6 Christmas Gift Ideas For Bookworms

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6 Christmas Gift Ideas for Bookworms

Picture Left: Keyring from hottopic.com, Scarf from amazon.co.uk, T-shirt by Out of Print, from truffleshuffle.com.

In theory, buying a Christmas present for an avid reader should be easy – just buy them a book, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple, unless they’ve told you exactly what they want!

The problem with most bookworms is, that they usually already own a lot of books. So buying one they haven’t got is pretty hard unless you have a really good look at their current collection, and even then, you can never be sure! If they are anything like me, their bookcase will be so overflowing, that they will have another stash somewhere else!

Then there’s also the problem of the picky bookworm – whilst I will read most genres, I know some people have considerably more specific tastes, and to attempt to purchase a book for them that they might actually read, would be near impossible!

Therefore I’ve compiled a list of six alternative gift ideas for the readers in your life, that I hope will help with your Christmas shopping!


So this is more of a ‘stocking filler’ really, but you can never have too many bookmarks!

Book Inspired Jewellery

Yes, there is such a thing as book inspired jewellery, and Ebay and Etsy, in particular, seem to be the places to go! You can get anything from necklaces with book quotes on them, to Shakespeare charm bracelets, and even Lord of the Rings replica jewellery (you can get Arwen’s necklace from the films!). I have even seen a keyring on the Hot Topic website (does a keyring count as jewellery though?) that has the Lord of the Rings ring on it! One Ring to rule them all, and it could be attached to your keys!

Book Inspired T-shirts

I have been eyeing up some t-shirts by the brand Out of Print for ages now, each of which has a classic book cover on it. There are so many different covers to choose from, including The Great Gatsby, Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, Charlotte’s Web, A Clockwork Orange, Catch-22 and Alice in Wonderland. They are kind of pricey at £28 each, but for every t-shirt sold a book is donated to a community in need through Books for Africa, so you can feel good and get a lovely gift for your book-loving friend at the same time!

Book Inspired Accessories

Because who wouldn’t want a [insert your Hogwarts house here] scarf? Or a book-shaped purse (OK, maybe not if you’re a guy!)?

An E-reader Case

If they own an e-reader, why not buy them a pretty case for it?

A Book Voucher

Ok, so maybe this one doesn’t show much imagination and seems a little impersonal, but most bookworms I know have a list as long as their arm of books they want to buy, and would without a doubt love a book voucher! So if all else fails…why not simply let them choose their own book for Christmas?

So what do you think of my gift ideas for bookworms? Are any of these things on your Christmas wish list? What do you buy your fellow bookworms as gifts?

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    • Laura

      It’s such a great t-shirt! I love pretty much all of the t shirts Out of Print make, but The Great Gatsby one is definitely my favourite.

    • Laura

      Thanks! I particularly like the book-inspired jewellery and t-shirts too (and I especially love that Great Gatsby t-shirt!).

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