Life Lately #25

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Life Lately

This month has been a month of catching up with people! Seen as my boyfriend has been working the past few Saturdays, I’ve spent them seeing friends I haven’t seen in a while, and hanging out with my sister.

One of my catch-ups was at the start of the month, where I met up with a friend at a really nice little cafe. I got some amazing macaroni cheese there, with some of the best garlic bread I’ve ever had (it was basically just crusty bread buttered with garlic butter!), which is pretty crazy giving how much garlic bread I eat! It was so delicious, although it was pretty strong, so I could taste it for literally hours afterwards! It was so worth it though! Anyway, after the great food, my friend and I went for a wander in the park, and lurked about in Waterstones talking books, which was lovely.

Then, the following Saturday I went down to my sister’s and hung out with her and my adorable little niece, and it was such a nice day. We went shopping in Liverpool in the morning, and then spent the late afternoon and evening watching some movies and getting takeaway.

The next Saturday after that (I’ve had some pretty eventful Saturdays this month!) I went to the Fireworks Championships in Southport with my parents, brother, nephew, sister, brother-in-law and my niece, which was fun. It was heaving though, and the fireworks display was pretty disjointed due to technical difficulties, not to mention the fact my nephew hated the noise, even though he was wearing ear defenders! My niece was perfectly fine though, because my dad bought her a glowing unicorn stick that she seemed to think was the best thing ever (my nephew got a glowing Minecraft sword, but it didn’t seem to help!). It was so adorable how made up she was with it!

On the whole, it’s been a pretty good month, but I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of October now. I don’t really do anything for Halloween or anything like that, but I have got a week booked off work this month that I’m really looking forward to, and I’m enjoying the autumnal feeling we’re starting to get!


Life Lately #25

I read 5 books this month, taking my Goodreads total to a healthy 49 out of 60!

4 of those books were Harry Potter rereads, and I’ve so enjoyed returning to the series! The last of my ‘Rereading Harry Potter’ posts is due up this week, if you want to hear all about how I cried my way through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!

I then read Scythe by Neal Shusterman, which is one of the books I included in my ’10 Books I Own But Haven’t Read’ blog post a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoyed it, and loved everything from the concept, to the characters, and I can’t wait to read Thunderhead now!


This month has been a pretty reasonable writing month for me. I did a small freelance writing job at the start of the month, and then have spent most of the rest of my September writing time working on the first draft of my current novel.

I’ve been managing to stick to a 1000 word a day goal for the past couple of weeks, and I’m intending to carry on writing the book throughout NaNoWriMo, so I’m thinking I could be finished with it by early December. That way I could put it away over Christmas, and then get to work trying to edit it in the New Year.


I haven’t watched much in terms of TV shows this month, although I really did mean to! Everyone at work keeps raving about ‘The Bodyguard’, so I really want to watch that soon, before it disappears off BBC IPlayer.

I watched a couple of films at my sister’s though that I’ve been meaning to watch for ages: the live action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’.

I loved ‘Beauty and the Beast’, although admittedly I wasn’t paying full attention at some points…my niece has learnt to say my name now and kept shouting me to show me different toys! I’ll hopefully watch it again with my boyfriend at some point though, as he wanted to see it too.

I really enjoyed ‘Jumanji’ too, and loved how they had updated it to a video game version of the original board game (I always loved the original Jumanji film!). Jack Black playing a teenage girl was definitely the highlight though!


I’ve been listening to a lot of soundtracks this month whilst I’ve been writing, to try and get me in the zone. I’ve been listening to a Spotify playlist of ‘Harry Potter’ music when writing my mammoth ‘Rereading Harry Potter‘ blog posts, and the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ soundtrack when I’ve been working on my novel (which is about pirates!).

Some other songs I’ve been listening to a lot this month include:

  • ‘Say It Ain’t So’ by Weezer
  • ‘Every You, Every Me’ by Placebo
  • ‘Life Eternal’ by Ghost
  • ‘Uma Thurman’ by Fall Out Boy
  • ‘Doomed’ by Bring Me The Horizon


I’ve posted quite a few discussion posts this month:

So how has your September been? What have you been up to? And what have you been reading, watching, or listening to this month?

8 Responses to “Life Lately #25”

    • Laura

      I’m glad you enjoyed Scythe too, and I’m glad to hear the sequel is really good too! I always worry that the second book won’t be as good as the first. I’ll have to read it soon! 🙂

  1. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    Fireworks Championships sounds really interesting—it sounds like some sort of fireworks competition! Too bad your nephew wasn’t thrilled.

    I’m glad you loved Scythe. I really need to get to Thunderhead. Any day now. (I keep telling myself.)

    • Laura

      Yeah, the Fireworks Championships is pretty cool! Different teams do displays to music, to see whose is the best. But yeah, my nephew wasn’t a fan unfortunately!
      I hope you get to Thunderhead soon! I’m hoping to read it soon as well, but in reality it’ll probably end up being ages until I do! 🙂

  2. ShootingStarsMag

    What a fun September. My weekends this months are pretty booked, but lots of fun things planned so I’m excited. Glad you liked Scythe- I really loved it and need to read the sequel.


    • Laura

      It sounds like you have a busy month ahead of you! I hope you have fun!
      And I’m glad you liked Scythe too! I’m hoping to get to the sequel soon as well 🙂

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