A Trip To Scarborough

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So last week my boyfriend and I went away for a few days to the North East Coast of England, and we had a great time! This was actually a fairly nostalgic trip for me, as Scarborough is somewhere my family holidayed when I was a kid, and so it was lovely to see it again. Plus my boyfriend had never been, so it was nice to explore the place all over again with him!

Thankfully the weather stayed nice for most of the week, as an English seaside holiday can go either way really! We stayed on a Haven site, which to my non-English readers, is just a big holiday park full of static caravans, and has things like restaurants and arcades and a pool and stuff on it.

We couldn’t actually check in until four o’clock on the Monday though, so we ended up heading to Whitby first, which is a smaller seaside town further up the coast (and a setting in Dracula as it happens!). It was a really nice drive up there, as we ended up going through the moors around Pickering, and even drove through the village of Goathland, which is the village that was used in the TV show ‘Heartbeat’.

Whitby Harbour

It was kind of grey when we arrived in Whitby, but thankfully the rain held off, and we had a nice walk around the town, and went into some of the arcades. Plus we then topped it off with some chips from a chippie near the car park, which helped us get into the seaside frame of mind!

Whitby Beach

We then checked in at the Haven site and spent most of the rest of the day getting into holiday mode: putting our feet up and watching a lot of rubbish game shows on the caravan TV!

The next day we headed into Scarborough for a good look around. The seafront is very classic English seaside: it’s full of arcades, fish and chip shops, and the kind of random shops you don’t really see anywhere else (there was one that seemed to sell a mix of souvenirs, random gothic-looking ornaments and replica movie swords, which was random!).

We just had a bit of a mooch around and went in some of the arcades (and learnt that I am literally the worst on the dance machines!), and then had to make the mammoth trek back uphill to where we’d parked the car. It hadn’t seemed quite so steep on the way down!

Filey Brigg

The next day we decided to check out one of the other seaside towns I could remember visiting as a kid: Filey. We parked up at Filey Brigg and walked down to the beach, and then followed it along to the little town. To say it was October, it actually felt really summery, with the sun shining down, and all the sand and sea!

Filey Beach

Thursday was our last full day, and we decided to take it easy. We went swimming at the Haven swimming pool in the morning, which was great, as I hadn’t been swimming in literally years!

Then we headed into Scarborough again to do a couple of things we’d missed on our first day. Firstly we headed to the Scarborough Market Hall and Vaults, which was really interesting. I always love a good market, but the one at Scarborough had a regular market, and then a kind of basement level beneath, which had this weird, subterranean feel! There was some really interesting stalls in there, so we spent some time browsing around.

Then we headed to Peasholm Park, which is somewhere I had been curious to see, as it has a really cool Japanese theme! It was definitely a really nice place to wander around, with lots of wildlife (including very friendly squirrels!) and beautiful scenery, including a lake and some waterfalls. I particularly liked the centrepiece of the big Pagoda, which was on an island in the centre of the lake.

Peasholm Park

It was such a nice, relaxing trip that I really didn’t want to go when Friday came around, but we decided to stop off in York on the way home, which was some consolation. York is just such a lovely city, with a long and interesting history…plus, it’s a must-visit place for Harry Potter fans. In the old part of the town (which looks very much like Diagon Alley!) there’s three different Harry Potter themed shops selling all sorts of merch, and we spent ages browsing around!

All in all, it was a great trip. It wasn’t the most action-packed trip, and we didn’t have much money to spend, but it’s just nice to get a change of scenery, have a relax and get to spend some time together.

Me and my boyfriend Jay on Filey beach (ignore our hair…it was pretty breezy!).

So have you ever been to Scarborough? Where have you visited recently?

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  1. Myna Kaltschnee

    I’ve never been to Scarborough or England in general before. But I’d love to visit this place one day. Interesting blog post. Oh and you are a nice couple. 😊

    Kind regards,

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