I opened an Etsy shop!

21/11/2015 Lifestyle, Literature, Personal 14

I opened an Etsy shop!Today’s post is just a quick one to announce that I’ve opened an Etsy shop! Hooray!

I’ll be selling a range of book-themed bookmarks I’ve made through my shop, Bookish Wonders, and hopefully I’ll have art print versions of all my designs up there soon too.

I had a lot of fun making these, splashing around paint and messing about with pretty typography, so it will just be a nice bonus if I manage to sell a few. My designs are all printed onto card and laminated, and have quotes on them from books ranging from classics like The Great Gatsby and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, to YA fiction like Heir of Fire, The Fault in Our Stars and The Hunger Games.

Anyway, why not check out my shop? I’d love to know what you think of my designs!

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  1. Nuzaifa @ Word Contessa

    Ah this is BRILLIANT. I seem more and more bloggers getting creative with monetization and it’s just amazing to see people combining their interests to create cool stuff like this!

    The Peter Pan one with the ‘To live will be an awfully big adventure’ is probably my favorite. <3

    Good luck with this project, Laura! 🙂

  2. Rachel

    Congrats on opening your shop! Your bookmarks look lovely! I just did a Discount post as a Gift Guide featuring lots of Etsy sellers, if you would like to take part just let me know, I’ll link the post below. R x

    • Laura

      This guide is awesome (I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying some of the stuff off there myself!)! I’d love to take part 🙂

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