Can I write 60,000 words in a month?

01/04/2020 Writing 7

It’s April 2020, the world has gone crazy, and apparently so have I. With the UK officially in lockdown, life feels very weird and scary, especially as I still have to be out and about in public as part of my job (I’m a postwoman, so I’m still out delivering mail and parcels).

At times the streets seem kind of eerie, like a ghost town, and at other times it still feels like there’s far too many people out and about, and it makes you feel kind of panicky knowing you need to keep your distance. And let’s not even get started on the weirdness of grocery shopping right now…queuing to get in, everyone wearing gloves and masks, empty shelves, plus frightened, tense staff…

Basically, everything is crazy and weird, and I feel like I need something to distract me, and fill the time around work when I can’t really do anything. So I’ve decided to take part in Camp NaNoWriMo, and have set myself a ludicrously high goal of adding 60,000 words to my current project.

Do I think I can do it? Well, probably not. I haven’t successfully completed a regular, 50K NaNoWriMo in a couple of years, but I’ve also never been locked down in my house for a minimum of three weeks with little else to do (other than play Animal Crossing of course!).

The project I’m working on is one I started back in January, and is a fantasy story about two sister mercenaries who are hired to bring down the two warring families who rule over a fractured city. After scrapping a lot of what I originally wrote and replotting the whole novel I’m now at 40,000 words, so I think another 60,000 could take me to the finish line. And wouldn’t that be a nice achievement to make, in what’s otherwise been a rough few weeks?

I probably won’t be too strict on myself though, because let’s face it, none of us need more stress right now. Work is really crazy right now with a lot of people off. However, since I’ll be starting an hour later than usual for the foreseeable (we’re trying to stagger start times, so there isn’t too many people in the building at once) I figured I could start trying to get a writing session in first thing, whilst I’m still fresh. And hopefully I’d be able to do another half an hour or so in the evening or afternoon, so 2,000 words a day should be doable…theoretically.

But who knows? I think we’re all feeling tired and scared right now, and who knows what will change or happen in the next month? I feel like the UK is just ramping up to its worst period, and you never know what could change from one week to the next, and of course, I have no idea whether or not I’ll get sick. I really hope not!

But in the mean time, I feel like having a big goal to concentrate on and my own little world to escape into will do me good, and keep my mind off things.

So I hope everything is going as well as can be in your part of the world, and I hope everyone stays safe! What are you doing to take your mind off things? Anyone else taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo, or setting themselves ludicrous goals?

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  1. ShootingStarsMag

    I don’t have a set goal, but I DO want to get back into my writing. It’s been awhile since I’ve really worked on it, so I should use some of my at-home time for that. LOL I hope you stay safe at work! I do think things are going to get worse before they get better – it’s pretty bad in the U.S. right now – but I also hope that things get better sooner than later. I’m thinking if someone could figure out a cure, that would be a hugeee help in maintaining this! Good luck with your writing goals. 🙂


    • Laura

      Best of luck with your writing! 🙂
      I hope you’re staying safe! I’d heard things were pretty bad in the US right now too, so I really hope it starts to get better soon!

  2. Becky @ A Fool’s ingenuity

    How did I not know you’re a postwoman? I hope you’re managing to stay safe even if you are stuck going out and about. It’s great that you’ve set yourself a goal to keep you occupied. Even if you don’t manage it at least it’s a great challenge to keep you occupied in these crazy times. It’s definitely been scary and I’ve found myself setting lots of little goals (a to do list really) to help pass my days as I’m stuck in at home. I may not be ticking everything off of the list but it’s helping.

    • Laura

      I know, it’s a totally random job! I don’t think I’ve mentioned it too often on here, so it’s no wonder you didn’t know 🙂
      Best of luck with all your goals and stay safe! I think goals are a good way to keep your mind off everything that’s going on, plus it’s something to do.

  3. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    I hope the writing’s going well! I’m doing Camp NaNo as well, but I have a much smaller goal than a regular NaNo—I’m trying to finish my verse novel, and I think 13,000 words should do it. I have a bit more going on than you do since my kids are home and my son needs help with school, but this much smaller number should be doable!

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