Five Reasons You Should Start A Book Blog

25/03/2015 Blogging, Lists 19

Five Reasons You Should Start A Book BlogSo you’re an avid reader, and have been reading book blogs for a while now and have been thinking about starting your own… Well congrats, because you’re exactly where I was eight months ago!

It took two years of extreme procrastination (my speciality!), extensive blogging research (basically more procrastination) and a lengthy internal debate about possible blog names before I finally took the plunge and started Boats Against The Current eight months ago, and I haven’t looked back since.

So if you’re on the fence about starting a book blog, or have been blogging for a while and just need a reminder of why it’s so awesome, here’s five reasons to blog!

  1. It makes you think more about the books you read.

Back before I started my blog I was bad for ‘reading on autopilot’, if that makes sense. I read a lot of books, but unless they were particularly spectacular I would often think back months later and not be able remember them very well, even though I knew I had enjoyed them at the time. Reviewing books not only gives you a physical reminder of your initial thoughts on a book, but also makes you really think about what it is you did or didn’t like in the first place. Was it the characters? The plot? The writing style? Writing a review makes you question all these things, and this helps the book stick in your mind for longer after you’ve read it (plus you can always read back your review!).

  1. You get lots of book recommendations.

I know some of the books I have enjoyed most have been ones recommended to me by people who know me and my taste and whose judgement I trust. Therefore if you follow blogs that review books that fit your taste you instantly have a wealth of book recommendations at your fingertips! And when you’ve read them you have someone to discuss it with!

  1. You can meet fellow bookworms.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know all that many avid readers in real life. I have a few friends who are casual readers, and one who loves reading, but other than that I don’t really know any. I suppose that as reading is by nature a solitary hobby it can be kind of hard to meet other readers (they’re probably off reading, after all!), so book blogging is great in that it is a huge community of book lovers. It basically makes reading social!

  1. It teaches you useful skills.

This was kind of an unexpected side effect of what is for me, just a fun hobby – you can gain useful skills that you could even put on your CV! For a start there is all the technical skills involved in blogging: setting it up, designing it, photography, using social media, SEO, coding (although the last two are still a complete mystery to me!) etc. And then there’s things like writing and the ability to come up with creative ideas, not to mention the fact that having a hobby that takes such long term dedication looks good! Particularly if you were looking to have a career in writing or the media, these are great skills to have. And even if the skills you gain from blogging are completely irrelevant to your chosen career, learning something new is never a bad thing!

  1. It’s fun!

And the main reason anyone takes up any hobby? It’s fun! Plain and simple!

So if you have been thinking about starting a blog but haven’t yet taken the plunge for whatever reason, I really do urge you to do it. And if you are already a blogger, then I’d like to know what you love about blogging!

19 Responses to “Five Reasons You Should Start A Book Blog”

    • Laura

      Number 5 is definitely the main reason I blog too. It’s hard work sometimes but it’s definitely a lot of fun!

  1. Cayt

    I agree! These are all the reasons I started my book blog after much procrastination. I’ve only been around for a little bit so I still feel like the new kid. Plus I’m super shy so it’s hard for me to network. But my biggest goal is to make some new bookish friends!

    • Laura

      Making bookish friends is definitely one of the best reasons to blog! I’m really shy too, so although I still find online networking hard, it’s easier than meeting people face to face, and I like that with the people you can meet blogging, you already know you have common interests and something to talk about.
      Best of luck with your blogging! I just checked out your site and it looks great by the way (and I especially like the header)!

  2. Killian

    I completely agree with all of the reasons you gave, especially the last one. While having a blog is definitely good for the CV, at the end of the day it is just great fun. You meet nice people, in general, and I always enjoy coming up with new content. I also think that blogging has helped to develop my critical thinking. As you mentioned, before I started blogging I never really paid attention to why I liked books but now, even though I haven’t been blogging for long, I find it easier to pin down what I like and dislike. Same goes for my music reviews. Now I’m definitely able to say why I like a certain album or artist, which comes in handy whenever my friends question me on my musical taste (which apparently is awful because I don’t like Green Day). Anyway, that’s another post for another day.

    Your post was great and I definitely agree with it. Blogging is great fun and hopefully I’ll keep mine going for as long as possible.

    • Laura

      Book reviewing definitely helps you improve your critical thinking, which is why I kind of wish I had been blogging back when I was at university – it really would have helped with essay writing! And it is so much easier to discuss things like books and music with people if you have written a review already and got down your thoughts, because usually when people ask me what I have read recently and what I thought I get all flustered and am just like ‘er, it was good!’, and that’s about it.
      And what’s wrong with not liking Green Day? I don’t mind them, but most of their songs sound pretty much the same in my opinion. I have seen your blog and it seems like you have a pretty good taste in music to me!

  3. Ardelia

    I can’t tell you how many new books I’ve discovered through reading so many awesome book blogs. (Have I read any yet? No 🙁 But I’m hoping that I’ll get to them one day.)

    In the wee early stages of my blog – a.k.a January 😉 – I found coding to be rather difficult. However, I now know enough about it not to freak out if my website gives me an error on line whatever after I’ve messed with FTP.

    I think this is a great list! I know I’ve definitely thought more about the books I’ve read, and I’ve realized just how many I need to go back and reread. >.< I'd also add that book blogging (and just blogging in general) can make you a better writer. Presumably, the more you write, the better you become, especially if you're trying to improve your craft.

    • Laura

      That is actually one downside of blogging as well – I have seen so many books on blogs that I want to read that To Be Read list is now ridiculously long. I have no idea when I will get round to reading all the books I want to!
      And the little bit of coding I have done I found pretty difficult as well. All I was trying to do was put in a custom header, and it took me literally hours messing with the code, trying to get it in the middle and the right size. So I think it’s fair to say coding isn’t my natural area of expertise, but I would really love to get better at it, as it would be a handy skill to have.
      And I definitely agree that blogging makes you a better writer. I used to find writing blog posts quite difficult and it took me ages when I first started blogging, but now I find it so much easier, which I guess means I must have improved! 🙂

  4. Gemma

    I completely agree with all of your points, especially the first. I find I connect with books more since starting my blog because it actually makes me think indepth about them instead of, like you say, reading on autopilot. Great post!

  5. Ellie

    I love this post! It is very true — it took me 3 blogs and several months of procrastination before I started my blog and now I love it! It’s fun, great for CV, great for reading – I am definitely reading more now as well! Love it 🙂

    • Laura

      I definitely read more now that I have started blogging too. I think it’s because I read reviews of books on other people’s blogs and it makes me want to read them all as soon as possible! 😀 Thanks for commenting!

  6. Zoe @ Stories on Stage

    This post is absolutely fabulous Laura! I’ve discovered so many wonderful books that I would never have had the opportunity to read if it wasn’t for blogging, and I’m so thankful for that.

    And, like you said, blogging really allows you to connect with people around the world who also have the same passion for books. For me personally, all my real-life friends aren’t necessarily big readers, so whenever I want to rant or rave about a book I’m thankful in knowing that the book blogging community will be more than happy to listen to what I have to say. 😉

    And blogging definitely helps you learn skills you would have never been interested in otherwise. I absolutely love web design and coding, but if it wasn’t for blogging I doubt I would have discovered those passions!

    Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ♥

    • Laura

      Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the post!
      I definitely love being able to freely rant and rave about books through book blogging too, because I think people in real life get a bit fed up of me going on and on about how much I love or hate whatever it is I happen to be reading at that time.
      And it’s great that you’ve discovered a passion for web design and coding. I actually wish I was a lot better at that kind of thing, because the only time I have really used coding is when I redesigned my blog and it took me ages to do even the simplest thing like align my header image! I’m hoping I’ll get better with time!
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  7. Tika

    Numbers 3 and 5 are my main reasons for blogging! I don’t have any friends outside of the blogging community that like to read, so what better reason to start a blog and connect with other people that do!

    • Laura

      Meeting other bookish people was definitely one of my main motivations for starting a blog too. And so far, it’s mission accomplished!

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