5 Magical Powers/Artefacts I Wish I Had

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5 Magical Powers/Artefacts I Wish I Had

I read a lot of fantasy books, and as such have read about a lot of really cool magical abilities and artefacts.

Some powers and artefacts are amazing to read about, but you wouldn’t really want to own/have them: for example, Aelin’s fire powers in the Throne of Glass series are impressive, but what on earth would I do with them in real life? Other than lighting candles (and I feel like Aelin’s level of fire power would be overkill in that case!) I don’t really need the magical ability to light fire and incinerate everything in sight. By the same token it would in theory be quite interesting to know the thoughts of people around you like Edward from Twilight, but in actuality, that would probably be pretty horrible. For starters you would know anytime anyone thinks anything bad about you (which seems like a recipe for low self esteem!), plus I imagine there are a lot of random people you pass on the street whose thoughts you just really, really, wouldn’t want to know.

However, there are certain magical powers and items that I’ve read about that I would genuinely love to have, and can think of all sorts of uses for (or would just like to have a bit of fun with!), so here are the five I’d most like to have. What are yours?

  • The Invisibility Cloak from Harry Potter

There are so many items from Harry Potter that I would love to own (in fact I even have my eye on lots of replica wands and Quidditch balls etc., just because I’d love to own them!), but none more so than the Invisibility Cloak.

Because after all, how fun and useful would being able to turn invisible be? For starters, as an extremely awkward and antisocial person it would be nice to be able to avoid those awkward situations where you see someone you sort of know, but not that much, whilst you’re out and about. Rather than have the difficult internal debate of ‘do I say hi or not?’, you could just throw your invisibility cloak over yourself and disappear! Problem solved! Plus you could use it to pull ingenious pranks on your unsuspecting family, trick people you don’t like into thinking there’s a ghost, not to mention listening in to people’s conversations…the possibilities are endless!

  • A wand from Harry Potter

So this is kind of cheating, but I would love a wand from the Wizarding World. If you learn well enough how to use it you can pretty much do whatever you want, so it’s a sneaky way to get endless magical powers and abilities. Plus I’d just feel pretty awesome swishing it around!

  • Lysandra’s shape shifting powers from Empire of Storms

Is it just me, or would being able to shape shift, or even just change your appearance be really great? For one thing, I like to change my hair colour a lot, so it would be nice to just be able to magically change it according to my mood, as opposed to the several hours worth of messing about with stinky dye that I have to do every few weeks. Plus I wouldn’t have needed years worth of complex dentistry and braces, I could have just magically straightened my teeth!

I also think the ability to transform myself into an animal would be pretty interesting. It would be nice to know what it would actually be like to be your pet, or to experience running at a cheetah’s speed or flying as a bird. Plus you could scare the hell out of people you don’t like be transforming into some monstrous wolf!

  • Kaladin’s Windrunning abilities from The Stormlight Archive

Kaladin’s ability to manipulate gravity in The Stormlight Archive wouldn’t really be that useful in my everyday life (unless I want to start running up buildings or something!), but I’d love to have it anyway just for the pure fun of it. Being able to run up walls and all over ceilings and things at high speeds would be a blast in my opinion!

  • Breeze’s Soothing abilities from The Mistborn Trilogy

Brandon Sanderson seems to pretty much be the king of incredible magical abilities! There are a few of the Allomantic abilities from the Mistborn books that I’d love to possess (the Pewter super-strength for example would be useful for lifting things seen as I have zero upper-body strength!), but the Brass-related ability to soothe people would probably be the one I’d most like to have. Despite the slightly sketchy ethics of manipulating other people’s emotions, it would probably be quite useful to be able to sense people’s mood and especially to calm them down if they’re angry (I work in retail, so that would be great if I could calm down irate customers!).

So what magical powers/artefacts would you most like to have?

14 Responses to “5 Magical Powers/Artefacts I Wish I Had”

  1. Melissa @ Quill Pen Writer

    These all sound so cool! Shape shifting would have to be my top pick from this list, because I would love to become a bird and be able to fly high, but also be able to change into a cheetah to experience high speed. I love animals. <3
    Awesome list! 😀

  2. Kaja

    I’d pick flying and/or healing abilities. Flying would just be super cool and practical but healing is much more helpful if you think about it. 🙂

    I used to think it would be cool to read minds but NOPE, I don’t want to know what people are thinking most of the time!

    • Laura

      Healing would be a really good one! Although I get super queasy round blood and stuff, so I’d have to be able to heal people without looking! 🙂

  3. Greg

    I think shape shifting might be my pick too, that would be so cool. I keep thinking of Mystique from X-Men and how she can infiltrate anywhere. Not that I would be a criminal lol but it would have its uses, like you say. Or just to experience animal life, hang with the cats for a while. 🙂 Invisibility would be nice too though, definitely. How about water breathing? I would love to be able to explore the undersea realm. Or even just the ability to speak with animals- that would be huge!

    • Laura

      Water breathing would be so fun! I’d love to be able to explore the seas! 🙂
      And speaking to animals would definitely be good. I’d be pretty interested to know what my dog is saying when she’s barking at the postman!

  4. Lia Levina

    A wand and the ability to conjure spells through that wand :’D Many things would get done with just a wand. Oh, and the ability to transport myself to any place I want!

    • Laura

      It would be so helpful to have the ability to transport yourself anywhere! I wouldn’t need to leave for work as early if I could just magically transport myself there, and visiting far off places would be so much easier 🙂

  5. Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight

    I think I would most want to time travel- is that even considered a magical power? Well, it should be and I want to 😉 And I absolutely would not turn down a Harry Potter wand, since the possibilities are basically endless. This is such a fun post!

    • Laura

      Time travel would be an awesome power! As long as it was controllable and not like that guy in the Time Traveller’s Wife. It would be pretty interesting to go back and see history first hand though. 🙂

    • Laura

      There are so many customers I could do with soothing! Apparently grocery shopping can make a lot of people super angry! 🙂

  6. Puput @ Sparkling Letters

    Love this topic! <3 I want invisibility cloak too, as much as I love talking with people, sometimes I just want to be alone and not make small talks 😛 and HUGE YES to the wand. I used to write down the spells AND memorize them (that's before everything was available on the internet) 😛 I would also want the ability to fly in a broomstick and be able to play quidditch, I guess… anyway, I want Kell's (from ADSOM) ability to travel from one place to another. That'll be cool!

    • Laura

      Being able to fly on a broomstick would be amazing! Generally I’m pretty uninterested in sport, but if Quidditch was an actual thing I would be interested! 🙂
      And it would be super useful to just be able to travel easily from one place to another. Plus it would save so much time on driving places! 🙂

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