Life Lately #14

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Life Lately

Time literally seems to be flying by these days. I mean, how is it November already?

October seems to have passed in a bit of a blur, but thankfully I’ve actually got some things to report this month! I started the month with a week off work, which was great, and I managed to do a few things: I met up with my friend who’s just moved back from Canada (and I’ve since been on another day trip out with her!) and went to Chester with my sister and my little niece. Unfortunately, we only realized when we got there that Chester isn’t the best place to go with a pram because all the shops are upstairs in buildings so old that there aren’t a lot of lifts, and so there was quite a few places we couldn’t go. It was a nice day trip though, and I do always like Chester as a place! Plus I bought a unicorn onesie from the Primark there, and it’s been coming in very useful in this cold weather!

I also got to spend loads of time with my boyfriend, just chilling out, which you definitely need sometimes. And at the end of the week, me, my parents and my brother took my nephew to the Blackpool Illuminations. I may have got beaten up a lot by my nephew with a light-up lightsaber, but otherwise, it was a lot of fun!

The rest of the month has mostly been dominated by work, so I’m glad I at least got some time off so that I could get out and do things.


Life Lately #14

October hasn’t been the best reading month, but nevertheless, I’ve almost completed my Goodreads Challenge of 50 books. I’m currently halfway through The Scandalous Duchess by Anne O’ Brien, which is my 48th book, so only one more after that!

Otherwise this month I’ve pretty much just finished reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed, and then gone on a Juliet Marillier binge with Child of the Prophecy and Heir to Sevenwaters.

As is my habit, I went on a little Kindle bargain binge on payday, and got cheap ebooks of The Scandalous Duchess by Anne O’ Brien, Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh, Graceling by Kristin Cashore, The Man In The High Castle by Phillip K. Dick and Rogues, a short story collection curated by George R.R. Martin. I also finally bought George R.R. Martin’s A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, which I’ve been meaning to read for ages! So I’m excited to finally get to that.

Life Lately #14


Since deciding to take part in NaNoWriMo again halfway through the month, most of October’s writing involved planning my NaNo novel. I am already writing a novel but decided to truly get in the spirit of NaNo and start something new.

So I’m now working on a Robin Hood retelling with a big twist, and so far I’m loving it! By Day 4 I was already edging up to 10,000 words, which is a record for me in that length of time. But look out for my full NaNo update on Wednesday if you’re interested!


This month has been a reasonable blogging month (on here anyway…let’s not talk about my writing website, which has pretty much been abandoned for the moment, thanks to NaNoWriMo…), and I posted a few discussion posts:

So how has your October been? What have you been reading/writing/up to?

4 Responses to “Life Lately #14”

  1. Dina

    October was kind of meh. We had people come over in August and I had not recovered yet, and then a friend of my mom’s came to visit toward the end of October. It’s so hard for me to feel comfortable around people I don’t know well. But, it was my birthday on the 26th, and I got books (and movies!). Oooh. Please report back your thoughts on Graceling and Flame in the Mist. I struggled with Graceling, but I am hoping to give it another shot. It’s nice to be back on your blog! Good luck on Nano. I’d love to hear more about your novel and your progress.

    • Laura

      I totally understand: I never feel totally comfortable around people I don’t know that well!
      And a belated Happy Birthday to you! Books and movies always make such great presents 🙂
      I’ll definitely be sure to report back on how I get on with Graceling and Flame in the Mist. I haven’t read that many reviews of either of them really, so I’m not sure what to expect, but hopefully, I’ll enjoy them 🙂
      I hope you’re having a good November!

  2. Greg

    Good luck with NaNo! I firmly believe there can never be enough Robin Hood type stories. And Knight of the Seven Kingdoms looks great. I should pick that one up myself.

    Hope you have a great November!

    • Laura

      Thank you! 🙂
      I’ve been meaning to read Knight of the Seven Kingdoms for so long because I’ve heard it’s pretty good, so I’m looking forward to getting to that one.
      I hope you’re having a great November 🙂

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