Do you have a blog schedule?

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Do you have a blog schedule?

Well, it’s happening again: I’m attempting a blog schedule. It will run on a two weekly basis and will involve me publishing a post three times a week, the first week’s posts including a book review, a lifestyle post and a list post, and the second a writing post, a bookish/blogging discussion post and a new feature I’m starting called ‘Photos on Friday’ (basically me posting some of my photography).

Whether or not I manage to stick to it is another story, discipline having never exactly been my strong suite (I was one of those kids who left their homework until 9 o’clock the night before it was due…when the printer would inevitably break!). I just feel like my posting of late has been particularly sporadic and disorganised, and because of my tendency to rush posts I don’t feel they are generally the best I can do.

Anyway, I was wondering how other bloggers post and how they organise their blogs. Do you stick to a strict schedule, or just post when the mood strikes? Personally I think there are pros and cons to each approach, so I’ve compiled a list of them, and I’d love to know your thoughts (and if you have any tips for sticking to a schedule please share them – I need all the help I can get!)!


  • Consistency 

One of the main pieces of blogging advice that you tend to find in blog advice posts is ‘be consistent’: let your readers know what to expect and when to expect it. In this way a blog schedule is invaluable, as it allows you to plan and schedule your posts to publish at regular times, so your readers don’t think you’ve dropped off the face of the planet when you don’t post for ages, and then are suddenly bombarded with posts. Of course, this is entirely dependent upon what you want from blogging: if you simply want to treat it like an online diary then posting consistently probably won’t matter as much to you.

  • You always know what to write about

A huge problem I often find when I sit down to write a blog post (generally because it has been days since I posted the last one and I have suddenly realised I should probably write another!) is having no idea what to write about. However, if you take the time to sit down at the start of the month and map out when and what you’re going to post that month, you can easily get round this problem and never struggle for an idea for a last minute post.

  • You can spread out content

A huge benefit of scheduling is that it allows you to arrange your content more easily, and seen as I do try and keep my content varied (not posting two reviews or two writing posts right after each other for example) this is a huge benefit.


  • Takes away the spontaneity

Some of my favourite and most popular blog posts have been those I’ve just written off the cuff, so I guess there’s a danger that by implementing a schedule you could lose some of the spontaneity of blogging (which considering blogs were initially online diaries, there’s a lot to be said for spontaneous blogging!).

  • It’s harder work

A clear downside of blogging to a strict schedule is the amount of work you’re committing too: having to have certain blog posts prepared for certain days of the week, plus images prepared and social media scheduled, is a lot of hard work, and could potentially start to feel like homework.

So do you keep a blog schedule, or blog whenever you feel like it? Do you feel like one approach is better than the other?

23 Responses to “Do you have a blog schedule?”

  1. Stephanie

    Ah! I started a schedule this week! I would say that it’s worked so far, but that’s only been 3 days, so it’s not that impressive. I needed it, because I was getting caught up in other things and completely forgetting to post anything, so now I’m set to do 3 a week. I have a list of topic ideas for them, so when it gets to that day I can just pick from that list and write it. I also planned on completely re-doing the blog and wanted it to be easier to categorize the posts, so each day has its own category. I’ll let you know in a week or so if it’s still working!

    • Laura

      Well congrats on those three days! 🙂 I hope I at least get that far with mine.
      I had the same problem with forgetting to post things too, so I’m aiming for 3 a week myself. It doesn’t sound that many when you say it, but I bet it will end up being harder than we think! Please do let me know how you get on with it. Good luck!

  2. nordie

    I tend to publish every other day – made easier when I had plenty of reviews and posts to schedule! Now that I’ve effectively run out of reviews, I will have to reconsider my schedule.

    Essentially: reviews every other day, with the Friday post writing about craft stuff, and the following Sunday post for the facebook group The Sunday Salon, which is a general free text post roughly around books. This means 2 Friday/Sunday posts a month, the rest being reviews

    • Laura

      Wow, you seem really organised! Your schedule seems really nice and varied too, so i’d imagine that works well for you 🙂

  3. TheHungryPair

    As a food blogger, it feels hard to have a regular schedule as it depends on when you go for a meal or when an event is, but when we go on a baking spree we try to make a few things at once so we can stagger when we publish recipes, so of readers think there’s a schedule!

    • Laura

      That sounds like a really good idea to just do loads at once and then stagger them. I can see posting regularly being a problem if you have a food blog though, as I guess it just depends when you cook (which would be almost never for me – I’ll have to check out your blog for some ideas!).

  4. Annie @ Indoor Sojourner

    I used to have a schedule that I followed pretty well, but then I got busy with school and work and I realized I couldn’t keep up with it. Unless it’s a scheduled post of a meme or other series, I basically post whenever I have the time. Even though it’s not as often as I would like, not having a schedule is a lot less stressful for me.

    • Laura

      That was one of the things I was kind of worried about with starting a schedule – I imagine it may get a little stressful at times. I’m hoping not though! 🙂

  5. Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

    Your biweekly schedule looks very interesting. I hope you’ll find it helpful and not too confining. I started my blog with one scheduling goal — to post a review every Friday — and have more or less stuck to that. I’ve gradually added some different types of posts that I do on Sunday — a monthly review, a links round-up, a discussion question — and I usually do one other post per week as well (sometimes two). I like the combination of having some posts that are set and some free openings.

    • Laura

      Your schedule of having some set posts and some free slots seems like a really good idea, as you have free reign to a certain point, but also consistency. I am wondering if I’ll find having set posts for each day a little confining, but I’ll let you know how it goes!

  6. Silvara

    I have had a schedule since a few months into blogging. Mostly because I wanted to be consistent and also to make me actually post regularly. So wednesday, thursday and sunday I post book reviews. Friday I post my Fantasy Creature Friday link-ups, and saturday I post discussions. (Monday and tuesday are my “days off” unless I need to schedule an ARC review for one of those days.)

    I’ve been able to stick to the schedule pretty well, except for fridays. As much as I love posting FCF, some weeks I put it off so long that it just doesn’t get posted at all. I need to get better about putting it all together, but they’re more work than any other posts and I can be horribly lazy. *laughs*

    Lazy and forgetful don’t make the best combination for sticking to a schedule!

    • Laura

      Well it sounds like scheduling is working out pretty well for you! I hope I manage to keep up with mine like you do with yours.
      I think if it’s only the one post a week that tends to slip you can kind of get away with it. For me in the past I’ve literally just forgotten to post for several days! 🙂

  7. Joséphine

    (And there was a typo in my email address with the previous comment, so feel free to delete that one. Heh. What an impression to make with a maiden comment. Oops. Also, hi Laura!)

    You could say I’m a semi-scheduler. Haha. I’ve planned everything into February but I’ve scheduled next to nothing. Haha. I have such an urge to hit publish when I’m done writing a post and like the spontaneity that comes with today’s voice and not me from three months ago. That being said, I am trying to work towards a buffer, so that I also have posts to publish even when I don’t feel like writing anything.

    • Laura

      (Haha, don’t worry about it! 🙂 )
      ‘Semi-scheduling’ sounds like a pretty good way of balancing scheduling with spontaneity! I like the idea of my new schedule but worry it could be kind of restricting, so a mix of both approaches is probably a good idea.
      I get what you mean as well about wanting your posts to be spontaneous and sound like you today, as opposed to you months or weeks ago. Fortunately I don’t think I’ll ever be organised enough to be able to schedule further than a week or so ahead!

  8. Jackie

    I always start the year off with a schedule and then fall off the bandwagon a week later after spiraling into a random reading slump. I’m determined to hold myself accountable to a blogging schedule next year though!

    • Laura

      I made a resolution last year to post so many times a week and fell of the bandwagon within weeks too. This time I’m going to try my very best to stick with it though, but we’ll see how that goes 🙂

  9. Jaina

    I’ve been using a schedule for about a year now, almost as long as I’ve been blogging, and I really love it – I so totally would have bailed if I hadn’t been holding myself to some sort of posting criteria. I post two reviews a week (Monday and Friday) and one meme (Teaser Tuesdays), and most weeks that’s all I can really work up to posting. I do post other posts when I feel like it, though, so I don’t really feel very trapped into my schedule. I find that at my best I can be about two weeks ahead in my scheduling, but most of the time I’m only a post or two head – just far enough that I won’t completely choke if something keeps me from writing for a few days. It really helps with my stress levels, though, because I can work on my reviews without getting too hung up on needing to “scrounge something up” because I feel bad about not posting for too long.

    • Laura

      Your schedule sounds like it has a good balance of posts, and being a few posts ahead at all times sounds like it reduces your stress a lot. I so wish I could do that, because even with this schedule I have so far found myself writing my planned posts the night before, so in a way it has been even harder. Hopefully I’ll just have a day this week where i write a few posts at once, and try and get ahead! 🙂

  10. Rachel

    I’ve never stuck with a schedule other than Top Ten Tuesday. As long as I was posting something Monday-Friday I was a happy camper. I got into a blogging slump and ended up only doing a few posts a month there for a while, and I don’t do TTT as often at all, so I’m doing 25 Days of Blogmas to get me back into the spirit of things. So far so good. In 2016 though I still don’t plan to have a schedule, and I think I’ll aim for 3 posts per week. Life has just gotten busier. I think I’ll be including a few more lifestyle type posts in 2016 too, probably with a loose bookish theme, but not always strictly hauls and reviews. My blog is going through some growing pains, but as long as I’m still writing it I’m happy. R xx

    • Laura

      Best of luck with Blogmas!
      It sounds like you have a good plan for your blog: you have an idea how often you want to post but aren’t keeping it to too strict a schedule. I’m aiming for three posts a week too, but I’m hoping my planning out exactly what they will be won’t prove too restrictive!

    • Laura

      Haha, seems like we have the same middle name! 🙂
      Although I may get to change mine soon seen as I’ve kept up with the schedule so far…although it has been less than two weeks so I probably shouldn’t be too smug yet!

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