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One of the hardest things about book blogging is consistently having to come up with new ideas for posts. That’s definitely something I’m struggling with at the moment, as I’m part way through Blogtober, and having to come up with new ideas every day is proving much harder than the actual writing part!

So I thought it would be a good idea to brainstorm some ideas, and share them in a blog post for anyone else who’s struggling. I’ve previously done some other blog post ideas posts, so check them out if you need further inspiration:

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So here’s another 15 book blog post ideas:

Blogging tips for beginners.

Book blogging is fun, but it’s also so much tougher than a lot of people think going in. So why not share your expertise with newer members of the community? What do you wish someone had told you when you started?

What book tropes do you love/hate?

Some tropes are good, some are bad, so why not discuss your personal likes and dislikes in a post? I recently discussed my favourite tropes, and it was a really fun post to write!

Your thoughts on long books.

Some people love nothing more than devouring a huge, thousand-page tomme, whereas others will run screaming…what’s your take on long books?

How many books do you read at once?

I recently discussed this, and some of the comments I got surprised me. Not everyone is a one-book at a time person, so why not discuss your own reading tendencies (seriously, please do! I’m super interested!)?

What books have you reread the most?

There’s some books we can return to over and over again and never get bored. So what books are those for you?

What books do you own but haven’t read?

I’m terrible for buying books that are on sale and then not getting round to reading them for ages, particularly on my Kindle. I could fill posts and posts of books I own but haven’t read…So if you’re anything like me, why not share the books you haven’t got round to get, and get your readers to tell you what to prioritise!

What do you think the future of reading will look like?

What do you think the bookish landscape will look like in the coming years? Do you think physical books will ever be phased out (I sincerely hope not!)? Do you think audiobooks will become even more widespread? What other types of reading do you reckon they can invent?

The bookish trends you’re hoping to see.

Publishing has trends, and it’s always interesting to see what blows up and becomes super popular, and what fades into the background. So what trends do you want to see? Do you want vampires and dystopia to come back around? Do you want a previously obscure branch of sci-fi to rise to the top? Or perhaps you don’t care for book trends at all!

How do you choose your Goodreads Challenge target?

With New Year on the horizon (it sure does come around fast!) a lot of bookworms are going to start thinking about their Goodreads Challenge target for next year. So why not write a post about how you decide on yours? Do you prefer to set an easily reached goal, to take away any stress or pressure? Or do you like a challenge?

What myth/legend/fairy tale would you like to see more retellings of?

Retellings are incredibly popular but some stories tend to be used a lot more than others (Beauty and the Beast, for example, seems like a popular one!). So what stories would you like to see more retellings of?

How do you deal with blogging/reading slumps?

Slumps happen to everyone, and it can be hard to fight your way out of them. So why not share your experiences, and hopefully help other bloggers or readers going through the same thing?

What characters do you relate to the most?

There are some characters that we just click with in books…perhaps we relate to circumstances in their lives, things they’re going through, or we even just relate to their personality and attitude to the world. So what characters have you felt that way about?

List your least favourite required reads.

School has an unfortunate habit of putting a lot of people off reading, and really, it’s no wonder. Being forced to read anything isn’t ideal, but especially some of the dry books that schools tend to favour. So what were your least favourite books from your school days? Were there any you enjoyed?

Things you didn’t expect about book blogging.

The reality of book blogging can be very different than how you imagined it at the beginning (I know it was for me!) so what things surprised you?

Cast your favourite books.

Whenever a book is turned into a film or TV show, people always have a lot to say about the casting choices. We all have a picture of how certain characters look in our heads, and sometimes films and TV shows nail it, and sometimes they can miss the mark. So who would be your ideal cast for your favourite books?

So what do you think of these book blog post ideas? Are there any you plan to try? If you’ve already done any posts similar to these, please share the links in the comments. I’d love to read them!

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  1. Mimi

    Wow, thanks for the inspiration! I may adopt some of the ideas to my German book blog. I love your inspiring “blog post ideas” posts 🙂 It happens to me as well that I run out of ideas for blog posts, so I’m always grateful to read such inspiring posts as this.

    Have a nice weekend!

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