Life Lately #18

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Life Lately

So considering this is my February ‘Life Lately’ post, I’ve left it pretty late. Mostly because time has really been getting away with me and it only just occurred to me that it’s the middle of March already, and I haven’t done this post!

Not that I have a huge amount to report over February, other than the English weather getting pretty crazy. By that I mean a mix of weather ranging from snow, to the usual torrential rain and even the odd sunny day mixed in there. I’m hoping the days will start being consistently brighter soon, seen as it’s now meant to be spring, but I’ve heard that might not be the case, and that there may be more snow! All I want is to come down to my car at half 5 in the morning when I set off for work and not have to mess about trying to defrost it (or having to drive half way there shivering because my car heater takes so long to heat up!)!

Other than that my month has pretty much just been work, work and more work, although I did have a nice day trip out with my boyfriend, my friend and her boyfriend last weekend. We went to Haworth, home of the Brönte sisters, which is a place I’ve been to a couple of times previously, but my friend had never been (she’s also a big Brönte fan!).

Life Lately #18

We ended up having a really nice day, setting off bright and early so that we got there before it got too busy. It was so atmospheric and misty up there in the Yorkshire hills, and the High Street looked really peaceful and scenic when we arrived. We started out by going round the Brönte Parsonage Museum and then having a little wander around some of the second-hand bookshops in the village. We then had a lovely pub lunch and another bit of a wander, before stopping for afternoon tea and a cake (yes, it was a very food-centric day out…just the way I like it!) and then heading home. We did intend to do the walk up to Penistone Crag, but time got away with us, so we’re planning to go back for another day trip soon, so we can do that.


Life Lately #18

So my February/early March reading wasn’t quite as impressive as January’s 11 books. I only read 4 books, but considering one was a monstrous 1,233 pages long, I think thats pretty decent!

It was Brandon Sanderson’s epic-length Oathbringer that I started out the month with, having finally managed to get a copy out of my local library. I had adored the first two Stormlight Archive books so much that I was really excited for this third one, although unfortunately I didn’t think it was quite as good. It was still enjoyable though, although having to carry the huge hardback in my bag to work and back again every day was less enjoyable!

I then read The Last Tudor by Philippa Gregory which I also managed to get out of the library after trying for ages, and thankfully I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t overly familiar with the story of the ill-fated Lady Jane Grey, and I knew nothing at all about her sisters Katherine and Mary, so I found it really interesting.

I then read the super-hyped Cruel Prince by Holly Black, which I discussed in detail here, and Sarah Knight’s The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A F**K. With a title like that, I’d expected big things, and whilst it was a decent book, with some great messages about not wasting time on people or things that you don’t really care about, I found myself getting kind of bored at times.

I’m now in the middle of Alison Weir’s second Six Tudor Queens books, Anne Boleyn: A King’s Obsession, which has been just as brilliant as the first book so far. It offers a really different portrait of Anne Boleyn, and so it’s making for a fascinating read!


February and early March have been pretty rubbish on the writing side (I’ve made very little progress with my current novel), but I’m intending to take part in Camp NaNoWriMo in April, so I’m hoping to catch up.

I’ve also been thinking for a while about going back to read over my one and only finished manuscript. I said a while ago, just after finishing, that I didn’t think it was worth going over, and that it would probably just end up being a practice novel, but recently I’ve been contemplating going back over it, and even beginning to edit it if I decide it’s worth doing.

So that’s my writing plan for the rest of March and April!


I haven’t been as good with my blogging this month as I was in January, but I’ve still posted fairly regularly (although I do have some comments to catch up on!).

Here’s some of the month’s highlights:

So what did you get up to/read in February? What are your plans for the rest of March? 

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  1. Ianthe

    One thing I absolutely hated about moving to England is the weather! One day you think Spring is coming, the next day -7 degrees. Ugh! I’d love to go to Haworth! Such an interesting place to visit.

    And I’m also doing Camp NaNo! Perhaps we can motivate each other to write!

    • Laura

      The English weather is so annoyingly changeable isn’t it? There keeps being a rare day of sun and I think spring is here, and next thing I know it’s snowing!
      And I would definitely recommend a visit to Haworth. It’s a nice village in itself, but all the history surrounding it makes it even better 🙂
      And good luck with Camp NaNo! I really hope we can motivate each other to write 🙂

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