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27/01/2016 Blogging, Discussions 37

Do you tell people about your blog?Back when I first started my blog, I didn’t tell anyone about it. I set it up, started posting and never breathed a word of it to anyone else, and I really don’t know why. Oddly it just felt too weird thinking of people I knew reading it, even though they are likely to be the only people you can entice to read your blog at first, when the rest of the world doesn’t know it exists.

Eventually after a few weeks, when I had got it looking how I wanted it and had a few posts up, I casually mentioned it to my Mum in conversation…no big deal. She was supportive, as were my entire family. I’ve always loved writing and reading, and they’ve always encouraged those interests, so me putting up writing on the internet for other people to read was just a logical step. I know I have seen a few posts from other bloggers saying they didn’t tell their parents for ages and were super nervous, but it was never really like that for me. I just wanted my blog to look as good as possible before they saw it.

However, with friends and acquaintances, it was, and always has been, a totally different story. Seen as not many of my friends are into reading I just thought that they wouldn’t get it (in fact my housemate who I have known for years only found out about my blog a few months back!), and with my work colleagues who just knew me as the quiet, awkward girl, the thought of them reading my blog was simply excruciating. I have always felt that there’s something quite revealing about blogs (even if you’re just writing about books) because you’re writing as yourself and about things you are truly passionate about, and the thought of people who didn’t really know the ‘true me’ seeing me through my writing just made me cringe.

One day though, the unthinkable happened: one of my work mates found out about my blog. In conversation he casually said ‘why don’t you start a blog?” seen as he knew I was doing Creative Writing at university, and before I knew it I had blurted out that I had one, and then of course had to give up the URL or risk him thinking I was trying to hide something!

The next day I went into work feeling pretty nervous. Probably everyone in work now knew about my blog and was probably discussing how weird and into books I was…but I was actually pleasantly surprised. My colleague (and a couple of others who now knew) said it was good, and seemed to be glad I actually had interests, after previously thinking I was the most boring person on the planet because my permanent answer to ‘so what are you doing tonight?” was ‘nothing much.’ He did say that I seemed like a completely different person through my writing, which could be good or bad I guess, but otherwise, it wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be.

Whilst I still don’t go round shouting about my blog from the rooftops (for example I’ve never posted about it on my personal Facebook page – I wouldn’t want all those people from high school I haven’t seen in years reading it!), these days I feel much less worried about it. I feel slightly uncomfortable thinking about people who are just casual acquaintances reading my blog, but it doesn’t seem like it would be the worst thing ever any more. My blog has in many ways given me a lot of confidence, both in my self and my writing, and has allowed me to own my interests more.

As far as I know, my Mum still reads my blog, and my Grandma, and my boyfriend (who I told about my blog pretty quickly), a couple of friends, and maybe the odd person from work who remembers. The decider of how weird I’ll feel about a person reading my blog has always been how close they are to me (because I’m shy, and the more ‘acquaintance-y’ people won’t know what I’m like outside of my social awkwardness), but these days I don’t mind so much who reads it.

I have always found it pretty weird though that I’m way more comfortable with strangers across the world reading my blog than some of the people I know, but it seems like a lot of bloggers feel that way.

So what about you? Who knows about your blog and do you actively tell people? Has the thought of people you know reading your blog ever made you feel uncomfortable?

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  1. Page Inman

    I let people know I have a blog and it’s not weird that my friends and colleagues read it. I did it to share my love of reading and what’s the point of doing one if you don’t share it. The feedback could be helpful in tweaking the blog in the future because people will tell you what they like and what they’d like to see, even complete strangers. I even have some business cards, that I won, with my blog address on it to help spread the word. It’s one way that publishers find me to ask me to review their authors books.

    • Laura

      I’m glad you feel able to be so open about your blog! 🙂
      Mine is definitely to share my love of reading too, but it just feels oddly uncomfortable to think of some of the people I know reading it. I think people who know you personally are more apt to judge you based on their expectations of you, and are more likely to not be honest about what they really feel about your blog, which is why I only let the people closest to me know about it.

  2. Renee

    I told my friends and family. I posted about it on my personal Facebook page, but then I started a Blog page so I didn’t get all spammy on my friends. My hubby has been really supportive, he tells more people about it than I do. He doesn’t read all the posts – lots of them are romance novel reviews, but he loves the ones where I review kids books in the form of an interview with our kids.

    • Laura

      I’m glad you’re husband was so supportive! I don’t know if my family/friends (the two I have told anyway!) read all my posts or just the ones that grab them, but they have always been super supportive 🙂

  3. Bidy Martin

    I did exactly what you did when I began blogging. Facebook seemed like a huge no-no to me for some odd reason. Maybe because I felt people on FB know me and are not as apt to be honest as people who don’t know me. With my current project I have done exactly the same thing. You’re not alone! Thanks for the share!


    • Laura

      I’m glad so many other people seem to feel the same! I wondered if it was a little weird to be more comfortable having strangers read my blog than people I know, but it seems I’m not alone 🙂

  4. Becca

    I used to be very nervous about telling people about my blog but then I realized the reason I was nervous was that the crowd of people I was hanging around were not my people. If you feel like someone will judge you for your interests, probably not the best of friends. I never had a blog while I was still able to work as I was a teacher and did not have any time so I can’t speak to that part of it.

    • Laura

      I have some friends who I would class as really good friends who I wouldn’t tell about my blog, but that’s probably due to the extreme shyness thing. I don’t think they’d actually judge me over it, but I would still rather not share it, which is pretty irrational really!

  5. Sunil Pasbola

    Like you a majority of the people hide the fact that they are into blogging. When I stared blogging I experimented a lot and tried to figure out how my audience respond to it.the people known to you might hesitate to post their real opinion but unknown people either ignore your post or give true feedbacks. So it is always a good idea to first share your blog with people you are not familiar with. Great article!

    • Laura

      That is a really good point! Your friends and family are less likely to be honest with you and risk hurting your feelings if they don’t like your blog than people on the internet.

  6. Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

    I also feel a bit shy about telling people I know, but I’m not sure why. It’s a little bizarre that I feel more comfortable interacting with strangers in the blogosphere than with my friends and family! Although the ones who know about it are not usually commenting, so I don’t even know whether they read it or not.
    I have to keep in mind that they MIGHT read it, though. I said something slightly snarky about my parents once and my mother took months to work up the courage to ask me to remove it, because she would like to share the blog with her friends and she didn’t want them to see that. That was embarrassing! So I try not to mention them at all, along with my husband and work colleagues. It’s safer that way.

    • Laura

      It is so bizarre isn’t it, that it is so much less awkward to think about strangers reading your blog? It seems like most people feel like that from the comments.
      If people know about it though it is definitely worth keeping it in mind that they might read it. I don’t know who of my friends and family read it regularly, but I do always keep that in mind, and don’t mention them much either.

  7. ShootingStarsMag

    Oh, I’m definitely more uncomfortable with people I know in person reading my blog than strangers on the internet. I suppose it’s because the people you know in real life sometimes think of you a certain way and while they may know parts of you, I feel like you often reveal other parts in a blog. Like you said, even just talking about books reveals aspects of your personality and shows what you are passionate about. With people online, they either like it or not, so it’s not a huge deal and you can find like-minded people that way too! In real life, it’s a bit more daunting to see these people face-to-face and wonder “what do they think?” At this point, most of my real-life friends and acquaintances know that I blog, but who knows who ever reads it? haha I only ever really talk about my blog with my mom or sister, and I’m so close to them I don’t mind if they read it!


    • Laura

      I think you may be on to something there – people you know have expectations of you, and my blog definitely shows another side of me than I reveal in real life (therefore it goes against their expectations of me). It is really daunting though when you know someone you know in real life has seen your blog and you want to know what they think. The problem is as well that they may not tell you if they don’t like it, whereas if a stranger online sees your blog and doesn’t like it, or disagrees with a post they will more than likely outright tell you, and whilst that still isn’t nice, it isn’t as bad.

  8. Jee Ann

    Aw, that’s nice 🙂 I’ve told my bookworm friends – in a nonchalant way. And then I divert their attention to another topic. Or I downplay my having a blog like, “Eh, it’s nothing, just a small thing, oh have you seen Vikings last night?”

    • Laura

      I tend to downplay mine to the people at work if they ask about it again, just so they won’t go and look at it again! I’ll definitely try the distraction thing though 🙂

  9. Alex

    I have my blog for almost a year, and only my closest friends know that I have it. I really don’t feel confortable for example to tell or show to my College “friends” if you know what I mean :)… It is really awkward.
    Nice post!

  10. Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight

    It does seem like most of us are more comfortable with strangers reading it than the people we know lol. I haven’ told a lot of people about mine either. Two of my closest friends know, but they don’t read it, and I don’t expect them to, because they’re not into books. And one other person who’s not my parent but is like a father to me knows about it and I think has seen it but doesn’t actually read it either. I definitely have not posted it on FB though because I feel like most of the people there are even more strangers than random internet people lol. (I hardly use FB at all anymore.) At least the people who find my blog randomly are people who have the same interest in books!

    It’s not that I’m ashamed of my blog, it’s more that it’s a part of me, and I just don’t feel that every single person I’ve ever known kind of… deserves? to get to know that much about me. So if they find it, they find it. But I’m not going to actively show it to them.

    • Laura

      I feel exactly the same way! I’m not ashamed of my blog, but seen as it’s so personal I just don’t want people I wouldn’t be that personal with in real life reading it. Plus, as you say, people who randomly find it on the internet were probably searching for book related things, so will probably actually be interested in the subject of my blog.

  11. Kaja

    Hmm, yeah, I don’t tell a lot of people about my blog… My family mostly knows I blog (my husband coded the site and my brother designed it, so it’s was a group effort), my mom’s subscribed to my newsletter so she gets posts to her e-mail. But most of my friends don’t read as much as I do – and if they do, our tastes are wildly different, so I don’t really see a point in it. Also, I’m not a shy person at all but I find it hard to talk about my writing – and I consider blog posts to be that as well.

    Oh, I tagged you for the One Lovely Blog Award: . I don’t know whether you do tags but I think your blog’s lovely, so there. 🙂

    • Laura

      I think even if I wasn’t really shy I would feel the same about talking/letting people I know read my writing. Even though writing is meant to be read, I definitely find it a really personal thing, so I much prefer the thought of strangers reading it than people I know reading it.

  12. Silvara

    Dad knows about my blog, because when I was first starting out I made him look at design ideas I had for opinions. He doesn’t read it though. And I have no problems telling family about my blog, since most of us are readers. And since up until 2 months ago, none of them actually wanted to read/see the blog. Now one of my Aunts reads my blog, but that’s okay because we have a lot of similar book tastes and she hasn’t so far commented or anything on any of the posts.

    Some of my coworkers know about my blog as well. But none of them know the name of the blog, or have ever asked to see it. And that’s good because it means I don’t have to censor myself much!

    Mom once asked me for the URL, because I accidentally mentioned it to her. I never actually told her the URL or what name or anything though. She’s a bit pushy and stalker-y (which is super weird to say considering she’s my MOTHER, but it’s true!)

    So I guess I have no problems telling people about my blog. But it would be a little weird to then have them start reading it. I think that’s because most of the people who I tell about my blog, I know won’t be interested in seeing/reading the blog, so it’s safe to tell them about it? *laughs*

    • Laura

      I think that’s one of the main reasons I don’t really want casual acquaintances reading my blog – I would definitely censor myself a lot more if I knew they were reading. For example I did a post a while back about trying to figure out what i wanted to do with my career and I mentioned that I didn’t really like my job, and I guess I would feel kind of weird knowing people I worked with had read that (although I imagine a lot of them don’t particularly like working there either!).
      I don’t really mind people knowing that I blog, but I think a lot of people I know, even if they aren’t into reading would badger me for the URL just to be nosey, and then I’d feel pressured to give it to them, and then feel totally weird about it! It sounds like you’re mostly quite comfortable with people knowing about your blog though, and at least you know that a lot of them wouldn’t be interested and so aren’t going to be reading it all the time.

  13. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    My mom reads my blog pretty regularly and my husband glances over it now and again, but somehow I do feel a bit more odd about mentioning it to people who know me kind of well, but not really – I don’t know why. I guess because those people know me well enough to form opinions about me, but not well enough to necessarily share them with me. 🙂

    • Laura

      I think that might be a lot of the reason why I feel weird about acquaintances knowing about my blog too. I’ve no idea what they actually think of it. Do they really like it, or just don’t want to say because they don’t know me very well?

  14. Jackie

    I told my parents that I was starting a book blog pretty early on. I never felt like I had to hide it from them. Plus, it was a good way to keep in contact since we all live in different states. And now, they’re two of my biggest fans! They both subscribe to my blog, and on occasion, they even leave me comments to tell me how much they loved a post. I really appreciate their support! I think my dad is my biggest fan though. He pretty much told everyone on his side of the family about my blog, and they’re all e-mail subscribers. Even his wife’s mother is a subscriber; apparently, she always calls my dad and his wife to tell them that she read my new post and how she wants to read the book that I wrote about. It makes me chuckle. Oh, and of course my boyfriend knows too. I didn’t tell him about it until probably 6 months into the relationship though. I was too nervous about what he would think. And of course, he is supportive too even though he isn’t much of a reader. He’s a huge fan of my Batman comic book reviews though 🙂

    As for everyone else in the world? Unless they are a supernerd when it comes to books, I can’t imagine how or why I would ever bring my blog up in a conversation. I’m always a little reluctant to share my passions with other people if they’re not a fan of it themselves. For instance, almost nobody in the world knows who my favorite band is; if they were to share with me that they didn’t like that particular band, it’s sort of like they’re saying they don’t like apart of me. The same goes for my book blog; if someone were to say that blogging is silly or that books or lame, it’s like they’re saying I’m silly and lame. That kind of logic is preposterous, I know, but I can’t help but feel that way.

    • Laura

      It’s so lovely that your parents are such big supporters of your blog, and it sounds like they’ve got you as lot of other fans in your other family members! 🙂
      I definitely find it doesn’t often come up in conversation with random people that I meet, it’s only really with my co workers because we’re together all day. I totally feel the same though about sharing my interests: it feels like if they don’t like my interests they are saying they don’t like me, which is totally ridiculous, but just how I feel.

  15. Sara@LibraryHuntress

    My husband knows I’m a blogger (I’ve had numerous blogs over the past few years, eventually one will stick lol), but otherwise I don’t tell people I know, because I like keeping my quirky reading habits to myself (bookish people think reading 14+ books a month is normal, other people-not so much!). And my husband doesn’t actually read my blog, otherwise he might start hinting that I seem to have a lot of time on my hands and the house could use a good cleaning…. lol 🙂

    • Laura

      I do always worry people will be a little weirded out by my bookish habits too if they read my blog. I’m a slow reader, so it wouldn’t be so much ‘wow, she reads A LOT of books’, it would more be the level of excitement in my reviews when I absolutely loved the book that would make them think I was crazy.
      And yeah, definitely don’t let your husband read the blog if he’s going to start hinting that you clean instead. Blogging is much more important! 🙂

  16. Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

    I tell people if I think they’d be interested, but I don’t tell them the name or the URL unless they ask. That way I know that they really wanted the information. My husband knows I blog, and is very supportive. My daughter is supportive, too, but only reads it occasionally because she’s in college and doesn’t have time. A lot of the rest of my family know, too, but I don’t think any of them follow. Most of them aren’t into the same books I am, anyway.

    • Laura

      It’s so nice that your family is so supportive of your blogging. Mine is like that, but I think only my mum and my grandma actually read it. I find that too though that some people don’t ask for the URL anyway, so if they do they must be interested and I guess there’s no reason to feel nervous about it in that case.
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  17. Kelly Ann

    I don’t know if it’s too late to leave a comment here or not but I thought I’d just go for it! I haven’t had my blog long and hadn’t really planned on telling anyone about it but one day I ended up telling my immediate family about it. They’ve all been really supportive and my sister actually plans on checking it out so I’m happy!

    • Laura

      It’s definitely not too late! I always like getting new comments on older posts 🙂
      That’s awesome that you’re family was so supportive! I originally didn’t plan on telling anyone at all either, but I’m so glad I told my family in the end, and I know a few of them (plus my boyfriend) check it out every now and then.

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