8 Sequels I Still Haven’t Read

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8 Sequels I Still Haven't Read

The other day I was scrolling through my ‘Want To Read’ list on Goodreads, when I noticed something: I am terrible at finishing series. So many of my ‘Want to Read’ books are sequels that I fully intend to read some day.

I used to binge read series once I found one that I loved, but I’ve realised that I don’t seem to do that any more. I prefer a break between books in the same series, and perhaps that’s why I’ve ended up leaving so many series hanging? I feel like I have more of an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ attitude to books these days, where once I’ve finish a book in a series I forget about the series unless I happen to stumble across the next book in the bookshop, library, or even forgotten at the back of my own bookshelf (or on my ‘Want to Read’ shelf on Goodreads!).

So here are 8 sequels I still haven’t read, but mean to:

8 Sequels I Still Haven't Read
  • Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

I read Cinder well over a year ago, and really enjoyed it…so I have no idea why I’ve not progressed any further with this series. I think I’m partly put off when books in a series focus on different characters, although I’m sure I’d get used to the character of Scarlet, just as I came to love the character of Cinder. Does anyone else find this?

  • Half A War by Joe Abercombie

I loved Half A King and Half The World by Joe Abercrombie, despite it also changing main characters with the second book. I think the main reason I haven’t got round to reading Half A War (despite having owned a copy for over a year!) is that I accidentally ruined the big twist for myself when scanning through another blogger’s review. So now I’m kind of questioning if there’s any point reading the last book, but I think I will one day!

  • Last Argument of Kings by Joe Abercrombie

What is it with me and not finishing Joe Abercrombie series in a reasonable time frame? I really love his writing, so it seems like I should have finished at least one of his series!

I think with the First Law trilogy it’s because I’m a little nervous about the final book not living up to my expectations. I liked the first book The Blade Itself but I absolutely adored the second book Before They Are Hangedwhich is very unusual! I don’t generally like middle books in a trilogy as much as I like the first, so I’m worried I won’t like the third book as much as I liked the second.

  • Fear by Michael Grant?

Years ago I read a number of the Gone books by Michael Grant, and really liked them, although I felt the quality declined a little the further into the series it went. That may be why I stopped reading them, but I’ve always intended to return to them…the only problem is that the story all blends into one in my mind, and they all have such similar covers that I have absolutely no idea which book I’m up to!

I feel like I definitely read Gone, Hunger, Lies and Plague, but have I read Fear, or was it just Light I had left to read? I have no idea! And its been that long since I read them I’d probably have to reread all the earlier books anyway, and rereading four (possibly five!) books is a big commitment when my TBR is so huge.

8 Sequels I Still Haven't Read
  • The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkoski

I read and really enjoyed The Winner’s Curse a while back, but have for some reason never got round to the second book, and I have no idea why. I have heard that the ending of the series falls a bit flat, but I still intend to judge that for myself!

  • Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon

I’ve really enjoyed the three Outlander books I’ve read so far, but have yet to read the fourth one, largely because I really have to steel myself for taking on as long a book as these are! However much I like the series, I know a book like Drums of Autumn is going to be a slow read for me, as it’s over 1000 pages long, and not the kind of book I find that I can devour in huge chunks.

I’ve actually had the book out of the library twice already, and have still never found myself in the mood to tackle it!

  • The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss

Not so long after we started dating (almost three years ago!) my boyfriend recommended the book The Name of the Wind to me, and I read and absolutely loved it! However, I still haven’t read the sequel, The Wise Man’s Fear, largely because I feel like I’ve been saving it.

From what I’ve heard, Patrick Rothfuss is kind of another George R.R. Martin, who massively takes his time between releases, and I don’t want another series on my plate (like the Song of Ice and Fire books, or the Stormlight Archives) that I’m anxiously awaiting the sequel for, but have no idea when it’ll be coming. So I’m trying to hold off reading The Wise Man’s Fear until there’s some sign of the next book!

  • Our Dark Duet by V.E. Schwab

I bought Our Dark Duet shortly after it’s release last year, and have somehow still never got round to reading it! I think that may be because whilst I thought This Savage Song was a decent book, I didn’t absolutely love it, so I haven’t felt overly motivated to get to it. I intend to read it at some point, I just don’t know when…

So which of these books would you recommend I get to next? What are some sequels you still haven’t read?

18 Responses to “8 Sequels I Still Haven’t Read”

  1. Angela

    I start a lot of series, too, and then peter out on them. I think it’s because I tend to spoil books for myself, and I then I don’t see the need to continue because I already know what’s going to happen! I agree about the Outlander books, though, they are a huge commitment!

    • Laura

      Yeah, I always feel like there’s no point continuing a series, once you know what’s going to happen, but at the same time, it seems like a shame not to carry on. I have no idea if I’ll bother with Half A War, but I have a copy of the book, so I probably should!

  2. ShootingStarsMag

    Oh, I’m bad with series too – I think part of it is that I’m either waiting for the next book to come out, and then I don’t have time to read, and/or the books are out, but I STILL don’t have time to read it or not all the books at once. I have read the Lunar Chronicles through Cress (including Fairest) so it’s just Winter. I’m hoping to finally read that this summer. I do love the series though!


    • Laura

      Having time is definitely a huge factor in not getting through series. And I often find that once I’ve stalled with a series, even if it’s just because I haven’t had time to get to it, I’ve totally forgotten what happened, so it gets harder to motivate myself to start the next one.
      I really hope you enjoy Winter! The Lunar Chronicles is definitely one series on this list that I know I’ll continue with someday! 🙂

  3. Alise - Readers in Wonderland

    I’m right there with you when it comes to Our Dark Duet. I appreciate a lot of things about This Savage Song but it was missing that spark where I actually wanted to continue with the series. Like you, it took me a long time to go on to Scarlet but I’m really glad I did because I thought that series only got better and better!

    • Laura

      You’ve described perfectly how I felt about Our Savage Song: it was just missing that spark!
      And I’m glad to hear the Lunar Chronicles books get better and better. I really liked Cinder, so I can’t see why I wouldn’t like the other books. I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to get to them! 🙂

  4. Vee @ Under The Mountain

    You HAVE to continue The Winner’s Series, it’s incredible! My all-time favourite series. I’, terrible at finishing sequels too, but with a good reason – I used to read the first book as they were released but forgot the book by the time the sequel came out. However Goodreads didn’t have a re-read option and I really wanted my goal to be accurate, so I ended up not finishing the series. I have some catching up to do now!

    I have a post coming up about the sequels I’ve been reading on Wednesday – I’ve started some of a catch up and I’ve realised that I’ve been disappointed in every series I’ve finished this year, so I made a discussion post about it.

    Vee @ Under The Mountain

    • Laura

      I’m going to have to read the rest of the Winner’s series soon then! I loved The Winner’s Curse, so I honestly have no idea why it’s taken me so long to get round to reading the other two books in the series.
      I tend to forget what has happened in the first books in series too, which is why a lot of the time I think it’s easier to put off reading later books in a series, because you know you’re either going to have to reread the first one, or be totally confused. I’d be more inclined to reread the earlier books too though, if there was a way to count it into my Goodreads total!
      And your discussion post sounds interesting, so I’ll definitely have to look out for that! 🙂

  5. Aimee (Aimee, Always)

    I am absolutely HORRIBLE at finishing series! Like you, I used to binge them as much as I can, but now I read mostly new releases, so I have to wait ages for sequels that I never end up getting to when they come out. 🙁

    You definitely should read Scarlet, though! If I remember correctly, I loved it more than I did Cinder; I have yet to finish this series myself, but all I have left to read is Winter. I feel the same way about The Winner’s Crime–I ADORED The Winner’s Curse, but the wait for book #2 kept me off, and I felt slightly uninterested when it came out already. I fully intend to find out how it ends too, though!

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

    • Laura

      That is the bad thing about new releases: you always have to wait ages for the next book. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll have totally forgot everything that happened in the last book by the time the next one comes out!
      I really should read Scarlet soon! You’re the second person whose said it’s even better than Cinder, so I’m quite excited to finally read it now! I really hope you enjoy Winter, and the rest of The Winner’s series when you get to it 🙂

  6. Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight

    HA I actually have some of these to read too! I read Scarlet, but not Cress and beyond. And Our Dark Duet, nope. And ANY of the Gone books after Gone (though now that there are even more, I honestly don’t think I will ever keep going- 7+ 500 page books? Hard pass.) I liked The Winner’s Crime better than The Winner’s Curse actually, if that helps! (Though I did also feel that the end was a little meh, but I do agree sometimes it’s better to know for yourself!) Hope you get to these soon!

    • Laura

      I’m not entirely sure I’ll ever get to the Gone books either, which is a shame seen as I definitely read a majority of them. But by this stage I’d have to reread them to remember what happened, and 7+ 500 page books is a tough one (I hadn’t even known there was 7! I thought he’d only done 6!).
      I’ll definitely have to try and get to The Winner’s Crime soon then, if it’s better, because I really liked the first book. And because a few people have now said the ending was kind of meh, I really want to know why!
      I hope you get to Cress and Our Dark Duet soon! 🙂

  7. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    I feel like I’ve gotten worse about finishing series as I get older. I was the best binge readers but I’m like you, lately I tend to want a break when reading… and then I don’t go back… or I forget what happened so I have to reread and end up in exactly the same place as I started. It’s ridiculous. I have both The Lunar Chronicles and Half a War unfinished on my shelf and basically, all of VE Schwab’s series are unfinished as well. I have finished Rutkoski’s winner’s series and I really liked that ending, I mean, it felt right for me. From what I can remember anyway. I did find THe Lunar Chronicles confusing at first with each book focusing a bit more on a new character but the other characters are there too. It just kind of works… I just never got around to reading the last book. Maybe I have fear of finishing. Maybe I should go back to binge reading series.

    • Laura

      Well I’m glad it’s not just me who seems to have gone from a series binge reader to someone who doesn’t finish series! It seems to have been since I started blogging, which is weird. Maybe it’s because I get so many recommendations I just want to try out loads of different series instead of just sticking with one? Or perhaps its a fear of finishing for me as well? I may try going back to it too though, someday, and then I may actually finish some series!
      I’m glad you liked the ending of the Winner’s series, because I know a few people didn’t. I’m really curious about it now though, so I’m definitely going to make sure I read the next two books soon. And I’m glad you felt like the change of characters thing worked in the Lunar Chronicles, because I really want to carry on with the series, but it’s just been making me a bit apprehensive, in case I like the new main characters less. Hopefully I’ll get to it soon, and I hope you enjoy the last book when you get to it! 🙂

  8. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    I’m HORRIBLE about finishing series, so I can definitely relate to this! Our Dark Duet is one that I NEED to read soon. I loved the first book and the second is sitting on my shelf waiting for me. I have no idea why I haven’t gotten to it yet.

    • Laura

      It’s weird like that sometimes isn’t it? There have been so many series where I’ve really loved the first book, but then have taken ages to read the next one, and I have no idea why.
      I hope you enjoy Our Dark Duet when you get to it ?

  9. Katya Lebeque

    I still need to read Winter by Meyer! Also, my sequel is coming out Halloween this year and now you guys are getting me scared that no one’s gonna read it lol…

    • Laura

      I hope you enjoy Winter when you read it! 🙂
      And congrats on the next book coming out! That’s amazing! And don’t worry, I’m sure there’s plenty of readers out there who are more on top of reading series than I am, and will read your book when it comes out 🙂

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