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A few blog changes...Recently, I’ve been contemplating making a few changes to my blog, and I was hoping to get some readers’ thoughts. I kind of want this space to feel even more ‘me’ than it does already by incorporating more areas of my life into it, other than just the bookish and writing side.

I was thinking of occasionally doing personal/lifestyle type posts, and I had considered adding the odd photography or arty post here and there. The literature part of this blog also seem to have fallen more by the wayside in recent months, so I’d quite like to revive that as well, and maybe even post some of my own fiction.

Lately it just feels as if I’ve been in a bit of a blogging slump, and I think this is partly because I feel too limited. It’s hard to come up with bookish themed posts every week, and sometimes I feel like I’m being repetitive or boring. I’d also love to post more than I do (generally I post a couple of times a week) and I feel like this would be an easier goal to accomplish if I had a wider scope.

However, in a way I’m kind of worried about making these changes. There always seem to be debate about whether or not blogs benefit more from a having a wider niche, and appealing to more people who’ll be interested in less posts, or a smaller niche and appealing to less people who’ll probably enjoy most of the posts.

At the end of the day though, I’m a firm believer that you should just post what you want to post on your own blog. If it alienates some readers, then so be it. I’m sure there are others who will enjoy it!

I was simply interested to know in this post what people thought, and what they do with their own blogs. Do you stick purely to your blog topic (eg. book blog, lifestyle blog, fashion blog) or do you branch out? What do you think are the benefits of each approach?

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  1. Silvara

    I mostly blog about books, but have also done posts about whatever crafty thing (usually crochet lately) I’ve been up to that month. Sometimes I’ll make a post about a game I’ve been addicted to lately. I just got some new movie/tv-related toys and I’m planning on doing a post about them.

    I haven’t noticed anyone stop following me when I do so. Granted the bookish stuff far outweighs anything else I post about. But if it interests you, it’s most likely going to interest at least some of your current followers too!

    • Laura

      I will probably continue to stick mostly with the bookish stuff, but it would be nice sometimes to just be able to do something different. The way you blog where you just do the odd different post sounds good, as you still have a focus, but get to include your other interests as well. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Emily Bates

    I stick mainly to books–writing, reading, publishing, whatever. But I follow several blogs that cover a variety of subjects, and I really enjoy seeing glimpses of other parts of bloggers’ lives. It encourages me to branch out in my life too.

  3. Roberta R.

    I, for one, like it when bloggers get a little more personal in their posts – if they feel confortable with it, that is. On the other hand, the only not bookish thing that I’ve done on my blog (and that I’m about to reprise after a long hiatus) are posts about my favourite TV series. Not that they have a big audience at the mo, but I enjoy doing them.

    I’d say, go for anything that keeps you active and gives you personal satisfaction – someone out there, if only one person, will always read it!

    • Laura

      That’s true – even if not many people read my other posts I think it would just be nice to write about my different interests. Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

  4. Elizabeth the Evil Overlord

    If you go back to the origins of my blog, it was about everything I was interested in at the time, decorating, crafts, tv/movies, books. I started blogging to keep myself busy while I was out of work on disability. Then I returned to work and stopped blogging for a while. When I returned this year, it’s mostly books because some of the things from before aren’t possible for me anymore. My hands are shaky and my eyes are bad, so the crafts have fallen to the wayside, and because I am now retired but still very young I have to watch my money, so I can’t do any big decorating that I had intended when I bought this condo. The vintage meme that I loved is no more, so I am pretty much all books & blogging now.
    With that said, I haven’t noticed a change in the amount of page views or visits. There are different people visiting, but the stats haven’t changed. I enjoy blogs that have a little of everything like Daniela Ark’s or Sharing Inspired Kreations. It makes us know the blogger a little better to see all their interests. With all the ways we have to follow blogs we enjoy you won’t lose followers and people can visit when you post something that meets their specific interests. Blog for yourself and an audience will find you.

    • Laura

      Thanks for your advice! It was really helpful 🙂
      I often find that I enjoy blogs that have a bit of a variety, so I think it’s fair to assume that so do other people. Blogging for yourself is so important, and I guess if you blog about what interests you, then other people with similar interests will find you.

  5. Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

    I like personal posts. I enjoy seeing pictures of a blogger’s vacation, or things they have baked or crafted, or learning about what questions or issues they are dealing with at the moment. I might not follow if that were all they did (unless it was a personal friend of mine), but I find it a nice supplement to the book-related posts.

    However, in the end you should do what gives you personal satisfaction. The readers who resonate with your style and content will find you.

    • Laura

      I always like reading those kinds of posts too, so I’d imagine so do a lot of people. I wouldn’t really be interested in a blog of someone I didn’t know that was all personal either, but I like the idea of these kinds of posts as ‘supplements’ to the bookish ones, and they give you a better idea of the blogger which I like. Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

  6. Jackie

    I don’t lead a very interesting life, so I don’t write too many lifestyle posts. Still, it’s nice to break away from the book blog mold once in a while and write about a fun event I may have attended. And then there is the tea…I write about tea (otherwise I wouldn’t be Books & Tea). But, for the most part, I try to tie in the topic of books to whatever I’m writing. Even if I’m just “waxing poetic” about books in general instead of writing a review for a specific book.

    • Laura

      My life isn’t all that interesting either, but occasionally I’ve thought of a blog post idea I liked, or did something a bit different, but wasn’t sure if it was a good fit for this blog.
      I like the tea thing with your blog by the way – it’s really unique and it’s definitely memorable!
      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  7. Terri M., the Director

    I got sick of doing The Sunday Post last year and created my own Sunday post that incorporates my photography and a favorite quote. It’s one of my favorite posts to work on because I get to write, find a cool quote and share some cool pictures I’ve taken.

    • Laura

      That sounds like a great idea for a post, and it’s good that you’ve come up with something a bit more unique and personal for your Sunday post. I’m hoping to share some of my own photography soon, and I imagine it will be a fun post to put together.

  8. Natalie @ Flowers in my Books

    I’ve been writing more personal posts recently. I think it’s nice to have a break from the bookish content, especially during times when it’s a bit difficult and everything I write sounds exactly the same.

    I’m looking forward to the lifestyle posts especially! 🙂

    • Laura

      It would definitely be nice to have a break from the bookish content every now and then! I’ll be sure to check out some of your personal posts. 🙂

  9. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    There HAS been a lot of talk lately about whether a wider breadth is better or not, but I think that’s the perfect opportunity for you to check it out for yourself and see how it feels. I’m a firm believer in the idea that this is YOUR blog and you need to do what makes you happy!

    • Laura

      Thanks for the feedback! You’re right that people should just do what makes them happy with their blogs, so I think I’m just going to post what I feel like posting and just see how it goes.

  10. Lola

    I started at the beginning of this year with adding other type of posts, namely cooking/ recipe posts on friday and so far I’ve had good responses on it. Lots of peopel seem to like it and it’s just as popular as my other posts.
    So I think adding a different topic you’re interested in to your blog is a good idea. I do notice that even though I do food blgos, I still don’t get food bloggers who visit as I am not as active in that community, so I am a mostly book blog with soem foodie posts, which works fine for me.

    Like you said the people who don’t like your new posts simply don’t read them and others wil enjoy them and read them. So I would say go for it, blog how you want. I personally enjoy seeing other types of posts on book blogs.

    • Laura

      I’ve definitely seen some of your cooking posts, and they’re really good! I’m glad they seem to be doing well, and it’s really helpful to know that your current readers in the book blogging community seem to respond well to you doing different types of post. Thanks for the advice! 🙂

  11. Cait @ Paper Fury

    Ahhh, I totally understand this struggle! I feel like niches are important, like, personally, I want to know what I’m reading when I enter a blog. BUT. I think there’s tons of room for bending the rules here! 😀 Like I’m a book blog, buuuut…I post about writing occasionally and then I’ll post about an outing I did or do a tutorial. So I’m like 90% books and 10% other interesting things. And sometimes those posts EXPLODE with views because people like to see another part of my life, you know?! So I’m totally for adding in posts on different topics that interest you. 😀 Blog for yourself! It’s really important!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    • Laura

      Thanks for your advice! 🙂 It has been really helpful finding out what other people do with their blog, because whilst niches do definitely seem to be important, I guess when you follow a blog it’s nice to know a little bit about the blogger and their life. 90% books and 10% other things sounds like quite a good balance as people still know what to expect most of the time but you still get to mix it up occasionally.

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