Game of Thrones, Season 7: Highlights and Questions

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Game of Thrones, Season 7: Highlights and Questions

Warning: Spoilers for Season 7 of ‘Game of Thrones’ (and obviously all other seasons before that!).

So, Season 7 of ‘Game of Thrones’ is over, and what a rollercoaster of a season it has been! The pace has definitely picked up massively this season, and I guess it’s no wonder. Despite it being shorter by three episodes, way more stuff had to be squashed in, and whilst it did result in certain things (namely travel!) seeming a little rushed, I still loved it!

Season highlights for me include:

  • Jon Snow meeting Daenerys.

This was the first big ‘major characters who have never been on screen together’ meet-up, and so was pretty exciting. And of course, I loved Davos’ short and blunt introduction of Jon!

  • Olenna Tyrell’s suitably badass death.

I loved how even in defeat the Queen of Thorns remained the tough, sharp-tongued old lady we know and love! I liked her poking fun at Jaime and all of his failures, and of course, her well-timed confession.

  • The Stark reunion. 

One of my favourite things about this season has been the reunions and meet ups of different characters, and I’ve been anticipating the Stark children reuniting for ages. The show’s previous habit of all the characters having ‘near misses’ (where they would almost reunite) could get frustrating, so finally seeing them all on screen together was really satisfying. Although in some ways the reunions were a bit of a letdown (and I have no idea what the hell is going on with Creepy-Bran), they still happened, and I liked it!

Especially as it turned out Sansa and Arya weren’t actually at each other’s throats, and had been working together with Bran the whole time. I really wasn’t liking where the Sansa vs. Arya feud was going!

I particularly liked the scene with the two of them on the battlements in the final episode: it was the first time you see them on good terms since their slightly lukewarm reunion in the Crypt.

  • The Lannister vs. Dragon battle.

The first really epic battle sequence we had this series was, of course, the ‘Loot Train Attack’, and I really enjoyed finally getting to see Drogon and Daenerys in action, and coming head to head with the Lannisters for the first time.

It was also cool to see the Dothraki fighting Lannister soldiers and how their different style was so effective against them. Plus Bronn firing at the dragon was pretty spectacular (and yay for Bronn being around more this season, because he’s always funny!)!

  • Tormund and the Hound’s conversation about Brienne.

I loved so many of those bonding moments the seven members of the ‘Beyond the Wall’ quest had, but none more than Tormund and the Hound’s conversation. I loved their discussion of Brienne and how she and Tormund are going to have monstrous children, and for some reason I found the Hound telling Tormund ‘don’t you point your fucking finger at me’ hilarious!

In fact, the Hound has been on top grumpy form this series, and I like how Tormund had him and his ‘meanness’ figured out immediately. Another Hound conversation I liked this series was him talking to Brienne about Arya in the final episode. You can definitely tell he cares after all!

  • The Battle on the frozen Lake

The Frozen Lake scene threw up so many questions for me (such as, why did all the wights take so long to attack, how the hell did Gendry successfully run all that way in so little time etc.), but I loved it anyway!

  • The meeting of Jon Snow, Daenerys and co., with Cersei.

Finally, all the main players in the game of thrones were together in the same…er, dragon pit, and it was a fantastic scene! The part where the wight suddenly runs at Cersei was genuinely shocking, and Lena Headey’s acting was absolutely perfect. I liked how things didn’t go smoothly, with Cersei easily agreeing to go along with their plan to band together, and I’m interested to see how things progress, especially in light of…

  • Jaime leaving Cersei.

Over the seasons Jaime has grown from a truly unlikable character into someone you genuinely feel sorry for, and so it was nice to see him stand up for what he believes in and finally step out from Cersei’s shadow. I have no idea where his story will go next, but I can’t wait to find out!

And I seriously loved that scene where he has left and you see snow starting to fall on King’s Landing! So atmospheric!

  • Littlefinger’s death.

Littlefinger has seemed like a fairly pointless character for some time… Yes, his actions initially sparked the entire events of the series, but since then he just seems to have been creeping about, causing trouble, and he really had outlived his purpose in the story. Plus he’s just so damn unlikable!

So needless to say, I was really glad to see the Stark sisters team up to dispatch him, and Sansa’s turning of his own words on him was suitably menacing. Props to Aiden Gillan though for his final performance – it was interesting to see Littlefinger backed into a corner, and how he turned into a quivering wreck when he realised his clever games would no longer help him.

  • The Wall coming down.

The final scene of the season was just so chilling… The idea of the Night King with a dragon was scary enough, but to see it in action was something else, and the sight of the Wall that has stood for a thousand years falling really showed the scale of what the people of Westeros are up against. The dead marching through the gap really does seem to be signalling the beginning of the end for ‘Game of Thrones’, and I’m already so excited for the final season (however much I don’t want it to end!).

I definitely have a few questions though about this series, and where things are heading in the final season:

  • Most pressingly…is Tormund dead?

Please, please don’t let him be dead! Not before the whole Tormund-Brienne giant babies thing has happened anyway! Oh, and of course, I’m super concerned about Beric too… Hopefully, he isn’t dead either because there’s no coming back for him now!

I’m assuming as their deaths weren’t shown, they are still alive…but I don’t know how they would have survived that.

  • What was the ‘all I would need is your face’ scene between Sansa and Arya about if they were secretly teamed up against Littlefinger?

This scene from the penultimate episode is the whole reason why I had personally dismissed the theory that Sansa and Arya were secretly working together… If they were completely alone, why would they be getting at each other like that, when there was no one there to mislead? I mean, I’m glad they weren’t really falling for Littlefinger’s tricks, but I still think there could have been more hints sprinkled throughout the series so it didn’t seem quite so sudden, being thrown in at the end.

  • How are Jon and Daenerys going to react to the truth about Jon’s parentage (and legitimacy)?

And this is going to be the biggest question heading into Season 8… I’m really not sure how I feel about the whole Jon – Daenerys relationship to be honest, and not just because of the whole incest thing. I just didn’t feel like they had much romantic chemistry until they suddenly got all lovey-dovey on the ship at the end of Episode 6. Like the reveal of the Arya-Sansa team-up, it just seemed sudden.

And I really can’t say how they’ll react to finding out Jon is not only Daenerys’ nephew, but also the legitimate heir to the Iron Throne. I think in regards to the incest, Jon will probably be considerably more freaked out than Daenerys – after all, marrying your family members is a Targaryen tradition and her own parents were brother and sister – but I think Daenerys won’t be too pleased to find out she isn’t actually the true heir to the throne.

Personally, my theory is that they either end up together (despite their family ties) and rule jointly as King and Queen once they’ve dealt with the Night King, or one of them (probably Jon?) will die heroically in the battle with the White Walkers, leaving the other to rule.

So what did you think of Season 7? What were your highlights? Any questions you were left with? And what are your theories for the last season?

8 Responses to “Game of Thrones, Season 7: Highlights and Questions”

  1. Aj @ Read All The Things!

    I blogged about GoT on Monday. I loved this season so much! Littlefinger is finally dead! I’m glad that Sansa and Arya teamed up to kill him. I’m creeped out by the Jon/Dany relationship. I know that having sex with family members is normal in this world, but . . . yuck.

    • Laura

      I’ll have to go and check out your post! I love hearing what other people thought of this season. There was so much happening! 🙂
      Yeah, there is definitely the whole ‘yuck’ factor to the Jon/Dany relationship, and I had kind of hoped it wasn’t going to go in that direction. It was kind of inevitable though I guess, what with them being two of the main characters 🙁

  2. Greg

    Lots of good stuff this season, now that they’re past the books it’s interesting to see what they do. I liked arya and Sansa too, nice to see them together (and take LF down together!), and yes Jon and Dany! Finally they meet lol. The dragons were amazing. And yes when the wight went at cersei I was like woah! I think she was too! 🙂

    That scene with the snow falling as Jaime rode off was one of my favorite scenes of the series! they did that so well.

    • Laura

      Yeah, I’ve definitely been finding it really interesting now they’ve passed the books. And I’m going to be really interested to see how the show’s storyline differs from the show if George R.R. Martin ever publishes the last couple of books! 🙂
      It was so amazing to finally get all those meet-ups! And I was definitely like ‘woah!’ at that wight too. It genuinely scared me to death, which I don’t know why when I was expecting it would suddenly burst out after being quiet for ages (although I was slightly worried it was somehow properly dead, and their proof would be gone!).
      But yes, the snow falling scene was one of the best of the series for sure. Winter has finally come to King’s Landing! 🙂

  3. Lia

    I think I read this interview where Isaac the actor who plays Bran said that, since Bran has basically learned everything about the past, he’s not really the same person anymore. But yeah, turning into an emotionless person wasn’t really necessary.

    I also read someone’s comment saying that the conversation between Arya and Sansa where she discovered the masks was a trick for Littlefinger. Arya knew that LF would be eavesdropping so maybe that’s why she said those things. Although I think Sansa’s discovering the masks and her reaction to it were genuine.

    I definitely didn’t see their working together coming though! Was genuinely surprised when Sansa turned her head to LF instead. But nothing to complain! So happy that LF is finally gone.

    Personally, I thought the writing was a bit off this season. And the fast pace didn’t help either. But nevertheless I enjoyed it 🙂 Dunno how I’m gonna wait until early 2019, as the rumors say!

    • Laura

      Yeah, I don’t get why they made him become so weird and emotionless… and what he could actually see with his powers seems so inconsistent. If he can literally see everything, how come he didn’t know that Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen were married until Sam said?
      I definitely think the conversation between Arya and Sansa would have made more sense if it was shown to be for LF’s benefit. Like they could have shown him listening at the door or something? I’m so glad he’s gone though!
      I definitely agree the writing wasn’t the best this season, and the pace was crazy, but it’s been a good season. I really hope it isn’t going to be as far away as 2019!

  4. Carrie @ Cat on the Bookshelf

    I don’t think Arya and Sansa were in cahoots all along. I think that was a serious warning for Sansa about what Arya can do, but it might have been possible that the sisters spoke for a few minutes about Littlefinger. I’m glad Sansa chose to focus on eliminating Littlefinger’s manipulation of their relationship. How is Brienne going to react to Sansa eliminating Littlefinger? How will she react to Arya being the one to execute him?

    One of my major questions going into Season 8: What will Daenerys do when she sees her baby under the Night King’s control? Will Tormund be alive and tell her what happened? If so, will Jon have to be the one to tell her to treat her ice dragon like the Strigoi of the Vampire Academy series? If she isn’t warned, will this be the death of the Khaleesi? Will there be a chance that the dragon will remember his mother?

    • Laura

      I really wish they’d made it clearer what went on with Arya and Sansa, or at least dropped some hints as to when they started to work together! Now we have no idea what was genuinely them getting at each other, and what was for Littlefinger’s benefit…I’m so confused! I’m glad they worked together in the end though, and Littlefinger’s gone. And I’m looking forward to all the reactions from the other characters when they get back to Winterfell.
      I’m definitely interested to see Daenerys reaction to Viserion too. It’s bad enough that the dragon has died, let alone it being reincarnated as some kind of zombie ice dragon and used against her! I’m already really looking forward to the next series 🙂

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