5 Reasons To Love The Library

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5 Reasons To Love The Library

One of the things I used to love as a child was when my Mum would take me to the library on the way home from school. I would come out each time clutching a handful of books, which I would start reading as soon as we got into the car, and I would have devoured within days. I did every single one of the summer reading challenges (and completed them all, obviously!) from being around four or five, all the way up to my early teens (and still have some of the medals to prove it!), and had probably read most of the kids and teen section by that point.

Then, for some reason I stopped going. I can never quite remember why – maybe I was just bored with the small selection in that little village library, or had a 50p fine I was trying to avoid, or just thought in all my emo glory that it wasn’t ‘cool’ – but during most of my late teens I steered clear of the library.

A few months ago however, I rediscovered the library (hallelujah!), and haven’t looked back since! So here are five things I love about the library:

  • Free books!

The most obvious thing to love about the library is access to free books! The average book these days costs upwards of £6 if bought new, so with me reading several a week it would literally cost a fortune to buy every single one. On the other hand, I can just keep going to the library and taking and returning all the books I want at no cost! All you need is a card, and to make sure you bring them back or renew them on time, and they are yours to read.

  • Browsing.

Maybe I’m just sad, but as a bookworm simply being in the presence of lots of books is exciting enough, let alone when you’re allowed to take any of them home with you! Just walking round the library itself is part of the fun, and I like when I find a book that looks right up my street from an author I’ve never heard of, or spot a book I’ve been meaning to read for ages but have never been able to track down a copy.

  • It’s a risk free way to try something new.

We all get into reading ruts sometime, and one way I’ve found to get out of it is to go for a walk round the library and pick something a little bit different than what I’d normally read. Seen as there’s no money commitment, it doesn’t matter if you don’t like it, so you may as well try it! Recently, for example, I decided to try reading some graphic novels and comic books after discovering a huge section full of them at my local library, and so far I’ve been really enjoying them! It just goes to show that trying something new every once in a while can be a great experience, and if you can do that for free at the library, then why wouldn’t you?

  • When you finish a book, it isn’t cluttering up your home.

I don’t know about you, but even with my frequent trips to the library, I still seem to be collating one of my own at home! If I were to buy every book I read my already extensive collection would probably more than double, significantly cluttering up what is not a very large flat as it is! Therefore, yet another reason to love the library is that you get the fun part of reading the book, without the clutter afterwards.

  • Learning.

One kind of book I don’t buy a lot of is non-fiction, yet recently I’ve found myself taking quite a few out of the library. Although I know that in this day and age all we have to do to find out information is use Google, it’s nice sometimes to do things the old fashioned way and learn through books, and I like that you can just go to the library, take out a book, and learn to do anything from cooking, to knitting to starting your own business.

So do you visit the library much? What do you love most about it?

17 Responses to “5 Reasons To Love The Library”

  1. Nordie @ writing about books

    I havent used the library much for years. I have *far* too many books in my living space as is, and enough ways of getting more, without the need to go via the library.

    Down here in Brummigem we used to have a vile central library, all Brutalist architecture and dark and dingy to be in. It closed down about 3 years ago, and has been replaced by a nice, shiny new library that has had it’s fair share of controversy since it opened, but hey ho….

    • Laura

      I guess if you already have loads of unread books you really don’t need the library, so that’s great! 🙂

  2. Blaise

    I love the library for most of the reasons you’ve listed here, but also that it’s a wonderful place to work in relative piece and quiet, away from the distractions of home or school. I also really appreciate the discovery aspect, though I haven’t explored as much as of late due to slowed reading and the sheer number of books I have to read on my shelves.

    • Laura

      I always liked that about the university library when I was doing my degree – it was nice and quiet, and I was less likely to get distracted when I was trying to work.

  3. Jen @ Books That Hook

    I love the library. Our library is great because it has an honors program, where you don’t have to check out the book. You are just on your honor to bring it back. They also have a store where they sell donations. I have bought so many awesome books from there for cheap!

    • Laura

      That is pretty cool! I’ve never been to a library like that where they just trust you to bring it back, but that’s such a nice idea.

  4. Silvara

    I used to go to the library at least once a week or more until I was in my early 20’s. That was when I finally moved somewhere that didn’t have a library close enough to go to! And then I just forgot about libraries for a while. I’ve always had a huge collection of books of my own, even when I WAS going to libraries all the time!

    My current local library is great though. They buy 90% of the ebooks I request them to, and a lot of the time they already have the book/series so I don’t need to request it! Which is great, as I can’t physically get there very often. So being able to snag ebooks is just as good as going in person for physical ones.

    • Laura

      That sucks that there wasn’t a library close to where you moved to. I’m lucky enough now that I’m near two reasonable ones. Where I used to live had one, but it wasn’t the best, but it was better than nothing!
      Thats great that they get in the ebooks you want if you ask for them. I’ve never actually borrowed any ebooks from the library, but I bet my local library probably does them, so I’ll have to check that out!

  5. E J Frost

    Love, love, love libraries. My favorite places after used bookstores. We have a great adult library close to my office that I “hit” regularly. I also work there sometimes when my family makes me nuts. I’d be lost without my local library!

    • Laura

      Yeah, the risk free things is one of the main things I love about the library, because I do have a few books that I’ve bought and never read because I just couldn’t get into them, and it’s such a waste of money.

  6. Jackie

    I’m actually going to the library this morning! It’s been a while, and I’ve been avoiding it because I have late fees, and I’m ashamed. But, I’m plucking up the courage and $4 today!

    Before book blogging, I used to love book stores. I would save up several weeks of allowance, and then I would binge-buy 10 books. I would meander around the shelves with glee picking stuff up at random. But, now I find bookstores overwhelming because there are too many books to choose from, and how do I make a decision? I know I definitely want to read Book A, but it’s outside of my budget. Book B on the other hand is inside my budget, but I might not actually want to read it when I get home, so then why should I buy it? In the end, I walk away empty handed and pay extra on my car payment for the month. At the library I feel free though. I pick up anything that pique my interest, and I don’t feel guilty if I don’t end up reading something because all it did was cost me some time on the weekend when I wasn’t doing anything anyway. Plus, I’ve discovered new authors and new genres because of the library. Gooooosh, 10AM (when the library opens) is taking forever to get here!

    • Laura

      Yay for going to the library! I hope you got some good books. I got a fine the other week because I kind of forgot my books were due, and I was so ashamed! I felt like a library criminal. Especially as I couldn’t just pay the fines at the little machine, I had to go to the desk and talk to the man.
      I definitely find the library so much less stressful than the bookshop! Because I don’t always have much money to spend on books I always try and get the books on ‘buy one get one half price’ offer, but sometimes I just end up wandering around desperately trying to find another book on that offer so I feel like I’ve saved money. On the other hand at the library, you can just run around grabbing as many books as you like (well…no more than 14 at my library!) and there’s no risk that you will have wasted money.

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