A Short Absence

03/02/2016 Blogging, Personal 4

So, you may have noticed things have become a little sporadic around here in regards to posting (and answering comments in a timely manner!). The reason for that is that I have been pretty busy moving house this past week, and now I’m in my new flat it’s looking like we’re not going to have any Wi-Fi set up for a couple of weeks (I’m currently camped out at my mum and dad’s using their Wi-Fi to post this!).

I’m going to try and post the odd thing (using my parents’ Wi-Fi again), but I thought I’d just do a quick post to let you all know that things might be a little quiet around here for the next couple of weeks. I’ll still be answering comments on my phone, and checking out other blogs though, so try not to miss me too much!

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  1. Silvara

    Hope you get your wi-fi hooked up quickly and easily! I know it drove me crazy when mine was off for almost a month. But mine was unexpectedly off, and not for a good reason like moving! *laughs*

    Also hope you love your new flat!

    • Laura

      Thanks! 🙂
      No Wi-fi is such a pain isn’t it? I’m glad you got yours back up and running and I really hope mine gets sorted soon so I can get back to blogging properly again.

    • Laura

      Thanks 🙂 I can’t believe you’ve never moved house before! It is pretty exciting, but it’s also pretty stressful. Plus I still have no Wi-fi 🙁

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