of Glass series, Kingdom of Ash, and I really enjoyed it! It perhaps didn’t have the full emotional impact I’d kind of hoped it would have as the last book, but it was certainly action packed. I’m definitely going to write a review/reflection on the series post about it, that I’m hoping to post very soon!

And finally, I’ve literally just finished reading Marie Kondo’s famous book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, another book I thought I should probably read. I’m a notoriously messy person (it drives my mum up the wall!), and I really needed some guidance on going through all my stuff, as I’m supposed to be moving soon, and I need to drastically cut down the amount of stuff I own. I’m literally drowning in stuff at the minute!

Did I find much useful advice in this book? Yes and no. Some of the tips were really useful, such as I like the idea of looking at items individually, and trying to decide if you’re excited about owning it (or does it ‘spark joy’, to use the slightly pretentious term used in the book!), but other things I thought were a bit too wacky or nonsensical. For example, you won’t catch me thanking my coat for it’s hard work when I get home and take it off, or unpacking my handbag every night to ‘give it a much needed break’.

I don’t know if it was maybe just a cultural difference thing too, but it kind of bothered me that throughout the author kept saying that women ought to wear ‘feminine’ things, and referencing being housewives etc., and her views just seemed super old-fashioned… I’ll probably do a whole post on this book, because it was kind of a weird one, so look out for that!


So I’ve had a great writing month this month!

Not only did I find out that I had got an honourable mention in the Fall Writing Contest (you can read my story here!), but I made great progress on my novel, and that was before I started NaNoWriMo.

As I spoke about here, my main aim for this NaNoWriMo is simply to finish the novel I’m currently working on, but so far I’ve managed to stay on target to hit 50,000 words. As of last night I was up to 13,942 words, so I’m slightly ahead!


I watch a few things with my boyfriend whilst I was off work, the most notable being ‘Upstart Crow’, a BBC sitcom about William Shakespeare that I absolutely loved! It stars comedian David Mitchell as the bard himself, and it was so funny! There’s a lot of in jokes if you know a lot about Shakespeare, but you could definitely enjoy it even if you don’t. Especially because it pokes fun at modern life a lot, by having Shakespeare constantly complaining about things like public transport, whilst saying there’s no chance it’ll be that way in the future (spoiler alert: yes it is!).

I’ve also been enjoying the new series of Doctor Who so far, and I’m absolutely loving Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor! Although ‘Arachnids in the UK’ was kind of hard to watch seen as I’m absolutely terrified of spiders!


This month I’ve been absolutely loving Slipknot’s new song, ‘All Out Life’, and I especially love how much it sounds like some of their early stuff!

I also seem to have rediscovered The Used this month, and have been listening to ‘Lunancy Fringe’ and ‘Pretty Handsome Awkward’ a lot in particular.


I seem to have been pretty good at remembering to post this month, but I wish I was more on the ball with answering comments in a timely fashion. Because I love getting comments!

Here’s what I posted this month:

So how was your October? Did you do anything for Halloween? What have you been reading this month?

4 Responses to “Life Lately #26”

  1. Angela

    Staycations are nice, sometimes vacations just make me more tired! It’s great to just have a few days to chill out.

    I felt the same way about Marie Kondo’s book! I felt like it made me look more closely at the stuff I have in my house, but yeah, some of her advice was whackadoo, especially that bit about unpacking your purse every night. I use the same purse everyday!

    • Laura

      I know what you mean, vacations sometimes make me more tired too!
      And I thought the unpacking your purse every night was totally ludicrous too! I always use the same bag too, so that’s just creating more work for yourself. So strange! 🙂

  2. ShootingStarsMag

    Sometimes you just need a nice break! And I read the manga version of Marie Kondo’s book, so I think that worked better for me than reading the actual book. 🙂 And Upstart Crow sounds awesome! I wonder if I can find that somewhere in the U.S…


    • Laura

      I didn’t realise there was a manga version of Marie Kondo’s book! Maybe I should check that out too, and see if it works better for me too. I think the writing style was a little off putting in some cases. I think Upstart Crow is on Netflix here in the UK (as well as BBC IPlayer), but I’m not sure if it’ll be on the US one. I hope so, because it’s really good! 🙂

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